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Cost of living a key theme for LGA AGM

Improving housing affordability, lobbying for an increase to the Newstart allowance and in-home support for the elderly are some of the social policy motions that will be considered by councils at the 2018 LGA AGM this Friday 26 October.

LGA President Sue Clearihan said that councils are seeing the rising cost of living impacting on vulnerable members of their communities.

“Councils are about much more than bin collections and planning approvals. The motions that will be considered at our AGM next week show our sector is looking for tangible ways to support low income residents and the elderly.”

“They are advocating for changes that will make a real difference in people’s lives,” said Councillor Clearihan.

Along with social policies, councils will consider pushing for a state-wide Asbestos Strategy to be put on the State Government’s agenda.

With a focus on areas known for the illegal dumping of asbestos, the strategy would include an identification, collection and rehabilitation program.

It recognises a significant level of uncertainty and frustration in the community about how asbestos is dealt with, and some confusion between government agencies about roles and responsibilities.

“The motions being voted on show that in the coming year, partnerships with State Government will be as important as ever,” said Councillor Clearihan.

“Our sector is at a pivotal point as we look to implement wide-ranging reforms that will improve the way we operate.”

“The success of this reform, along with the schedule of motions agreed at the AGM, will be heavily dependent on working collaboratively alongside Government and the Parliament,” she said.

The LGA AGM will be held on Friday 26 October at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, and will be attended by LGA member councils.

A total of around 250 mayors, councillors and senior council staff are expected to attend.

Local Government Minister Stephan Knoll will address councils before the AGM, as will new State Planning Commission Chair Michael Lennon.

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