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Ratepayers slugged in State Budget

South Australian ratepayers will be slugged an additional $8.5 million through a whopping 40% increase to the Solid Waste Levy, announced in the 2019/20 State Budget.

The Levy is currently $100 a tonne in metropolitan areas, but will rise to $110 on 1 July 2019, and $140 on 1 January 2020. The levy hike will also hit regions, where the levy is based on 50% of the metro rate.

LGA President Sam Telfer said it was an outrage that the State Government has launched this stealth attack on ratepayers by jacking up its Solid Waste Levy by 40% only one week after hypocritically levelling misleading and unwarranted criticism at councils for some of the lowest rates rises in recent years. 

“Successive State Governments have accumulated a whopping $120 million through Waste Levy payments, and most of the share of this year’s increases will go to funding the EPA and Department for Environment.” 

“The best that councils can hope for is to claim a share of the meagre $2.5 million a year on offer to local government and industry to support waste management improvements.”

“While councils have been consulting their communities on their 2019/20 budgets, the State Government has announced an unprecedented increase in their Waste Levy that will mean a direct hit to the pocket of every ratepayer.”

“We’ll be asking councils what this unjust levy hike means for their rates, and making sure that every ratepayer is aware of every dollar that this disappointing State Government decision is costing them.”

“The State Government should be working with us to make waste and recycling more affordable, instead of adding to the cost-of-living for all South Australians.”

“The $2.5 million that the Government has made available to councils and the industry for waste and recycling projects over the next four years is a complete farce when you consider councils will be asked to contribute $42.5 million through the Levy this coming year.”

The Solid Waste Levy is a tax on waste sent to landfill. It was implemented in 2003/04 at $5 per tonne, and is now headed for $140 per tonne.

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