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Part of your everyday - Your events

Events & festivals bring communities together.

They help to stimulate local economies, support employment, underpin community wellbeing, and contribute to place-branding.

In South Australian councils invested $7m in events and festivals - from local Christmas pageants to twighlight markets, fashion festivals and gourmet gala’s. Events for young and old, where things were tossed, raced, quaffed and sold.

What would South Australia be without them?

We are after all the ‘festival state’.

The events listing below, is automatically drawn from SA council websites in order of release.

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What's On

What's On

  • Messiah - The ASO

    Beethoven called Handel ‘the greatest composer that ever lived’ so it is fitting that Messiah has become a Christmas tradition. An impassioned reflection on Jesus Christ, Handel weaves a profound story of prophecy, tragedy and hope. Bringing his intimate knowledge of Baroque music, former Artist in Association Nicholas McGegan leads the ASO through a unique and compelling interpretation of this masterwork. Joined by local and international voices, as well as the acclaimed Adelaide Chamber Singers, experience storytelling full of pathos and jubilation this festive season.

  • Classics Unwrapped 4: Christmas

    Prepare for Christmas with your ASO and a celebration of all things festive. Gather round the tree for musical moments from Tchaikovsky’s beloved Nutcracker, sparkling melodies from Hely-Hutchinson’s A Carol Symphony, and sing along carols that bring tidings of good cheer. Featuring: Guy Noble - Conductor/Presenter Program to include: Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Hely-Hutchinson Carol Symphony Anderson Sleigh Ride

  • Mozart at Elder Four

    An elegant tracing of classicism, Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks brims with virtuosity: full of intricate, sparkling detail but always expressed with clarity and purity. More complex than his other violin concerti, Mozart’s Fourth still radiates the quintessential nature of his music; wit, elegance, and lyricism brought to life by Emily Sun, 2018 ABC Young Performer of the Year. Somehow both of its time and looking back, Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony transforms the structure of a Haydn symphony into an exuberant firecracker. Featuring: Fabian Russell - Conductor Emily Sun - Violin Graham Abbott - Presenter Program includes: Stravinsky Dumbarton Oaks Mozart Violin Concerto No.4 Prokofiev Classical Symphony

  • Orchestral Journey – Master Series 10

    A hundred years ago, the world stumbled out from the devastation of the Great War, a shadow of its former self. Looking back on what was lost forever, Elgar found a voice for his longing and desolation in a heartbreaking Cello Concerto. To Leonard Elschenbroich, our soloist, this work marks a turning point in history. Where could art go from here? Enter the Roaring Twenties. Milhaud’s Le bœuf sur le toit tips its hat to Charlie Chaplin and surrealism in a hypnotic mishmash of popular Brazilian songs. Then the Jazz Age arrives with a ‘honk’ in Gershwin’s An American in Paris. Finally, with unbreakable determination (and more than a little madness), Ravel’s Boléro marches us inexorably into the modern era. Featuring: Alexander Shelley - Conductor Leonard Elschenbroich - Cello Program Includes: Milhaud Le bœuf sur le toit Elgar Cello Concerto Gershwin An American in Paris Ravel Boléro

  • Les Talens Lyriques & Siobhan Stagg

    As a child visiting Paris, Christophe Rousset demanded to be taken to the gorgeous Baroque palace and gardens of Versailles, now a byword for lavish ornamentation and luxurious decorative arts. It was the beginning of a brilliant career, and the inspiration for what has become his life’s work in the music of this era, first as a prodigious harpsichordist and then, since 1991, as the leader of his own extraordinary ensemble: Les Talens Lyriques. To experience their performance is to understand why the French gave us so many words like ‘élan’ and ‘panache’ – words which equally describe the stunning virtuosity of Australian soprano Siobhan Stagg, their featured soloist on this tour. Playing period instruments in the tone and style which would have been familiar to Louis XIV, Les Talens wear their expertise lightly and without pretension. Christophe Rousset has put together a program fit for 18th-century royalty: a Baroque entertainment or Récréation, at which the audience are welcome guests. Entrancing instrumental works are woven amongst a series of heroines brought to life by Siobhan Stagg’s meltingly beautiful voice.

  • Feast Festival

    Feast Festival is Adelaide's celebration of LGBTIQ+ Queer Art and Culture glittered throughout the month of November. There are over 70 events across the Festival in cabaret, comedy, theatre, visual art, music and more - it's fun for EVERYONE! Feast is one of 11 major Festivals in South Australia and is the 3rd largest LGBTIQ+ Festival in the country making it a "must-see" Pride event. Come and join our celebration of rainbow communities in Australia's Festival city!

  • Ripcord

    Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lindsay-Abaire’s razor-sharp comedy sees two formidable women duke it out to claim their rightful spot in the nursing home. Starring Nancye Hayes. Synopsis: Abby has lived in the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility for four years. She likes reading, peach cobbler, silence and wants nothing more than to live alone. Marilyn has just taken up the spare bed in Abby’s room. She loves small-talk, skydiving and wants nothing more than Abby’s bed by the window. Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lindsay-Abaire’s razor-sharp comedy sees two formidable old women duke it out to claim their rightful spot in the nursing home. What starts as a humble bet between two rivals becomes an epic battle of wills that uncovers their darkest secrets. Viciously funny and charmingly affecting, Ripcord is a story about second chances and a powerful reminder that you should never, ever mess with an old lady.

  • Beethoven 250

    250 years of Beethoven, in six chapters and seven composers. To conclude the 2020 National Season, the ACO pay tribute to the most influential composer to have ever lived, Ludwig van Beethoven. In celebration of the 250-year anniversary of the birth of the compositional giant, Richard Tognetti will lead the ACO through music that signposts every 50 years from 1770 to the current day, presenting an opportunity to grasp the sheer magnitude of Beethoven’s enduring legacy and the development of music over the last quarter millennium. Moving from Mozart to Schubert, through to George Crumb and a brand-new work by US-UK composer Anna Clyne, along with Vaughan Williams’ soaring The Lark Ascending in a signature performance by Richard Tognetti, the concert concludes with Beethoven’s last major orchestral work, his Cavatina & Grosse Fugue. This epic and fiendishly virtuosic masterpiece is one of Beethoven’s greatest achievements, and to this day resounds with perpetual modernity.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - England v Qualifier

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. The final Super 12 match at Adelaide Oval will see England and its team of white-ball guns, including Jos Buttler, Alex Hales and Eoin Morgan, take on a Qualifier on Saturday 7 November.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - South Africa v Qualifier

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. South Africa and their squadron of elite fast bowlers, led by Kagiso Rabada will take on a Qualifier on Thursday 5 November. This is the first of a double header fixture which will also feature India.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - India v Qualifier

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. India’s superstar batting line up including Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma will take on a Qualifier on Thursday 5 November. This is the second of a double header match featuring South Africa.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - Australia v Qualifier

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. Australia will be on show in a night match at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday 3 November. This makes for an exciting double-header which follows top-ranked side Pakistan who take on defending champions West Indies in the preceding match.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - Pakistan v West Indies

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. The world’s top-ranked side Pakistan, featuring the world’s top-ranked T20I batsman Babar Azam will take on defending champions West Indies on Tuesday 3 November leading into a blockbuster double header featuring Australia.

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - South Africa v Afghanistan

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November. The opening match at Adelaide Oval will be between South Africa and Afghanistan and will feature the world’s top-ranked men’s T20I bowler and Adelaide Strikers BBL superstar, Rashid Khan.

  • Magic and Mystery – Master Series 9

    Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite is like that favourite picture book you couldn’t let go of as a child: disarmingly simple, pleasantly familiar, and beautifully illustrated. The magic deepens with Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel Suite, which vividly depicts the stuff of dreams and nightmares: a house of gingerbread, a flight on a witch’s broomstick, and a night spent all alone in the woods. But even with your imagination in overdrive, you may have difficulty believing what you see and hear next. Rachmaninov’s devilishly difficult Third Piano Concerto is a relentless torrent of fiery melodies and ever-shifting harmonies. Pulling this out of the magic box (aka the piano) will be Lauren Zhang, 2018 BBC Young Musician of the Year. Featuring: Mark Wigglesworth - Conductor Lauren Zhang - Piano Program Includes: Ravel Mother Goose Suite Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel: Suite Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.3

  • ICC Men's T20 World Cup - Semi-Final

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, between 18 October - 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, meaning many Australians will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Adelaide Oval will host six Super 12 matches, between Sunday 1 - Saturday 7 November, before a semi final on Thursday 12 November.

  • Our Place – Master Series 8

    Exciting young conductor Elim Chan leads a celebration of life in all its fullness. Copland’s Appalachian Spring portrays a couple of newly-wed American pioneers with touching tenderness, while Bernstein’s West Side Story fizzes with passion and excitement. A new piece by our Composer in Association takes inspiration from South Australia’s incredible Ediacaran fossils. They made their mark in Flinders Ranges sandstone over half a billion years ago – now what imprint will they leave in Cathy Milliken’s latest work? In the midst of all this, James Ehnes performs Barber’s Violin Concerto. Lovely and lyrical, it was once criticised for being too ‘small’ for a concerto, ‘like placing a small basket of dainty flowers among tall cactus in a vast prairie’, … but actually, what a lovely idea! Featuring: Elim Chan - Conductor James Ehnes - Violin Program Includes: Copland Appalachian Spring: Suite Barber Violin Concerto Cathy Milliken New Work* Bernstein Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

  • Australian String Quartet plays Late Beethoven

    Dutilleux Ainsi la Nuit Beethoven String Quartet in C sharp minor op 131 We invite you to join us on a fascinating 70-minute musical journey as we traverse two seven-movement string quartets, by Beethoven and Dutilleux. Many regard Beethoven’s late quartets as the holy grail of his contribution to the genre. The composer’s monumental String Quartet in C sharp minor op 131 stands apart from them all in its breadth and originality. In the 250th year since the master composer’s birth, we are excited to take on this towering work. Fast-forward 150 years and French composer Henri Dutilleux looked to Beethoven for inspiration. In his career, Dutilleux wrote only one string quartet and he made it count. A shining example of 20th century quartet repertoire, Ainsi la Nuit is architectural, modern and completely original in its composition and will captivate through its evocative, poetic and sensuous qualities.

  • Big Hits of the Small Screen

    From the warmth of your living room to the Festival Theatre, reminisce as your ASO plays iconic TV themes. This is the music that we’ve invited into our homes across generations, melodies that have stood the test of time, and captured our hearts and imaginations. Relive your favourites with undisputed maestro of the TV Studio John Foreman as your guide. From Good Morning Australia to the Logies, from Australian Idol to the 2000 Olympics, John Foreman has been part of our nation’s most memorable TV moments for almost three decades. Featuring timeless music from Australian classics such as A Country Practice and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, American icons The Love Boat and The Simpsons and long-running British stalwarts from Doctor Who to Dad’s Army and so much more, this will be a night of memories, laughter and delights.

  • Mozart at Elder Three

    Lovers in springtime, ‘our love filled the air… we were two drunken souls’. Webern’s sumptuous Langsamer Satz radiates the bliss of lovers wandering the woods of Austria on a balmy spring day. Lovers of a different kind are portrayed in the rich textures of Sibelius’ Rakastava; not quite euphorically in love, but still with a deeply affected passion. Finally, Mozart pairs two violins for his elegant and intriguing Concertone for Two Violins. Featuring: Natsuko Yoshimoto - Director/Violin Cameron Hill - Violin Graham Abbott - Presenter Program includes: Webern Langsamer Satz Sibelius Rakastava Mozart Concertone for Two Violins

  • Joseph Calleja in Recital

    Joseph Calleja is one of the most exciting lyric tenors in the world today. Blessed with a golden-age voice which routinely inspires comparisons to legendary singers from earlier eras, Calleja is now a superstar in all the world’s greatest opera houses and concert halls. In this, his eagerly anticipated debut Australian tour, the singer described as the Maltese tenor and the young Pavarotti will be joined by two of Australia’s best-loved artists, soprano Amelia Farrugia, and internationally acclaimed pianist Piers Lane, in an unforgettable ‘Night at the Opera’.

  • Eggner Trio & Diana Doherty

    The brothers of Austria's Eggner Trio personify so much of the history of chamber music. They literally grew up playing music together in their living room, the intended venue for so many works written for this most intimate artform. While each has their own solo career, together they make an inspiring and superbly matched ensemble, regularly appearing in the great concert halls of the northern hemisphere – and, for Musica Viva. On this tour they’re joined by superb Australian oboist Diana Doherty in a unique and exciting virtuoso collaboration. With four famously engaging personalities on stage, expect a vividly memorable event!

  • Friends! The Musical Parody

    The hilarious New York and Las Vegas hit Friends! The Musical Parody is pivoting its way to Australia, playing across with country from August, with tickets on sale from 7 February. Join your six favourite friends at their favourite café for a night of unstoppable laughs with a new musical that lovingly lampoons the beloved NBC sitcom. Friends! The Musical Parody celebrates the misadventures of our favourite group of 20-something pals as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan. It’s a seemingly typical day in New York coffee shop, Central Perk, until an unexpected runaway bride enters the picture and kicks the whole gang out of second gear. Follow Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe as they navigate life and friendship, all the while reliving favourite moments from the smash hit TV show. Friends! The Musical Parody plucks the best moments from the show’s decade long run and recreates the moments through an uncensored, fast-paced, music-filled romp. Friends! The Musical Parody will not only keep you laughing but will tug at the heart strings drawing audiences into stories we know and love.

  • Beethoven: The Symphonies - Concerts One, Two, Three and Four

    Are you ready for this? One of the biggest revolutions in music history, distilled into nine symphonies, played over two weeks. The ASO’s Principal Guest conductor Mark Wigglesworth leads the ASO in this special immersive experience, a fitting tribute for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. When you hear Beethoven’s symphonies, you are hearing nothing less than the total transformation of an artform. Haydn and Mozart had written symphonies to be listened to and admired; Beethoven wrote symphonies that grabbed hold of you and took you somewhere. Never before had music been so raw and human, so personal and probing. In nine great strides, Beethoven changed a genteel diversion into a dramatic and expressive art, capable of encapsulating the whole of human experience. This is when music grew up.

  • Gaslight

    The mind-bending Victorian thriller by Patrick Hamilton comes storming into 2020 under the direction of Catherine Fitzgerald. Starring Ksenja Logos. Synopsis: Bella Manningham is on edge. She’s hearing footsteps in the night, pictures are moving by themselves and the gaslights in the drawing room dim without even a touch. Her husband is constantly disappearing. He tells her she may be mad and she starts to believe him… As her grip on reality begins to slip, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery most foul. A mind-bending Victorian thriller, Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight is the stuff of legend. Written in 1938 and spawning the 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, director Catherine Fitzgerald brings this classic creepshow storming into 2020 in a production that sees it become more vital than ever.

  • Baroque Brilliance

    Baroque director Jonathan Cohen makes his Australian debut with the dazzling music of Bach, Vivaldi, Geminiani and Handel. Cohen is renowned for his role as Artistic Director with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Arcangelo and Les Violons du Roy. He directs the Australian Chamber Orchestra through a virtuosic and evocative program of baroque music built around the oldest known musical theme of European culture: La Folia. Baroque favourites including JS Bach’s The Art of Fugue and Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings in G minor will be performed alongside lesser-known gems, such as the harmonically gifted Francesca Caccini’s Ciaccona. The ACO will also perform the world premiere of Australian composer Paul Stanhope’s Giving Ground, a new take on the La Folia theme, before Geminiani’s own famed La Folia variations, the Concerto Grosso in D minor.

  • Goldmund Quartet

    For 75 years Musica Viva has kept Australian audiences up to date with the wider world of classical music and 2020 is no exception. Germany’s youthful Goldmund Quartet began their career in stellar fashion, winning prizes at major events including the 2018 Wigmore Hall Competition and the 2018 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition and bursting onto the concert scene with a jam-packed schedule of performances across Europe and more recently, in Asia and North America. This is a marriage of old-school talent and musical dedication of the highest order with a more relaxed, modern-day vibe.

  • The Bleeding Tree

    A mother and her daughters take revenge on a life of misery, greeting the man of the house with a crack on the shins and a bullet in the neck. But what do they do with the body? Angus Cerini’s multi award-winning play The Bleeding Tree is a contemporary gothic tale of revenge that is fierce, poetic, heart-breaking and irreverently funny. Directed by Corey McMahon (1984, After Dinner), The Bleeding Tree features Elena Carapetis (A View from the Bridge, After Dinner) and Elizabeth Hay (Volpone, The Gods of Strangers). This is the South Australian premiere of The Bleeding Tree presented by Theatre Republic.

  • The Big Bike Film Night - Adelaide

    They're riding into town! What’s the "Big Bike Film Night" all about? Sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you! Showcasing their 2020 collection that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want - action, drama, humour and plenty of inspiration. The evening is unashamedly and utterly designed and devised for the two wheel devotee! These short films are a great reminder of why people love to ride their bike. With stories that captivate, stories that make you think and most importantly, all- inspiring to make you want to get out and ride. Tales of character, resilience, challenge, courage, triumphs over adversity and much, much more. So listen to the voice inside you - it’s telling you to go. Grab your mates, grab your tickets, grab your bike and go along for the ride!!

  • Heavenly Visions – Master Series 7

    Beethoven’s expansive Violin Concerto opens up gradually, a wide landscape into which the soloist steps with all the time in the world. Pinchas Zukerman, a renowned interpreter of this concerto, has made its lightness and assurance his own. Hear this musical panorama navigated with utter freedom, as Zukerman leads the orchestra with nothing but his sweet-toned violin. The peaceful journey continues with Mahler’s dreamy Fourth Symphony, taking us all the way to Paradise. Three movements of Austrian nostalgia, whimsy and romance are followed by a vision of Heaven as seen through the eyes of a child. The light, clear voice of Emma Matthews sings of a heavenly music beyond compare. Green fields, blue skies, unending peace… Featuring: Pinchas Zukerman - Director/Violin Emma Matthews - Soprano Program Includes: Beethoven Violin Concerto Mahler Symphony No.4

  • Me & My Shadow

    Children love to play with shadows, but making friends with your shadow can be a tricky business. There are things to sort out, problems to solve, adventures to have and laughter to be shared. With fantastical imagery, quirky physical performances and an intriguing score, Me & My Shadow ignites the imagination in a poetical experience that explores the trials and joys of friendship. Me & My Shadow is a gentle magical visual poem for children, using paper, light, shadow, colour, water, music, sound and words to create a world of play where the imagined becomes real.

  • RESPECT: The Music of Aretha Franklin

    Celebrate the music of the one-and-only Queen of Soul, with your Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Musical and cultural icon known the world over simply by her first name, Aretha created an amazing legacy that spanned six incredible decades, from her first recording as a teenage gospel star, to receiving a lifetime achievement GRAMMY award in the 21st century. Join our own national treasures Kate Ceberano and Mahalia Barnes (with other performers to be announced) as they explore the stellar catalogue of hits including Respect, Chain of Fools, Think, (You make me feel like) A Natural Woman, I Say a Little Prayer and more.

  • Mozart at Elder Two

    Although his first overture, Beethoven’s Prometheus doesn’t disappoint. Powerful and electrifying, he demands your attention from the first note. But how do first and last attempts compare? Haydn’s London Symphony was the last of 104, and bursts at the seams with prolific wit and ingenuity. Carolyn Sampson fittingly spins her divine voice through Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate, written for a castrato he said ‘sang like an angel’. Featuring: Gemma New - Conductor Carolyn Sampson - Soprano Graham Abbott - Presenter Program includes: Beethoven Prometheus: Overture Mozart Exsultate Jubilate Haydn Symphony No.104 London

  • Intimate Mendelssohn & Bach

    Richard Tognetti leads the ACO through chamber music favourites, including Mendelssohn’s beloved Octet for Strings. Russian pianist Polina Leschenko, a musician hailed around the world for her intensely expressive musicianship and explosive technique, will make her much anticipated return to the ACO to join Richard Tognetti for Mendelssohn’s Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings. This exhilarating concerto will be followed by an ‘Impromptu’ Bach set that, in true salon style, will change for each concert. Rounding out the program is one of the most beloved pieces of chamber music ever written, Mendelssohn’s soaring Octet in E-flat major. A work of brilliance and sublime melodic beauty, this piece – to be performed by eight virtuoso musicians of the ACO – is hailed by musicians and music-lovers alike as “one of the miracles of 19th-century music”. A concert that seamlessly blends the old with the new, the timeless with the experimental, and the cherished with the undiscovered.

  • Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval

    Step it up in 2020! Get your legs ready for the ultimate stair climb as we send you on a mission to climb the thousands of stairs up, down and around the grandstands of the iconic Adelaide Oval. With full, short, unlimited and junior course options available there’s a stair climb to suit all ages and fitness levels. Experience this stadium like never before as you sweat it out to music, killing some serious calories on the way. Stadium Stomp supports official Charity Partner, the Leukaemia Foundation and participants are encouraged to make every step count.

  • Love and Passion – Master Series 6

    You know how special it is to receive a long, hand-written letter from a very close friend? Here is something like that: two intensely personal works from composers who mastered the art of musical expression. Dvořák’s Cello Concerto is an outpouring of wordless song, unmistakeably tinged with homesickness. Tchaikovsky called his final symphony ‘the most sincere of all my creations’, and the passionate tale it weaves is utterly gripping. Cellist Li-Wei Qin is already a favourite with Australian audiences, having grown up here, but this will be the first time the ASO plays under conductor Long Yu. The director of several of China’s biggest orchestras and festivals, Long Yu is a leading figure in China’s burgeoning classical music scene. Featuring: Long Yu - Conductor Li-Wei Qin - Cello Program Includes: Dvořák Cello Concerto Tchaikovsky Symphony No.6 Pathétique

  • Australian Delphi Users Group (ADUG) support sessions

    Australian Delphi users group (ADUG) support sessions are casual get together's that are free to attend and everyone is welcome to attend who uses, or maybe interested in using, Delphi. Delphi is a cross-platform language which can be used for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android development. There is also a free Delphi Community Edition available to individuals and start-up businesses so come along and find out more.

  • The Writer

    A young female playwright and an older male director find themselves alone in an empty theatre one night. She wants a new form of theatre that dismantles capitalism and overturns the patriarchy. He’s turned on by the commercial potential of her rage. A showdown between male and female, young and old, Ella Hickson’s incendiary new play comes to Adelaide after an explosive world premiere in London where it was described as “unflaggingly provocative, metatheatrical and inventive”. Starring Emily Barclay (ABC's Please Like Me), The Writer is a ferocious new work that rocks the very foundations upon which theatre is built. Bundle The Writer as part of a 4-8 play subscription to save 20% on tickets and receive exclusive benefits.

  • Variety SA Annual Themed Ball (2020): A Night in the Enchanted Forest

    The Variety Ball is one of Adelaide’s largest private functions and a guaranteed great night out. Be mesmerised as you are transported to a magical enchanted forest. While you are having fun, it feels even better knowing the funds raised support South Australian kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Enjoy a captivating evening of fun and frivolity in a fairy-tale wonderland. Guests will enjoy a 3 course dinner, quality wine, beer and exceptional entertainment. Last year’s Ball sold out so we are giving you the opportunity to reserve your place early to ensure you don’t miss out! Please note: this is an 18+ event

  • The Bridge of San Luis Rey

    It’s 18th century Peru. An ancient Incan rope bridge collapses sending five strangers plummeting to their deaths and unleashing a fabulist’s tale of conspiracy, seduction and betrayal. In this thrilling reimagining of Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer-winning novel, Adelaide’s celebrated Brink Productions brings their unique theatricality to a daisy chain of stories and coincidence that leads five strangers to meet their fate. The incomparable Paul Capsis, in an extraordinary act of theatrical shamanism, inhabits the role of Camila Perichole, the greatest actress of her age, as she draws the audience into an epic narrative that ultimately reveals her own heartbreaking story. Co-commissioned by Adelaide Festival Centre’s Adelaide Guitar Festival.

  • The Australian Ballet: McAllister in Conversation

    Our artistic director, David McAllister, assembles a starry roster of dancers and creatives to reflect on the 2020 season – and takes to the limelight himself.

  • Chanticleer

    It’s almost unbelievable that 2020 will see Chanticleer’s very first Australian tour after decades of international acclaim. Founded in 1978, the group is America’s leading full time professional vocal ensemble, with an enviable record of awards, recordings, Grammys, and nearly 100 commissions under their belts. This is an unaccompanied singing of a rare and beautiful kind, as 12 male voices blend seamlessly in enchanting music that ranges across centuries and styles. The program, called Trade Winds, is an intriguing musical journey inspired by seafarers and explorers. Europe and the Americas are represented in both ancient and modern pieces, but more unusually, so are the Pacific nations of Hawaii, Samoa and New Zealand, as well as newly composed music from China and a world premiere from Australia's own Clare Maclean.

  • The Australian Ballet presents Anna Karenina

    “There are as many kinds of love as there are hearts …” Leo Tolstoy’s immortal novel becomes an epic ballet. Cinematic staging, Hollywood-worthy costumes and Yuri Possokhov’s mesmerising choreography illuminate the tragedy of Anna Karenina, whose desire brings about her ruin. In the high society of Imperial Russia, a woman must not follow her heart. When Anna meets Vronsky, a handsome young officer, the instant connection between them flames into an affair – with disastrous consequences. Her husband, her relations and her social circle judge Anna ruthlessly, and when Vronsky’s passion cools she takes desperate action. Yuri Possokhov, formerly a principal dancer with Bolshoi Ballet and San Francisco Ballet, has choreographed works on major companies around the world. His Anna Karenina, faithful to Tolstoy’s novel, features Finn Ross’ projections (including real-time film of the dancers taken during the performance) and Tom Pye’s set and costume designs, which conjure the opulence of the era with modern style. The specially commissioned orchestral score by Ilya Demutsky gestures towards the rich grandeur of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev, and includes a mezzo soprano singing live on stage. The agonies and ecstasies of Anna’s turbulent life are powerfully evoked in the centrepiece of their 2020 season.

  • AVCon: Adelaide's Anime & Video Game Festival

    AVCon is an annual Anime & Video Games Festival held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Run by Team AVCon Inc., a not-for-profit organisation, AVCon strives to celebrate the world of anime, gaming, cosplay, pop culture, art and more in one big community-based event.

  • Australian String Quartet plays Intimate Letters

    Mozart String Quartet in C major K 465 Dissonance Ross Edwards String Quartet no 4 (World Premiere) * Janáček String Quartet no 2 Intimate Letters Perhaps the most famous of Mozart’s string quartets, Dissonance is a surprising and delightful study of musical contrasts, standing as one of the finest examples of the composer’s creative genius. Building bridges is a theme that runs through the newly commissioned fourth string quartet of Australian composer Ross Edwards. Drawing inspiration from many cultures, his new work evokes the rousing possibilities for harmony in diversity, and the role that music can play in the journey from grief to joy. Intimate Letters, nicknamed by Janáček himself, refers to the vast collection of over 700 letters the composer wrote to his reluctant muse Kamila Stösslová. Fuelled by unrequited love, each intensely emotional movement captures some of the most expressive music of the 20th century. *Commissioned by Ronald and Therese Ridley*

  • Classical Hits

    Devotee or novice, take a journey through classical music’s finest moments with infectious melodies, heart-wrenching harmonies, and breathtaking climaxes. Be guided through a glittering line up of composers and their greatest work by the inimitable Guy Noble. Lift off with Strauss’ iconic Also Sprach Zarathustra, imagine the wind in your hair as you ride with Wagner’s Valkyries, and brace yourself for the cannons… Pianist Konstantin Shamray delivers a suave account of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and soprano Desiree Frahn a simply heartbreaking O Mio Babbino Caro. This is your chance to hear some of the greatest music ever written, all on one stage. Featuring: Guy Noble - Conductor/Presenter Desiree Frahn - Soprano Konstantin Shamray - Piano Program includes: Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra (excerpt) Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 Puccini O Mio Babbino Caro Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue Wagner Ride of the Valkyries Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

  • The 7 Stages of Grieving

    Award-winning Elaine Crombie paints a rich portrait of the different phases of Aboriginal history in Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman’s stunning production, reimagined by director Shari Sebbens. A Sydney Theatre Company production presented by State Theatre Company South Australia. Synopsis: One woman walks onstage to tell the stories of her people. Stories of survival. Of heartbreak. Of loss and of love. It is her story and she’s giving it to you. Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman’s The 7 Stages of Grieving is an Australian masterpiece. In this reimagined production directed by Shari Sebbens, Helpmann Award-winner Elaine Crombie paints a rich portrait of the different phases of Aboriginal history in what is sure to be another of her tour de force performances. Defiantly funny and deeply moving, The 7 Stages of Grieving is an invitation to join hands, to grieve, to reflect on our past and look to the future. Bundle The 7 Stages of Grieving as part of a 4-8 play subscription to save 20% on tickets and receive exclusive benefits.

  • She Speaks

    Explore Australian orchestral sounds Focus your attention on Australian orchestral music and celebrate a tiny slice of the diverse and important work created by our very own women composers. Featuring the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, this concert promises moments of contemplative beauty and rich storytelling. She Speaks is one of four events highlighting female composers being held Wed 24 June at Elder Hall. Visit our website to view the full program of events.

  • The Four Seasons & Beyond

    The ACO celebrates 30 years of Richard Tognetti’s artistic leadership with an electronica-infused reimagination of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. In celebration of Richard’s contributions as an arranger, composer and champion of new music, the program opens with the world premiere of a new concerto for electric violin, composed especially for Richard by the progressive young American composer Samuel Adams. This is followed by an original composition of Richard’s, Beyond, which will see the ACO’s own Satu Vänskä swap her precious 1726 ‘Belgiorno’ Stradivarius violin for a turn on vocals. Tognetti’s vivid arrangement of Haas’s From the Monkey Mountains rounds out the first half, before a climactic performance of a new work by celebrated Scottish composer Anna Meredith. In its Australian premiere, ANNO intertwines Vivaldi’s beloved Four Seasons with music for electronics and string orchestra. Meredith herself will join the ACO onstage, while Tognetti will perform as violin soloist. A concert that seamlessly blends the old with the new, the timeless with the experimental, and the cherished with the undiscovered.

  • RocKwiz Salutes New York at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

    After their sell-out performance in 2019, RocKwiz returns with a show so big and so bold it could only mean one thing: RocKwiz Salutes New York. This time Julia, Brian and the superbly talented RocKwiz Orkestra will be joined by four very special guests as they salute the music, artists and venues of the city so nice they named it twice! A night of neon lights. Jazz clubs and Broadway. Carnegie Hall and Max’s Kansas City. Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra. David Bowie, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Patti LuPone, Lin Manuel Miranda, Bette Midler. The RockWiz team are immersing themselves in tribute to the city that never sleeps and for one night only will transport Festival Theatre to the Big Apple. Sure to be a sell-out, don’t miss this very special Adelaide Cabaret Festival event.

  • Davina & The Vagabonds at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

    In an Australian first, Davina and The Vagabonds bring their New Orleans charm and Memphis soul swagger to our shores with a World Premiere that is so much more than a blues act. With influences ranging from Fats Domino and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to Aretha Franklin and Tom Waits, they draw on the last 100 years of American music and are converting audiences one show at a time. Davina has been compared to the likes of Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Billy Holiday and Betty Boop, but comparisons don’t suffice. Her voice and stage presence defy categorisation in a truly original way. Come and see Davina and The Vagabonds create something completely their own, that is both timeless and honest in equal measure. With shades of dark theatrical moments and tender gospel passages, they will deliver a performance packed with energy and emotion from start to finish.

  • Claude-Michel Schönberg In Conversation with Julia Zemiro featuring Alfie Boe and Lea Salonga

    Join Julia Zemiro as she chats with legendary composer, Claude-Michel Schönberg and stars of the stage, Alfie Boe and Lea Salonga. Fans of the musical theatre masterpieces Les Misérables and Miss Saigon, among others, will get an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain and hear stories of careers that have spanned decades. Claude-Michel Schönberg is the Golden Globe and Grammy Award winner, and Oscar nominee composer of scores for musicals and ballets including Les Misérables, Miss Saigon and more. Alfie Boe, a platinum recording artist who is acclaimed for the role of Jean Valjean in the 25th anniversary concert and applauded for his performances on Broadway and in London’s West End. Alfie will appear alongside Lea Salonga who is best known as the originator of Kim in Miss Saigon in London’s West End for which she won the Laurence Olivier Award, and became the first Asian woman to win a Tony Award when the show opened on Broadway. A star of stage and screen, Salonga is also celebrated as a Disney Legend - voicing the animated film roles of Jasmine in Aladdin and Fa Mulan in Mulan.

  • Do You Hear The People Sing?

    It is more than forty years since Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg first met and began a collaboration that would change the course of musical theatre history with their musicals Les Misérables and Miss Saigon. In June 2020, leading stars from Broadway, the West End and Australia will gather to celebrate these unparalleled musicals and their writers in Do You Hear The People Sing? Headlined by Alfie Boe (Les Misérables) and Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon, Les Misérables), the concert also stars West End star and original Kim in the Australian production of Miss Saigon Joanna Ampil, alongside Australians David Harris (Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Miss Saigon, Wicked), Helpmann Award winner Amanda Harrison (Wicked, Miss Saigon, We Will Rock You) and Suzie Mathers (Wicked in London, Barnum, Mamma Mia!). The definitive celebration of the work of Boublil and Schönberg, Do You Hear The People Sing? includes not only hits from Les Misérables and Miss Saigon but also Martin Guerre, The Pirate Queen and their very first musical together, La Révolution Française. This concert was created by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg and is the only celebration of their work that the duo has ever authorised.

  • Heroic Horns – Master Series 5

    It’s horn playing of the highest calibre, and it’s home-grown! Andrew Bain is now the Principal Horn of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but he grew up in Adelaide and began his career with the ASO. We welcome him back with a specially commissioned Horn Concerto from Australian composer Paul Dean, a brand new work to showcase his hard-won mastery of this noble instrument. Our own ASO horns have some special parts to play too. Richard Strauss’ trailblazing tone poem features a vaulting horn theme at its centre that perfectly encapsulates the shameless audacity of Don Juan. And Shostakovich’s masterful Tenth Symphony seems destined for a tragic end until a horn call defiantly lights up its third movement, like a beacon of hope. Featuring: Alpesh Chauhan - Conductor Andrew Bain - French Horn Program Includes: Strauss Don Juan Paul Dean Horn Concerto* Shostakovich Symphony No.10

  • Caroline Nin is Barbara La Dame en Noir at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

    Following her internationally acclaimed Piaf and Dietrich tribute shows, Helpmann Award nominee Caroline Nin returns to Adelaide with Barbara: La Dame en Noir, a mesmerising bilingual tribute to the life and music of the French icon, chanteuse and songwriter. Born in Paris in 1930 and forced into hiding with her Jewish family at the age of 10 during Germany’s occupation of France, Barbara used music as a form of self-healing. A life-long friend of Jacques Brel, she wrote and performed melancholy songs of lost love, solitude and death but also of hope and humour first in the small cabarets of Paris and eventually the Paris Olympia Concert Hall. Always dressed in black, with her heavily made up eyes and porcelain face, she became known as La Dame en Noir. The first female performer to sing her own material, Barbara’s music became the voice of France and her death brought hundreds of thousands of Parisians onto the streets singing: “Dis, quand reviendras-tu,?” (When will you return?). Now Nin finally answers their call.

  • SIX the Musical

    SIX, the global all female pop- concert musical, is the five-star phenomenon that is ‘bursting at the corset with 21st century sass and attitude’ (Daily Mail)! Critically acclaimed across the UK with a studio album storming up the UK pop charts, the sell-out intoxicating Tudor take-off continues! From Tudor Queens to Pop Princesses, the six wives of Henry VIII take to the mic to tell their tales, remixing five hundred years of historical heartbreak into a 75-minute celebration of 21st century girl power. These Queens may have green sleeves but their lipstick is rebellious red. The histo-remixed pop-concert musical by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss comes to Adelaide's Her Majesty's Theatre. ✭✭✭✭✭ ‘KICK-ASS MUSICAL ABOUT HENRY VIII'S WIVES CHANNELS ITS INNER BEYONCÉ’ The Evening Standard Photography: IDIL SUKAN. Original UK Cast 2019

  • Cho-Liang Lin & Jon Kimura Parker

    A meeting of true musical minds, Cho-Liang Lin and Jon Kimura Parker make a stellar duo, radiating what’s been described as joyful rapport - they love playing together and so we love to hear them. Spectacular virtuosi, they have outstanding careers as soloists, based in North America. But there’s more – alongside the technical wizardry, each is a busy teacher, mentor to emerging artists and artistic director of festivals and competitions and they’ve enlarged the repertoire with numerous commissions. Chamber music is vitally important to them, not least in this recital partnership of more than a decade.

  • Sip & Sounds 2020

    Join us on the June long weekend for our full-bodied winter festival, celebrating superb examples of wine, gin and craft beer from regions across the country, as well as a range of delicious festival food and a line-up of stellar local music. Tickets includes entrance into Sip & Sounds and a keepsake tasting glass.

  • The 20th Anniversary Variety Gala at Adelaide Cabaret Festival

    Everyone’s favourite event returns to Festival Theatre to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Adelaide Cabaret Festival! Co-hosted by Artistic Director, Julia Zemiro and former Artistic Director, David Campbell, the 20th Anniversary Variety Gala will be a night of cabaret vivaciousness as we capture the magic of the last twenty years, and give you taste of what’s to come in 2020. There are so many stories, mishaps, and memories to delight in. So come dressed in your finest red carpet attire and revel in Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s night of nights. We can’t wait to see you! Directed by multi-award winning theatre director Craig Ilott (Smoke and Mirrors, Velvet, La Clique Royale). Full cast announced in March 2020!

  • Finders Keepers

    When a boy discovers a strange creature on the beach while looking for bottle tops, he realises it is lost and starts to try to discover where it belongs, or who has lost it. While the world around him continues to function as if the Thing doesn’t exist, the boy must overcome the indifference of everyone else around him. Internationally acclaimed Paul Rissmann has written music to complement the book The Lost Thing by renowned Australian illustrator and author Shaun Tan. Join Paul and the ASO as they take you on this journey of discovery. Suitable Ages 8+ World Premiere

  • 2020 State of Origin Game I Adelaide

    The 80 minute history making encounter between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons will be the first time the game’s premiere sporting event takes place in South Australia and is an experience not to be missed.

  • Essential Mendelssohn – Master Series 4

    Whenever Felix Mendelssohn was enthusiastic about something, he would turn it into music. A trip to Italy prompted the rollicking Italian Symphony. His friend’s violin playing inspired the gorgeous Violin Concerto. A lifelong passion for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream resulted in a whole suite of fairy-tale incidental music, including the famous Wedding March. This entire concert is a testament to Mendelssohn’s irrepressible wonder and excitement. Who will lift the lid on all this joyful, sparkling music? Pinchas Zukerman knows this music intimately – he began his illustrious recording career playing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, under the baton of Leonard Bernstein. Now Zukerman steps onto the conductor’s podium, and outstanding young Japanese violinist Fumiaki Miura takes the solo role in what will be a night to remember. Featuring: Pinchas Zukerman - Conductor Fumiaki Miura - Violin Program Includes: Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Nocturne, Scherzo, Wedding March Violin Concerto Symphony No.4 Italian

  • ASQ plays Dvorak with Konstantin Shamray

    Anne Cawrse A Room of Her Own (World Premiere) * Bartók String Quartet no 4 Dvorak Piano Quintet in A major op 81 Reflecting on Virginia Woolf’s seminal text, A Room of One’s Own, Australian composer Anne Cawrse’s new commission is an intimate and personal exploration of what it is to be a woman composer in the 21st century. Soundscapes of bowed percussion and strings speak to the fragility of ideas and the blossoming of creativity, while reflecting on the silent voices of the past. The spirit of breaking ground continues through Béla Bartók’s String Quartet no 4. Visceral and haunting, his unique voice mines the soul, arousing absolute terror one moment and rich warmth the next. Joined by pianist Konstantin Shamray, we close the program with the spring-like optimism of Antonin Dvořák’s Piano Quintet. Symphonic in texture, Dvořák’s folk-inspired tunes radiate warmth, vitality and love, from the cello’s opening melody to the very last bar. *Commissioned for the Australian String Quartet by the Elder Conservatorium of Music with support of the John Bishop Memorial Commission

  • National Wine Education & Training Centre Understanding Wine - Weekend Course

    This is a course for people who enjoy drinking wine and aspire to learn more about what they’re tasting, smelling and experiencing. Over two consecutive Saturdays, you’ll explore a range of wine styles, varieties, blends, and regions as our educators guide you through how to swirl, sniff and taste like a professional. By the end of the course, you’ll understand the fundamentals of winemaking and viticulture, and you’ll know more about how to decipher and discuss the characteristics of wine. You will gain confidence as a wine consumer and have fun with like-minded people in a relaxed and informal setting at the National Wine Centre. This course is ideal for those starting out in the hospitality or wine industry. To find out more about our Understanding Wine Weekend Course and the other courses we offer, visit our website and book yourself into a class today!

  • Alaska Strikes Back Adelaide

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, on the planet Glamtron a tiny creature was born. Some time in the last century, that creature crash landed on our shady little planet and became known to us as Alaska Thunderfuck. Now she’s headed down under again to bring you The Alaska Show 2: The Fempire Strikes Back! Her midichlorians are off the scale and she’s ready to slay… some storm troopers. Following sold out shows every year, Alaska is returning to Australia to bring you her brand new show, The Fempire Strikes Back. More of the Alaska you love, back for 2020. Will she be able to fend off the dark side and harness her true power? Will she build the first leopard print lightsaber? Do you follow the empire, or are you part of the resistance? We encourage you to dress up like you’re heading out for a night at the Mos Eisley Cantina! Don’t get left out in the cold on the planet Hoth, snatch your tickets now before they fly out the door!

  • Euphoria

    Meg is busy and she'd rather not be. But sometimes she can't help it. She’s holding a town meeting and her ex-student Ethan is there. He hasn't got a job...he can't help that either. She wants to start a new festival to celebrate everything their little country town has to offer. It’s going to be called “Euphoria”, which means “happiness”. And they should be happy, shouldn’t they? With the festival barrelling towards them, Meg and Ethan come face to face with the darkest parts of themselves as the past collides with the present. Based on real conversations between playwright Emily Steel and regional South Australian communities, this gently moving new work from State Theatre Company South Australia and Country Arts SA will see audiences come together for a town meeting they’ll never forget. From April to June, Euphoria will tour regionally to Goolwa, Renmark, Lameroo, Bordertown, Mt Gambier, Murray Bridge, Tanunda, Port Pirie, Leigh Creek, Kangaroo Island, Streaky Bay, Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Burra as well as Elizabeth, Noarlunga and Golden Grove. Bundle Euphoria as part of a 4-8 play subscription to save 20% on tickets and receive exclusive benefits.

  • Adelaide Songs - Our Story

    Experience a unique concert of songs about Adelaide and our history, identity, stories, people and places. Humorous and entertaining this concert has received rave reviews.

  • Music to Heal

    A program of mindfulness, wellbeing and the restorative powers of music, directed by English violinist Hugo Ticciati. After suffering from debilitating physical pain so severe it forced him to stop playing, Ticciati embarked on a journey of rehabilitation, taking in meditation, spirituality and connecting with nature. Through this healing process he became fascinated by the profound connection between music and wellbeing. Ticciati curated Music to Heal based on these findings. He will direct the ACO through music that is philosophical, spiritual and deeply reflective, including Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks’ neo-spiritual Lonely Angel, Max Richter’s On the Nature of Daylight and Tavener’s Mother of God, here I stand. The program comes to a hauntingly beautiful climax with Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor Op.132, written by the composer as he came to terms with his impending early deafness. Meditative, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting, this is a deep and enriching program that explores humankind’s profound affinity with music, nature and reflection.

  • Wings for Life World Run Adelaide

    There is no finish line; instead runners and wheelchair competitors from beginners to pros race to keep ahead of a ‘Catcher Car’ to raise money for spinal cord injury. Locals in Adelaide can participate in the Organised App Run, using the Wings for Life app to keep ahead of a virtual catcher car that is synced up directly with real catcher cars around the world. Everyone around the world starts at the same time, whether it’s 8:30pm in Australia or 4am in North America. Tickets are on sale now with 100% of entry fees and donations going straight into research for spinal cord injuries. Join us to be part of the global search for a cure to spinal cord injury!

  • Single Asian Female

    Inside the Golden Phoenix, a humble Chinese restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, two generations of Wong women stand at a crossroads. Mei is a teenager grappling with her identity and getting ready for her school formal; while Zoe is eternally single and having a quarter-life crisis after some seriously terrible dates. At the centre of it all is Pearl, the whip-smart, brutally honest matriarch of the family. But Pearl is harbouring a secret that could change their lives forever. Michelle Law’s (Homecoming Queens) riotous family comedy bursts onto the stage after sold out seasons around the nation. Brilliantly funny and incisive, Single Asian Female is a heart-warming story about love, family and karaoke from one of Australia’s most exciting writers. Bundle Single Asian Female as part of a 4-8 play subscription to save 20% on tickets and receive exclusive benefits.

  • Tchaikovsky’s Daydreams – Master Series 3

    It’s been called the concerto in which Mozart truly became Mozart. The composer turned 21 and turned out his Ninth Piano Concerto at around the same time, and the musical result is a miracle of effortless elegance and deep sincerity. The ever-popular French pianist Jean-Efflam Bavouzet makes a welcome return to Adelaide with this ‘coming-of-age’ concerto. Tchaikovsky’s seldom-heard First Symphony more than lives up to its tantalising subtitle, Winter Daydreams. Written by a determined young man in his mid-twenties, this work heralded the beginning of a uniquely Russian symphonic tradition. It has all the hallmarks of Tchaikovsky’s best-loved music: memorable melodies, Russian melancholy, an enchanting waltz and an extravagant finale. Rossini’s attention-grabbing overture to William Tell makes a fitting introduction to these two youthful masterpieces. Featuring: Ben Gernon - Conductor Jean-Effalam Bavouzet - Piano Program includes: Rossini William Tell Overture Mozart Piano Concerto No.9 Jeunehomme Tchaikovsky Symphony No.1 Winter Daydreams

  • Giggle and Hoot - Live In Concert

    Live Nation and ABC Events are excited to present the return of the sell-out live stage show Giggle and Hoot - Live In Concert, with a national tour this March and April. After announcing the end of weekly filming schedule for their much-loved ABC series’ in 2019, Jimmy Giggle (played by Jimmy Rees) and his Owl Pals Hoot and Hootabelle are thrilled to be able to activate their time into their live show, taking themselves on the road to share joy with pre-schoolers everywhere in a series of live performances across the country. Set off on a pirate adventure to find Mini Hoot, and witness the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Greatest Magician’ – Magician Jimmy Giggle-ini – then hoot off into the Giggle Galaxy to help Hootabelle ‘Twinklify’ the stars, with plenty of good times along the way. Owl Pals can sing, stomp and roar to all their favourite Giggle and Hoot songs, from The Gigglemobile to Go Giggleosaurus and many more.

  • Free Police bicycle engraving

    Bring your bike(s) along to the North Adelaide community Centre for SAPOL to engrave free of charge. Engraving your bike(s) decreases the chance of bike theft and increases the chance of finding should it be stolen.

  • South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society (SAVES) meeting

    The South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society (SAVES) was established in 1983 to advocate for legal voluntary euthanasia.Join us for bi-annual (April and November) community talks to inform and to stimulate public debate on the topic of 'Ending the suffering'.A speaker on the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia will provide information and promote discussion of this community issue. The community will be more aware of this health and social justice issue and claiming the right to choose a peaceful end. This touches everyone when a family member, friend or colleague wants release from an illness which has no cure.

  • Paint and Sip Class - Moonlight

    Ignite your creativity and learn to create an art masterpiece, the easy and fun way. Bring your friends and/or make some new ones, over music and a guided two-hour painting session. Forget your stresses and worries, and create your very own unique artwork (yours to keep). You'll get step by step instructions from our expert artist, to create your own interpretation of the selected painting (see the photo above). Guests must be 18 or older for this event, as our classes are held at licensed bars. If the date pr theme of this class doesn't suit you, we have lots of other classes available running regularly - check them out! "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

  • Regurgitator's POGOGO Show

    Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre Having performed at a number of children’s events in recent years, the multi-platinum, multi-ARIA Award-winning band has developed the kids’ music project Regurgitator’s POGOGO Show. The collection of songs from The Really Really Really Really Boring Album is about as silly and cheeky as a record can get. Featuring instant-ear wriggles such as ‘The Box’ and ‘Games On My Computer,’ it’s sure to bring a smile to long-term fans as well as the young ones in their life. "This is a ripper of an album for little units everywhere!" - THE MUSIC Free Kid's Corner workshop in the foyer from 12-1pm: Recycle & Regurgitate - Up-cycle a box to take part in the show!

  • Gathered Design Market

    If you love supporting local SA designers, artisans + small businesses, Gathered Design Market is for you. Grab your nearest and dearest and head down to the Queens Theatre to experience a market like no other. Acoustic entertainment, creative workshops, delicious food and drink will be on offer, amongst beautifully styled spaces showcasing homewares, candles, flowers, jewellery, kids, art, clothing, garden, skincare and personalised gifts. Be sure to ask for our exclusive Gathered Gift Guides with unique offers from our stall holders - (there is a different one for each day) + early birds will receive their own Gathered Showbag with goodies from some of our vendors! Market-goers can sip on wine and gin + tuck in to delicious Vietnamese street food, Turkish gozleme, bao, gourmet toasties, Pastries, sweet treats, divine coffee + more (GF, DF and V options available). There are creative workshops - Resin Art, Ceramics, Flower Crowns + more. Check out our website for all details!

  • Goldner String Quartet & Piers Lane

    These are concerts of masterpieces, performed by masterly artists the equal of any in the world. Australia's most recognised and beloved pianist, Piers Lane, joins his dear friends the Goldner String Quartet in a national tour that marks the quartet's 25 years of musical brilliance. This quintessence of musical royalty plays with unprecedented cohesion and authority, drawn from decades of recordings and performances together.

  • Mozart at Elder One

    Warm and pastoral, dive into Honegger’s lush sonorities. Praised as his first mature piano concerto, Mozart’s fourteenth is delightfully unexpected, and sings with a distinctly operatic quality. The concert closes with Schubert’s sublime unfinished masterpiece. Featuring: Elena Schwarz - Conductor Stefan Cassomenos - Piano Graham Abbott - Presenter Program includes: Honegger Pastorale d’été Mozart Piano Concerto No.14 Arriaga Symphony in D

  • Easter treats cooking class

    Learn how to make some delicious Easter-themed treats to share with friends and family. This hands-on cooking class will teach you how to cook a range of different things, with all ingredients and budget-friendly recipes provided.This class is open to everyone however registrations are essential as places are limited. Email or call 8203 7801 to register.

  • Nature day

    Nature Day is traditionally celebrated on the thirteenth day of the Persian New Year. This year such as previous years, the The Persian Cultural Association of South Australia invites all members of the community to come together for a family fun day to enjoy music, dance, play group games, bouncy castle, face painting and food. This event provides opportunities for members of the Persian community to connect with each other and be able to introduce their culture and traditions to others in the broader community. No bookings are required, just come and enjoy the day.

  • Chocolate Factory High Tea

    Welcome to our Chocolate Factory High Tea. Grab a golden ticket to an afternoon of indulgence at Stamford Plaza Adelaide, with a decadent high tea full of chocolate delights and your favourite fine tea!

  • 2020 Tertiary Studies and Careers Expo Adelaide TSCEA

    The 11th annual Tertiary Studies and Careers Expo Adelaide (TSCEA) presents an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in education and training or those seeking professional career development and employment opportunities. With exhibitors including Australian-wide and international universities, private education providers, TAFE, graduate employment, local, national and government employers and agencies, VET training, higher education colleges, Defence Force Recruiting, student support services and employers; TSCEA provides a unique opportunity to find everything related to education and employment, under one roof. Incorporating the South Australia Work and Skills Expo again in 2020, visitors can go into the draw to win multiple prizes. For further details on the event please visit their website or social media.

  • Paint and Sip Class - Starry Night Sunset

    Ignite your creativity and learn to create an art masterpiece, the easy and fun way. Bring your friends and/or make some new ones, over music and a guided two-hour painting session. Forget your stresses and worries, and create your very own unique artwork (yours to keep). You'll get step by step instructions from our expert artist, to create your own interpretation of the selected painting (see the photo above). Guests must be 18 or older for this event, as our classes are held at licensed bars. If the date pr theme of this class doesn't suit you, we have lots of other classes available running regularly - check them out! "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

  • Future Feast at MOD.

    What will we be eating in the year 2050? Let yourself be taken on an immersive food journey, to explore the future foods of Australia. Inspired by MOD.’s current exhibition Seven Siblings of the Future, this seven-course Future Feast is designed to connect people to ideas and knowledge, provoking thoughtful debate and questions about our personal values. The ticket price also includes a range of beverages and seven delectable courses that will prime your palate for what the future holds. Hosted by Post Dining and MOD. at Food Lore, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take your taste buds to the year 2050 to explore the culinary landscape of tomorrow. ABOUT MOD MOD. at UniSA is a futuristic museum of discovery. It’s a place to be and be inspired. We want to inspire young people about science and technology, showcasing how research shapes our understanding of the world around us to inform our future.

  • Lord Mayor's mindfulness walk

    The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor, will host a free stress-busting mindfulness walk in the Adelaide Park Lands. Learn how to relax and refocus your attention, out of doors in a natural environment setting. The walk will be led by mindfulness expert Annie Harvey in conjunction with the Heart Foundation. Please meet at the Bonython Park Kiosk adjacent to the play ground in Bonython Park/ Tulya Wodli at 8:45 am for 9:00 am departure. Book to secure your place now.

  • Vivaldi in the Vines - St Francis Xavier Cathedral

    After the success of the initial series of Baroque concerts in May 2019, we are pleased to announce the first of a series for 2020. The Easter Concert will feature The Adelaide Baroque Orchestra playing on original instruments and one of Australia’s leading young singers, the Counter Tenor Max Riebl, at the St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Easter usually means many performances of Handels “Messiah” or one of the Bach passions. However these concerts offer a very special magnificent performance of a Haydn masterpiece and a Vivaldi rarity. Haydn’s “The Seven Last Words of Christ” was commissioned in 1786 for the Good Friday service at the Oratorio de la Santa Cueva in Cadiz, Spain. As a work specifically designed for a specific time it is rarely heard. However such was its popularity at the time that Haydn prepared 3 versions, the original full orchestral version, a choral version and a chamber version for sting quartet. For this rare performance we are pleased to present members of the Adelaide Baroque Orchestra in the latter version. To compliment and continue the story of the crucifixion the Haydn will be followed by Vivaldi’s sublime setting of the Stabat Mater with Max Riebl as soloist.

  • Forest bathing

    Forest bathing (or shinrin yoku in Japanese), is a wellbeing practice combining mindfulness, psychology, social connection, and sensory immersion. It is very low impact and relaxing.Forest bathing involves a series of guided invitations to help you relax, become present and connect with nature. This is a free session held in the Adelaide Botanic Garden.. Please meeting at the Friends Gate to the Botanic Gardens on War Memorial Drive. This event is part of the City of Adelaide's celebration of Parks Month.

  • Natsuko Plays Brahms – Master Series 2

    Good music doesn’t write itself. You can hear the struggle for greatness in both Brahms’ masterful Violin Concerto and Sibelius’ ground-breaking Second Symphony. ASO Concertmaster Natsuko Yoshimoto will take on the Brahms, a work that has been variously described as a concerto against violin, and ‘for violin against orchestra – and the violin wins!’ The violin strives for beauty, finds it in abundance during the Adagio, and celebrates with a joyful Hungarian rondo. Sibelius once described his symphonies as ‘like Jacob wrestling with the angel’. Hearing the Second Symphony is like having all your fear and doubt gradually overcome by an unseen rising power, irresistible and immense. The finale is hard-won, but exhilarating – it’s no wonder early Finnish audiences heard their struggle for independence embodied in this music. Featuring: Mark Wigglesworth - Conductor Natsuko Yoshimoto - Violin Program Includes: Brahms Violin Concerto Sibelius Symphony No.2

  • Adelaide Food Fringe

    The Adelaide Food Fringe is South Australia’s 100% open access food and drink festival. Created by the people for the people it will be presented from 3-5 April 2020! The Adelaide Food Fringe is NOT a festival with one fenced off event and a bunch of food and drink stalls. The Adelaide Food Fringe can and will be everywhere in SA. It’s YOUR bar, restaurant, farm, winery, festival, club, school, home – literally anywhere you choose to present YOUR idea or event. This is a festival all about businesses, producers, communities, clubs, families and individuals sharing their presentation of food and drink with like-minded South Australians. The Adelaide Food Fringe will facilitate a 100% open access festival program, “created by the people, for the people.” The program is open to anyone with an idea or passion for food and drink that they want to share with the world. If food and/or drink is a major component of your event you are eligible to register; whether it’s a food or drink tour, cooking class, talks, tastings, exhibition, community event, workshop, street party, special dining event, performance or festival, restaurant/café/bar events, charity fundraiser… you name it!

  • Nose To Tail and Gin Degustation (Tasting Australia)

    La Boca Bar and Grill Adelaide is taking you on a culinary journey with our newest food and drink event. We have sourced premium local ingredients to curate a luxurious 5-course pork degustation dinner, accompanied with paired gin cocktails, with a focus on the nose-to-tail aesthetic. We are showcasing quality South Australia produce & brands, and putting an Argentinean spin on them to create our Nose to Tail and Gin Degustation Dinner – exclusive during Tasting Australia.

  • Come alive at 55

    Come alive at 55 is a talk by Gail Miller which encourages people to think about what they’d like to do in this next chapter of their lives and helps them to realise that they still have a lot to contribute no matter what age you are.Gail Ruth Miller is an Adelaide author, speaker and aged care liaison. She wrote her first of four books at the age of 55 after hearing a 99 year old motivational speaker who encouraged her to write. Rather than continuing to believe that 55 was too old to start something new, author Gail chose to believe that we can do anything if we put our mind to it. If you are interested in this event, see the other free events in the series: Demystifying the Aged Care Puzzle, February 12, North Adelaide Community Centre and Life Happens, March 5, Adelaide South West Community Centre. Seats are limited for this popular event, so book your place today.

  • Todrick Hall - Haus Party Tour Adelaide

    You’ve seen him on YouTube, you’ve seen him on RuPaul’s Drag Race, now it’s time to see him live on stage for his Haus Party! Todrick Hall and his dancers venture down under for a feature length production that will be an all singing, all dancing spectacular visual interpretation of the Haus Party album. The ‘Nails, Hair, Hips and Heels’ singer/superstar has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry from Brandy to Keala Settle, Nicole Scherzinger, Jordin Sparks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more. Brace yourself for the big reveal and grab your tickets before they sell out.

  • Food for Thought: Edible Insects

    Intrigued by eating insects? You've come to the right place. Take a scientific and culinary journey in a event that's sure to get you thinking. Professor Kerry Wilkinson from the University of Adelaide will join local producers of edible insects to chat about how and why they're increasingly on the menu. From native green ant gin to cricket pasta, appetites for this alternative protein source are growing. Food for Thought will begin with drinks and canapés before the talk gets under way. Tastings will be offered throughout; come with an open mind and discover something new. Professor Wilkinson and her university colleagues are working with the CSIRO to find the best Australian insects for commercial production and create new trade opportunities. The global edible insect industry is tipped by the UN to be worth $1.5 billion over the next four years, along with improving food security and reducing waste.

  • Arvo Pärt & Shostakovich

    In this deeply reflective program, the ACO explores the impassioned and transformative music of some of Eastern Europe's most beloved composers: Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Estonia’s Arvo Pärt. Arvo Pärt is one of the most performed and influential composers writing today. Richard Tognetti and Satu Vänskä will shine in his double concerto for two violins and orchestra, Tabula Rasa, a work that has become a cult favourite amongst music lovers. This will be followed by ten virtuoso violins uniting to perform Prokofiev’s fiendishly challenging Sonata for Solo Violin in D major. The concert concludes with Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony in C minor, a string orchestra arrangement of the composer’s famous Eighth String Quartet. This extremely personal and emotive masterpiece leaps from despair to brutal force, before coming to a haunting acceptance, serving as a lament for victims of fascism and war, as well as a vehicle for self-reflection.

  • Paint and Sip Class - Wildflowers (Mar 29)

    Ignite your creativity and learn to create an art masterpiece, the easy and fun way. Bring your friends and/or make some new ones, over music and a guided two-hour painting session. Forget your stresses and worries, and create your very own unique artwork (yours to keep). You'll get step by step instructions from our expert artist, to create your own interpretation of the selected painting (see the photo above). Guests must be 18 or older for this event, as our classes are held at licensed bars. If the date pr theme of this class doesn't suit you, we have lots of other classes available running regularly - check them out! "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

  • Gluten free family festa

    Do you live a gluten free lifestyle? Well guess what, we have the perfect event for you! Adelaide’s Duke of Brunswick Hotel is hosting a family-friendly evening of eating and drinking inspired by Italy. The Gluten Free Family Festa is presented by South Australia’s San Remo and will feature plenty of delicious gluten-free pasta paired with delicious, fresh produce from across the state. Gilbert Street’s Duke of Brunswick is already a popular venue for gluten-free dining, and this inaugural event will be a celebration of all things fabulously fresh. Aperitivo will kick off the event, followed by entrée, mains and dessert. San Remo’s gluten-free range includes pasta made from pulses such as chickpeas and lentils, along with brown rice and buckwheat variants. The company was founded in Adelaide back in 1936 and helped introduce Australia to the joys of pasta. Today the company still remains a 100% family owned and operated business and who is proud to have been part of Australian families for over 80 years.

  • Love Potions

    Here's a riddle. You, plus 30 of Australia's best beverages. Add music, eats and a city bolthole. What do you have? Love Potions. We get it. You're into beer but never turn down a negroni. You love a glass of red, though there's also some seriously good gin getting about. At Love Potions you'll have all the options, and an entire night to explore them. Purchase as you go; chat with the folks who crafted your tipple and discover what sets it apart. Tasting Australia has gathered 30 of the hottest beverage producers in the nation for a free-spirited fiesta. Catering the party is Belles Hot Chicken, who'll be sending substantial canapés your way. Expect Nashville classics: wings, ribs, spicy chicken sliders and the vegetables that love them. Where's the party? Freemasons Lodge. The basement bar in this handsome North Terrace building is yours for the night. DJs will keep the tunes coming, so bring your mates and bank on a damn good time.

  • Glasshouse Kitchen

    One-off dining with world-class chefs. Tasting Australia’s Glasshouse Kitchen is back. The best talent. The freshest produce. The one-night-only excitement a meal in Town Square sparks. For 2020 we asked six remarkable chefs to name those who have inspired and guided their cooking. Who taught them? Who encouraged them? Who fostered their passion? Each Glasshouse Kitchen is an homage to the lead chef’s tribe, and to the simple truth that we never excel in isolation. These joyful collaborations will deliver sublime dining experiences. Festival beverage team Nick Stock (Beverage Director) and East End Cellars are ready to dazzle with a drinks line-up that includes a glass of Pol Roger on arrival and wines matched to every menu. The Glasshouse Kitchen is located in Tasting Australia's Town Square (Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, Adelaide) from 27 March - 5 April 2020.

  • Tasting Australia

    Tasting Australia is where foodies come to discover what’s new on the menu. Be it a collaboration among world-class chefs, an inimitable tasting of beer, wine or spirits, or an evening soaking up the charred flavours and aromas of Town Square, Tasting Australia is unique and moreish food and beverage experiences. For 10 days Tasting Australia is your passport to the premium, unprecedented eating and drinking experiences that only South Australia can offer. As one of the country’s longest-running food and wine festivals, Tasting Australia has evolved with the industry and continues to offer innovative events and indulgent adventures. The festival is led by Jock Zonfrillo and Simon Bryant with Cheong Liew as patron. Showcasing the best of the country alongside the home-grown heroes - be they chefs, winemakers, producers, restaurateurs or other – Tasting Australia brings together a full-bodied, locally grown program of activity. Long lunches, exclusive dinners, farm tours, tastings, masterclasses, sharing and conversation; they’re all there. Above all, Tasting Australia offers up Adelaide as the launchpad to unforgettable experiences that will leave you hungry for more.

  • Sesame Street Circus Spectacular by Silvers - Adelaide

    Showtime Attractions and Silvers have joined forces to bring their most exciting and ambitious show to Australia—Sesame Street Circus Spectacular by Silvers. Following rave reviews from the audiences for its Australian premiere in Melbourne, this sensational family show is now on its way to Tasmania from January 2020 for a limited time! Featured in this 90-minute spectacular will be all your favourite Sesame Street characters, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie, Super Grover and Big Bird. In addition to the Sesame Street characters, the Circus will feature performers from Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia, Morocco, Brazil, Ethiopia and Australia. ​Big Bird will be out to meet and greet fans and pose for photos before the Show and Cookie Monster will meet and greet fans post the Show. ​The music has been written and produced locally and will include all the much-loved Sesame Street voices, recorded especially for this production. This brand-new production will perform in a spectacular new tent with a capacity of 1000, which was designed and developed in Italy especially for this tour and will offer everything from wind resistance to shading for guests during hot weather.

  • Carmina Burana

    There will be a different kind of drama taking centre court at Memorial Drive, when State Opera South Australia serves up Carmina Burana. Following on from the sell-out-success of Carmen in Victoria Square in 2019, State Opera will invite Adelaide audiences to enjoy a whole new entertainment experience at the newly renovated Memorial Drive. Featuring a massed chorus of 250 choristers, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and soloists, Conductor Benjamin Northey leads an unforgettable event of epic proportions. Written by Carl Orff in the 1930s, Carmina Burana by is based on a collection of 11th Century texts about the cycles of nature, love and life. Its powerful pagan choruses – in particular “O Fortuna” – have become so embedded in popular culture that it has the reputation of being the most performed and recognised piece of music from the 20th Century. Berlin-based Australian baritone Samuel Dale Johnson and tenor Paul McMahon will be joined by South Australian soprano Desiree Frahn as the soloists. Benjamin Northey conducts the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the State Opera Chorus and guest choirs The Young Adelaide Voices and the Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus, for this one-night-only choral spectacular.

  • Philosophy Cafe: - being in many places

    In this month's Philosophy Cafe we discuss being in many places.Can something be in more than one place? At first glance, no. But when we look closer, the question is more complex. Join Dr Antony Eagle as we delve into this puzzling question by discussing multiple locations, time travel scenarios and the broader significance of this question for metaphysics and the foundations of physics. Book now to secure your spot. Presented in partnership with the University of Adelaide.

  • Tasting Australia Preview Party served by RAA Travel

    Drinks? Chilled. Food? Sizzling. Excitement? You bet. Join the party as Tasting Australia officially opens for 2020. Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga will again be transformed into Town Square — Adelaide’s go-to eating and drinking destination – and you’ll have first look. Sip wine and meet the folks who made it, while you catch up with friends and toast the 10 days to come. Your ticket includes a 2.5 hour food and beverage package, featuring wine and drinks tastings, drinks from the bar, plus food from Town Square vendors. Stroll the lawn and see what takes your fancy. Expect South Australian produce to shine: it’s harvest season and the state’s very best will be at your fingertips. When it’s time for dessert you’ll find sweet treats aplenty: glossy, rich and decadent. East End Cellars is back and ready to deliver. Our bars will meet your beverage needs, whether that’s an Adelaide Hills pinot or a spritz enlivened with Riverland citrus.

  • William Jack - Cello at Carclew

    William Jack is an Australian progressive cellist based in London. He has performed in venues across the world including the Sydney Opera House and the Musikverein in Vienna. William will perform his own compositions as well as music by Matthias Bartolomey, Svante Henryson, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Join William for a unique intimate performance of exciting cello music from various genres and cultures.

  • South Australian Recreational Cycling Club meetings

    The South Australian Recreational Cycling Club (SARCC) welcome all persons interested in recreational cycling to join its meetings in 2020. We run a wide variety of group day rides from easy to advanced during the week and run recreational tours throughout the year. Our meetings include interesting topics, hopefully with guest speakers, talking on cycle safety, maintenance, paths, tours, types of bicycles and we don’t exclude eBikes. Come and join us for healthy outdoors exercise within the companionship and security of a group. Be part of a cycling group that encourages and supports a novice, as well as providing a challenge to stronger cyclists. Meet new and interesting people with a common interest in cycling. Meetings are held on the 25th March, 27th May, 24th June, 26th August, 23th September and 25th November 2020. We do ask you to please call before attending as we do secure the centre during the meeting and need to know if you need entry.Contact details can be found on our website.

  • National Wine Education & Training Centre Wine Essentials Course

    The world of wine and wine tasting doesn’t have to be intimidating. The National Wine Education & Training Centre's Wine Essentials class is ideal for those new to wine, and for those who would like to gain confidence in tackling wine shop selections and restaurant wine lists. The session will begin with the class learning how to sensorially evaluate wine with exercises designed to fine-tune your palate and nose and a lesson in wine vocabulary. We’ll introduce you to Australian wine regions and styles, winemaking fundamentals and viticultural practices. You will enjoy a number of popular styles of wines from different South Australian regions and have fun learning about and discussing wine in a relaxed environment. This class is also perfect for groups, whether it be for corporate team building or a celebration, and can be held privately for 15 people or more.

  • The Gospel According to Paul

    Australian politics are in peril. There’s only one man who can save it and, luckily, a window has opened up in his very busy schedule. Paul Keating is a giant in Australia’s political memory. He knows it, you know it. And he’s here to tell you why he’s remembered so fondly. A smash-hit all around the country, The Gospel According to Paul sees the hilarious Jonathan Biggins become Keating in a virtuosic performance that brims with the former Prime Minister’s signature wit, charisma and very expensive suits.

  • How the detective story evolved

    Ever wondered how the detective story evolved? This talk will reveal to you all of the mysteries and secrets. Join local North Adelaide identity and avid reader Lynnaire as she takes you on a wander through your beloved detective novels. Who was the first ever author? How did women enter the genre and what differentiates detective novels in the modern day? After the talk join Lynnaire for morning tea.

  • East End Wine Down

    The biggest laneway taste festival in Adelaide’s East End, East End Wine Down is back! Dubbed a pop up, urban laneway taste fest, this year’s event is on Saturday March 23rd from noon til 5pm in Vardon Avenue. With over 100 of South Australia’s leading wines to sample we will also have cider tastings and a sneaky little gin bar, as well as delicious street style food from the East End precinct, DJs , it is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the wine hub that is Adelaide’s East End.

  • AFL Round 1: Crows v Sydney

    Join the Adelaide Crows Men's team as they take on Sydney in Round 1 and welcome in the 2020 Toyota AFL Premiership Season. Match commences at 4.05PM

  • Pump track racing

    Do you have an interest in pump track racing and would like to learn more? Join City of Adelaide staff and volunteer for a community information session on City Dirt. Come and discover how City Dirt is run, the park's history and what goes into the building and maintaining this popular facility for bike-riders of all ages. From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm there will be pump track practice. From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm enjoy watching pump track racing.

  • School of Rock

    The film blew your mind. The musical conquered Broadway and London! Now it’s finally Adelaide’s turn to experience this epic award-winning production in March 2020 for a strictly limited season! Book early and save, for a limited time only! Early Bird Offer Book now and save 15% on selected performances from 20 March – 12 April 2020 Hurry! Offer ends midnight 31 October Based on the iconic hit movie, with music by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, this irresistible new musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn an extra bit of cash by posing as a supply teacher at a prestigious prep school. There he turns a class of straight–A pupils into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping mind-blowing rock band. But can he get them to the Battle of the Bands without their parents and the school’s headmistress finding out? "I laughed. I cried. I rocked" - Jack Black "Super slick… sharp and witty" - Time Out "Andrew Lloyd Webber's Five-Star Triumph" - Sunday Times

  • Harmony Day shared meal

    Join us and celebrate Harmony Week in North Adelaide with a shared meal and cultural cooking demonstration. 10:30 am to 11:30 am cultural cooking demonstration 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Shared lunch with fun games and cultural music Please bring a small plate of intercultural food to share (that means anything goes!) You are welcome to attend either session individually or both sessions. Please book your place through Humanitix or at the community centre

  • Women's recreational running at Pinky Flat

    Join us on Thursday evenings for a five-week series of recreational running for women at Pinky Flat.This is a great free opportunity, catering for women of all ages and abilities, supported by nationally qualified run leaders. Register online and then just turn up for the run. Attend as often or little as you like.

  • Tech Talks - Will robotics define common sense?

    Robots and artificial intelligence are an inevitable part of a changing landscape, but many people have misgivings about this emerging automation. Hollywood films are littered with rogue AIs and robots programmed for world-domination, and promote a worry in some people about the prospect of a world overrun by such technologies. This free talk will de-mystify whether robots can or will define common sense as we know it, and whether robotic evolution will eventuate in humans being replicated or replaced.Book now to secure your spot.

  • Ride with Keith Conlon

    You are invited to join local Adelaide identity, Keith Conlon, for a series of free social bike rides, each Wednesday between 18 March and 15 April..Each ride will start and finish in the city, taking in the beautiful Park Lands and a coffee stop along the way. Keith will share his knowledge of the Park Lands and Adelaide's history. Enjoy a wealth if interesting stories, meet new people and enjoy discovering more of Adelaide. The ride will depart from the front of Bicycle Express at 124 Halifax Street Adelaide. Please note: This activity is suitable for those over 16 years of age. Please bring your own bicycle. You will need to pay for your own coffee and other refreshments.

  • Read Aloud - All that jazz

    Step back to the Roaring Twenties for a glitzy Read Aloud. Enter the glamorous world of the charismatic Jay Gatsby as we read from The Great Gatsby – but don’t worry, you won't have to dance the Charleston! Everyone is welcome. No bookings are required.

  • Explore the Adelaide Parks Lands: free guided tours

    Join experts for free guided tours through the Adelaide Park Lands to discover natural wonders or a hidden oasis. Horticulture and biodiversity experts from the City of Adelaide will lead small groups to discover and learn about the treasures of our city’s backyard. Choose from one (or all!) of the following tours: Tuesday 17 March, 10:00 am to 11:30 amUncover Adelaide’s hidden oasis through the Bunyip Trail in Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli.Explore the Bunyip Trail with Gemma and a discover a hidden natural oasis with a thriving River Red Gum woodland riverbank ecosystem.Meet at the Port Road Bonython Park entrance opposite the Bonython Park tram stop.Tuesday 24 March, 10:00 am to 11:30 amDiscover nature, art and architecture along the River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri.Soak up sweeping views across the picturesque River Torrens while you connect with flora and fauna, heritage architecture and contemporary artworks on a tour of the North and South Bank guided by Michelle.Meet at the Historic Former Water Police Shed, Park 12, opposite the Vietnam War Memorial on Victoria Drive.Tuesday 31 March, 10:00 am to 11:30 amExplore rose gardens and serene spaces in Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka.Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and join Holly for a wander through Rymill Park exploring the winding pathways, large green spaces, rose garden and lake – complete with ducks.Meet at the fountain in Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka close to the intersection of East Terrace and Grenfell Street, opposite Tandanya.Tuesday 7 April, 10:00 am to 11:30 amExplore a landscape of gardens through Veale Gardens in Golden Wattle Park / Mirnu Wirra.Be led by Anthony through the lush green lawns, semi-formal landscaped areas, sunken gardens, rock pools and artworks of Veale Gardens.Meet at the Veale Gardens entrance opposite Owen Street on South Terrace.Please meet at the start locations at 9:45 am ready for a 10:00 am start for all tours. Bookings are essential so please book through Eventbrite today. We recommend you wear flat, closed toe shoes (such as sneakers) and clothes that are suitable for weather conditions on the day (i.e. a hat, sunglasses and cool, long sleeve tops for hot temperatures). Apply sunscreen beforehand and bring along a water bottle.

  • A Romantic Rendezvous in Adelaide

    In March 2020 a multi-author, multi-city Romantic Rendezvous will be bringing special international guests Darynda Jones and Susan Donovan to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Perth and Adelaide. Each event will also feature local romance authors.

  • St Patrick’s Day at Adelaide Oval

    The Adelaide Irish Club is bringing the city’s biggest St Patrick’s Day celebration back to Adelaide Oval this year, establishing the event as an iconic day on Adelaide’s Mad March calendar. This all ages event will take place at Adelaide Oval. Live entertainment will be on show from an incredible line up of local talent featuring a range of cultural and contemporary musicians and dance groups. With live music, Irish dancing, traditional food and drink and plenty of fun for the kids, Adelaide Oval is the place to be this St Patrick’s Day! Entry for this event is free.

  • Walk organiser induction session

    Have you thought about starting your own walking group? It's a great way to be social and stay active - we'll support you all the way. Come and hear more and complete the free Heart Foundation Walk Leader Training. Make sure you register to secure your place.

  • Gym sessions in the park

    Do you enjoy exercising outside in the park? Would you love to add something different to your usual exercise routine? You are invited to come and learn how to safely and effectively use the outdoor exercise equipment in the Adelaide City Parkands, with support from a professional fitness instructor from Pushing Performance. These 30 minute training sessions are free. Meet at the Fitness Equipment behind the Adelaide University Sports Building adjacent to Mackinnon Parade.Register to secure your place.

  • The Iliad - Out Loud

    Homer didn’t write page-turners. The greatest of all battle sagas was designed to be actively listened to over 15 or so breathless hours. For many years, actor/director William Zappa pored over 17 translations, convinced that the live transaction between orator and audience could be rekindled in our times. The extraordinary result is a performing version for himself, three actors (Heather Mitchell, Blazey Best and Socratis Otto), Michael Askill on percussion and Hamed Sadeghi on Persian oud: it comes in at a snappy 9 hour reading, including enlightening asides from Zappa as part fanboy, part tour guide, and part personal trainer to get our flabby attention spans into peak ancient shape. He and his troupe make clear this masterpiece – about pride and greed, glory and horror – doesn’t need resuscitating. It’s eternally alive and salient. Jettison the book or screen and experience real storytelling with your fellow humans – whether it be for a full cycle in one marathon sitting or a shorter dip into the Aegean for one or two parts only.

  • Didirri

    Didirri credits years observing his dad, a children’s entertainer, for the knack of speaking to a crowd as you would a single friend. Outstanding song writing, deep relatable lyrics, effortless charm and a voice from the gods don’t hurt either. Blind You followed by the achingly lovely Jude led to his charting on triple j Unearthed’s most played, and his songs appearing on multiple Spotify and Apple playlists worldwide. Still intimate even while playing major festivals, his presence can make the most jaded audience as open-hearted as kids. Don’t miss this chance to be serenaded with new songs from his next release.

  • "Woman: An Altered Image" (theatre) & "Bauls" (mystic music) from Bangladesh

    Traditional mystic folk music followed by contemporary theatre from Bangladesh. Past vs present. Tradition vs modern. While the music sings of the soul and spirit, the theatre, 'Woman: An Altered Image' reveals the status, reality and struggle of women in society today. Story of a girl who learns to challenge the society with the hope to change it. Lalon Music is an old indigenous folk music group who perform worldwide to much acclaim.They have a traditional origin with a unique style of Baul/Lalon performance. In 2005, the Baul tradition was included in the list of- “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. NATNANDAN is a non-profit organization working in the theatre arts. It has played an active role in spreading social messages via stage shows by creating awareness among the audience and community. It addresses contemporary social issues, such as, violence, rape, trafficking, prostitution, gender discrimination, drug addiction, environmental issues and extremism/religious fundamentalism. They are involved in social activities like helping acid burn victims, abandoned children and raising awareness.

  • Laurie Anderson: All The Things I Lost In The Flood

    Legendary performance artist, musician and polymath Laurie Anderson returns to Adelaide for the first time since 2013 with a career-spanning, multimedia retrospective inspired by and based on her recent best-selling book, All the Things I Lost in the Flood. A Laurie Anderson performance is a thing of rare beauty. Poignant and thought-provoking, funny and reflective, inspiring and inspired, this show enthrals, entrances and entertains. The legend that is Laurie Anderson will be here for two nights only on an exclusive visit to Adelaide.

  • 'Mavericks, Madness and Murder Most Foul!' - West Terrace Cemetery by Night Tour

    West Terrace Cemetery has been a South Australian landmark since Colonel William Light laid out the city of Adelaide in 1837. The cemetery is home to around 150,000 souls and our West Terrace Cemetery Night Tours explore the stories of those who rest here. Make your way through the darkness amongst the tombstones as your guide shows the way. Long-dead characters appear out of the gloom…heroes and lovers, political greats and cold-blooded killers. Unique sound and light effects enhance a show that is at once surprising, shocking, entertaining and informative. We assure you you’ll never think of West Terrace Cemetery the same way again! West Terrace Cemetery Night Tours represent a unique tour experience. The Night Tours are multiple winners of the esteemed South Australian Tourism Awards and gained Hall of Fame status in 2014.

  • Variety Showdown Shield Luncheon (2020) proudly presented by Jarvis Toyota

    You are invited to join PAFC and AFC Coaches: Ken Hinkley and Matthew Nicks, along with their Captains: Tom Jonas and Rory Sloane, and past club champions: Domenic Cassisi and Mark Ricciuto at the official Variety Showdown Shield Luncheon. This event is proudly presented by Jarvis Toyota in the William Magarey Room (Adelaide Oval). The luncheon is proudly supported by both Port Adelaide Football Club and Adelaide Football Club with all proceeds supporting children in need in South Australia. Hosted by Mark Soderstrom with special guest comedian, Lawrence Mooney. *Limited seats available Includes: 2 course luncheon including premium drinks package Dress: Business attire Proudly presented by: Jarvis Toyota

  • Breaking the Waves

    Fresh from its European premiere season at the 2019 Edinburgh International Festival comes the Adelaide Festival exclusive season of Missy Mazzoli’s Breaking the Waves, one of the most sensational operas of recent years. Based on Lars von Trier’s devastating but unforgettable 1996 film, this new production by Tom Morris (War Horse) returns us to its insular, Calvinist community of 1970s Scotland. Its heroine Bess – a troubled, anti-Joan of Arc bursting out of a repressive patriarchy via a bizarre pact with God – is a formidable creation performed by brilliant soprano Sydney Mancasola. It’s fertile operatic ground as the themes of sex, religious piety, sacrifice and madness are harnessed by a composer with the skills to plough it. Dubbed “Brooklyn’s post-millennial Mozart”, Mazzoli writes from the heart: richly textured music that takes the complexities of the film and creates grand, dark, gripping opera replete with arias, choruses, set pieces and impressive orchestral interludes. With the full original cast, along with the orchestra and chorus of Scottish Opera, this is a must-see for opera, music and theatre lovers alike.

  • Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians

    In a South Australian first, Adelaide audiences will be able to hear Steve Reich’s minimalist masterpiece live in concert. Four pianists, seven percussionists and four singers feature in the line-up for this mesmerising work. Often heralded as Reich’s masterpiece, Music for 18 Musicians is generally regarded as one of the defining works of the 20th Century and was included in David Bowie’s list of his 25 favourite albums of all time. On release in 1978, the work’s impact on the new music scene was instant and overwhelming. Described by Alex Ross of The New Yorker as a ’40-year wonder’, Reich’s masterpiece continues to have an appeal and significance that transcends boundaries and defines timeless. Performed by Soundstream New Music, the University of Adelaide’s Ensemble-In-Residence New Music and presented by Soundstream in partnership with Recitals Australia.

  • Lisa Gerrard & Paul Grabowsky

    A fascinating meeting of two great musical minds, Lisa Gerrard’s unmistakable contralto has lent its massive emotional weight to Dead Can Dance in the 80s and many a cinematic set-piece and international music collaboration since then. Paul Grabowsky, one of Australia’s most distinguished artists, has scored countless films himself but he’s most admired for the sensitivity and intelligence of his live performance, where composer and pianist become one. Lisa usually rides the tide of lush orchestral textures but hearing her extended improvisatory collaborations with Paul’s solo piano is like drifting with schools of dazzling fish on deep dark currents. A unique concert. (And yes, the Gladiator theme will feature too.)

  • Composting Workshop

    Join urban farmer Steven Hoepfner from Wagtail Urban Farm who will discuss and demonstrate how recycling household and garden organic waste can benefit your soil and improve your environmental footprint. The workshop will take place outdoors in the Box Factory Community Centre courtyard. There will be some shade but please come prepared with adequate sun protection. Hot/Inclement Weather Policy The workshop will be postponed if the predicted forecast for Adelaide is 40 degrees or above by 5:00 pm on Thursday 11 March as per the Bureau of Meteorology. Postponement will occur on the morning of the event if other extreme weather is most likely to take place - storm, lightening/wind/heavy rain etc.

  • Lawrence Mooney - Beauty

    Insightful and brutally honest, stand-up comedian Lawrence Mooney returns to the stage in 2020 for his new show, Beauty. Emerging from his guise of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Beauty will be a veracious culmination of Lawrence’s comedic brilliance. Having earned awards for Best Show Sydney Comedy Festival and multiple Barry Award Nominations at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Lawrence promises a candid and hilarious stand-up experience.

  • Learn English through craft

    Do you love craft? This is an English class with a difference. Bring along your craft project to work on while improving your English. Please note: children are not able to attend classes and no bookings are required.

  • Fire Gardens

    For the last 20 years, French Compagnie Carabosse has transformed extraordinary landscapes into mesmerising wonderlands of firelight, kinetic sculptures and live music. Their show at the 2018 Melbourne Festival sold out weeks prior and attracted over 30,000 visitors with a waiting list almost as long. Now it's Adelaide's turn. Over four magical nights the city's Botanic Garden, already a charmed space once the sun has set, will become a dreamspace of mystery and revelation fashioned from thousands of individual flames. Carabosse paint with the palette of fire – its colour, warmth, sound and scent; the stuff of our dreams and rituals for millennia. Their luminary alchemists create site-specific sculptured landscapes from nearly 7000 handcrafted giant candles. Strolling through them is a feast for the senses: fire sculptures that flicker and dance, urns that cause shadows to play and a soundtrack every bit as brilliant as the garden itself. Making your way through this dense and wondrous garden is both a personal journey full of surprises and a shared experience of elemental forces in full effect. Come and wander the Adelaide Botanic Garden in the firelight this March.

  • National Wine Education & Training Centre Understanding Wine - 5 Week Course

    This is a course for people who enjoy drinking wine and aspire to learn more about what they’re tasting, smelling and experiencing. Over the course of 5 weeks, you’ll explore a range of wine styles, varieties, blends, and regions as our educators guide you through how to swirl, sniff and taste like a professional. By course end, you’ll understand the fundamentals of winemaking and viticulture, and you’ll know more about how to decipher and discuss the characteristics of wine. You will gain confidence as a wine consumer and have fun with like-minded people in a relaxed and informal setting at the National Wine Centre. This course is ideal for those starting out in the hospitality or wine industry. To find out more about our Understanding Wine Course and the other courses we offer, visit our website and book yourself into a class today!

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Come along to the quarterly Neighbourhood Watch meeting for the City South East group at the Box Factory community centre. Get involved in your local community, meet the neighbours and make a real difference.

  • Joep Beving

    Joep Beving famously recorded an album on an old upright in his kitchen, streamed it for fun and is now one of the most listened to pianists in the world. Pronounced “Yoop”, the Dutch musician’s introspective miniatures have drawn millions into his melancholic, deeply soulful world. His work –from Solipsism in 2015 to Henosis in 2019 – is now ranked alongside Nils Frahm and Max Richter. Beautiful in-ear listening but amazing live: to see this long-bearded, wild-haired, towering figure, caressing delicate melodies out of his humble piano is something else.

  • Floating Melodies Concert Series

    Floating Melodies is a unique concert series that takes place on floating vessels in the water and the sky! Be entertained by local South Australian musicians while you enjoy local foods and beverages. It is a little like a soiree! Currently, cruises take place at Glenelg with Adelaide Ocean Safari, at Port Adelaide with the Dolphin Explorer, at West Lakes on the West Lakes Princess and at Barossa Valley with Barossa Balloon Adventures (that is right we do concerts in a hot air balloon!) Floating Melodies has been the recipient of several South Australian Tourism Awards and a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor! Come aboard this uniquely South Australian experience.

  • Don't Knock Your Granny Cabaret / Musical Theatre

    The feisty women of oz present a political/satirical take on elder abuse with their show 'Don't Knock Your Granny.' Ten feisty women shine light in dark corners that'll make you laugh and cry. Hear skits, songs and true stories of women's lives. Puppets Reg and Regina will speak up too!

  • Kids art and play morning

    Do you and your family live in, access childcare or participate in child-related activities in the city? Would you like to help us build a child-friendly community? This morning is for children aged 0 to 4 years and their parents/caregivers. Art activities, story time and baby play time, as well as morning tea will be provided. Come along and share your ideas for a more family friendly community. Let us know if there is something missing, or something you love, whilst your child enjoys all the activities. Bookings are essential.

  • Howl

    A no-holds barred performance at the intersection of parade, protest and procession. Howl is a glorious commemoration of controversy and a celebration of the censored starring a sculpture of Captain Cook, thousands of sunflower seeds and a killer whale named Tilikum. A requiem that is unquestionably queer, arguably dangerous and probably obscene. Performed by women. Scored by Mozart. From Piss Christ to depictions of sexuality and the human body that have challenged the status quo, to moments of civil disobedience, these are works that have questioned the power structures of the world around us. Howl energetically probes the reactions art can invoke and the perspective that history permits. This is art that has challenged the acceptable, and changed the conversation forever. Created by APHIDS, one of Australia’s leading experimental arts companies, Howl boldly questions who gets to determine art’s legitimacy. Presented by Art Gallery of South Australia, Vitalstatistix, APHIDS and RCC as part of the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Art: Monster Theatres. Created and performed by Willoh S. Weiland, Lara Thoms and Lz Dunn.

  • Aleppo. A Portrait of Absence

    The more intimate the space, the more powerful the message. In this extraordinary project, Syrian author Mohammed al Attar takes theatrical intimacy and personal testimony to a new level. Ten actors ‘perform’ ten verbatim stories collated from interviews with people from the once vibrant, now utterly destroyed, city of Aleppo. The story you hear is the result of your random choice of a point on a huge city map. Each story is told face to face to a single spectator at a time. The act of telling, the necessity of listening, is everything.

  • Raise the rate information session

    Could you survive on less than $15K a year? The Newstart allowance is $282.00 a week and has not been raised in real terms in 26 years. Over that time, housing, energy, and other living costs have dramatically increased. There is a chorus of voices calling for Newstart to be lifted: community organisations, trade unions, local councils, big and small business. 72 per cent of Australians support raising Newstart, according to an Essential Research poll. Come along to learn about the Raise The Rate campaign and how you can get involved. Light refreshments will be provided. This event is hosted by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).

  • Moral Amusements? stories from places of public entertainment

    What did our ancestors do for fun? Come along to the City Library to hear stories of the entertainment offered throughout South Australia’s past, and the historical government regulations that came along with them. This free event is sure to be popular so book now. Image credit: SRSA GRG7/70/508 Glenelg fairground

  • ME

    Shiva, an Afghan, falls in love. They decide to marry and emigrate. But her parents and brother force her to marry another man. Shiva is a singer with a beautiful voice. Her husband threatens to cut her tongue, if she sings. Meanwhile, Shiva's brother has another agenda... Disturbing & real. Performed by the actor of last year's award winning 5 star show 'The Silent House'. The piece reveals the predicament and problems that women have in their country and how they struggle. Written b Ali Shoorvarzi. Directed by Shiva Makinian.

  • Clare Bowditch

    Join Australia’s multi-talented musician, broadcaster, author, actor, and speaker, Clare Bowditch, as she bewitches Adelaide Festival audiences with her powerful vocals and heart-breakingly direct song writing. Bowditch’s latest single Woman spotlights her diverse vocal talents from slinky grooves bordering trip-hop to crystalline folk/pop. Hear for yourself why Bowditch won an ARIA Award for Best Female Artist, became Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year and delivers an audience experience like no other.

  • Catherine McClintock: Please and Thank Yous - Adelaide Fringe

    Catherine is Canadian; she was raised to be polite. But then she moved to Australia and learned to loosen up. Sorry. Not sorry. But still a little bit sorry. With a silly style of stand-up that'll have you in stitches, the emergency nurse turned comedian, mum of two, body positive and chronic illness warrior delivers a delightful show about rejecting expectations. Now based in Melbourne, Catherine is a two-time RAW comedy state finalist and has performed with seasoned professionals such as Judith Lucy, Randy, Claire Hooper and many more.

  • Daniel Connell: Cheers Big Ears - Adelaide Fringe

    Award nominated stand-up comic Daniel Connell (as seen on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and 'Kinne Tonight') returns to Adelaide Fringe with a new show. Grab some tickets and come down for a laugh. Oh, and if you do end up buying tickets, Cheers Big Ears. 2019 was a huge year for Daniel. He made his second appearance on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, featured in the hit sketch series 'Kinne Tonight' and he toured his stand-up hour 'Piece of Piss' all over Australia as well as to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Daniel Connell could easily be described as the ideal Aussie comedian; affable, lovable and hilarious. His observational, dry, often unanticipated comedy has seen him take to stages all over the country. ★★★★ "A hilarious night out" Herald Sun

  • Country Halls Tour | Fanny Lumsden at Adelaide Fringe

    Join 2 x ARIA nominated + 2 x Golden Guitar winner Fanny Lumsden & her cracking band the Prawn Stars for a good old fashioned night of original Australian music! There's something for everyone; rich with harmonies, incredible music, stories, synchronised swimming & even totem tennis. The Country Halls Tour kicked off in 2012 and since then has visited over 130 halls throughout regional Australia, bringing live music to far flung community halls, raising money for them as it goes, and for one night only it's coming to the Adelaide Fringe Festival to raise the roof of the Fortuna Spiegeltent! 'The irrepressible Fanny Lumsden instantly wins the crowd over' - The Music 'Best night of live music ever' - CHT fan 'She plays Australiana Music, but makes it her own' - Rolling Stone Presented by Red Dirt Road Productions, the combined forces of award winning Singer Songwriter Fanny Lumsden and her right-hand-man business partner, bass player and husband Dan Stanley Freeman.

  • Enchantments

    At the edges of reality, anything and everything is possible. International mystery maker Pierre Ulric presents the greatest magic show from this world and beyond. Spells, potions, levitations, time manipulation and exploring new dimensions... Anything can happen with 'Enchantments’! Something for the whole family in this whimsical display of fantasy magic.

  • Grossed Out Game Show

    We're BACK! Everyone's favourite interactive game show with slime is back for its 5th year to the Fringe. This year we are cherry picking the best games from over 7 years of chaos. All new celebrity contestants to get slimed! Remember the goal- Split the audience - BLUE vs YELLOW and race to the finish line. The team that wins more slimes more! The result: Two dripping celebrities and a laughing audience. Winner Best Kids show Sydney Fringe "The only thing that's predictable is that you are going to have fun" InDaily

  • The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution

    In 2020 the world will celebrate 250 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer whose remarkable, innovative music consolidated everything that came before and set the scene for everything that was to come. This unique evening delivers startling insights into the turning point of his life, October 6 1802, when he composed not a piece of music but a letter that he kept secret until he died. Brett Dean, himself now one of the world’s most acclaimed composers, leads the ASO from the violas and invites his friend Sir Christopher Clark, professor of history at Cambridge University, to give a rich context - social, political and scientific - for the Heiligenstadt Testament. The realisation that the playful, life-affirming works written when Ludwig was a stellar figure in Vienna are actually those of a young man on the brink of suicide will shock you. That he could defy his depression and crippling affliction with the most revolutionary symphony ever composed, the Eroica, is one of Art’s great miracles. At the concert’s centre Dean’s own moving and terrifying work evokes the maestro’s vanishing sound world and lets us share the panic and alienation that he was forced to mask.

  • George Glass Proves the Existence of God

    Finally, a definitive answer! From the team behind Scientology the Musical, this award-winning show returns for one special, spectacular appearance. It’s a party for God featuring live music, and you’re invited. Don’t miss God, live and on stage, for one night only…!

  • The Alphabet of Awesome Science

    Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet -- where big words inspire big science! It's a race from A to Z in a show that's over-flowing with sesquipedalian words and spectacular science. Favourite words and experiments return from last year's award-winning Adelaide Fringe debut plus there's more than half an alphabet of spectacular new surprises. Brace yourselves for an hour of carefully crafted alphabetical, scientifical chaos. ★★★★★ "A must see show that sets the standard for educational family fringe entertainment. If I could give it six stars I would" The Advertiser

  • First aid for parents

    Learning from an accredited first aid trainer, this short first-aid course is for parents, grandparents, family members, carers and babysitters of children. Learn about CPR and what to do for choking, burns, head injuries, bleeds, convulsions and more. Places are strictly limited so secure your place for this free course today.

  • Vince Jones & The Heavy Hitters

    Be it singing jazz, rock or Celtic soul, Vince Jones doesn’t show off, he just shows everyone else how it’s done. And the voice just keeps getting better: his recent Van Morrison tribute was testament not just to the intelligence and taste of his interpretations but to the sheer beauty of his sound. This concert promises a selection of personal favourites from 40 years and 14 albums with an astoundingly talented band of long-standing companions: Matt McMahon, James Muller, Ben Robertson, Tony Floyd, Phil Slater, Julian Wilson and Fabian Hevia.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - The Cat Empire

    Formed in Melbourne two decades ago, when the six band members were still teenagers, The Cat Empire is a musical success story that continues to be written. Their feel-good, high-energy, euphoric roots pop, captured on twelve albums and countless live shows, garners frenzied devotion in all corners of the globe. Considered part of the WOMAD family, their 2020 show marks a record fifth appearance across 16 years. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • Live at The Atrium

    Join us for ‘Live at The Atrium’ every Friday from 2pm Ever thought, ‘what’s the closest bar near me‘ on a Friday night? The Atrium Lounge’s ‘Live at The Atrium’ is a sophisticated meeting place for North Terrace’s professionals, Adelaidean locals, and guests alike. Settle into pure comfort in Adelaide’s luxury hotel bar. Recline back into the deep-seated lounge chairs. Sidle up with your group to the large river-facing windows, watching the Riverbank precinct in motion, while reflecting upon the week that was. And in paying homage to the working week, we’re celebrating with a caffeine-fueled $8 espresso martinis. Situated near the Adelaide Festival Centre, The Atrium Lounge is nestled between the Railway Station (housing the Adelaide Casino), the Adelaide Convention Centre, Riverside office block and car parking facilities, making for a perfect bar for after-work drinks. Soak in the timeless bar ambience, enjoying the signature comforts of a hotel bar with unique live music artists Fridays between 5pm and 8pm.

  • Lyon Opera Ballet: Trois Grandes Fugues

    The work of three women, seminal figures in contemporary dance, converge on a single piece of music in this unique program that has wowed critics and audiences worldwide. American Lucinda Childs and Belgian Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker established their reputations in the 1970s with their uncanny ability to visually match the music of minimalists like Glass and Reich. Maguy Marin may now be the Grande Dame of French dance but the fierce radicalism of her early 80s work remains undimmed. She is the only choreographer ever to have directly collaborated with Beckett. Over the years each has taken on the same fearsome musical challenge: The Great Fugue for strings- that enigmatic and ever-confronting masterwork by Beethoven. Here, their interpretations are performed back to back by the Lyon Opera Ballet with stunning virtuosity. The three works – each to a different recording - couldn’t be more varied. Childs: elegant and mathematically precise, De Keersmaeker: wild and free-spirited (small wonder Beyonce gave in to the temptation to rip her off!), Marin: an earthy, reckless blood red rage against death. As we celebrate 250 years since Beethoven’s birth, this thrilling riposte to River Phoenix’s assertion that “You can’t dance to Beethoven” is unmissable.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - Ziggy Marley

    The call to stand together in activism through love rings out loud and clear from this eight-time Grammy Award-winning musician and reggae icon. Singer, songwriter, producer, author, humanitarian and visionary, if anybody can encourage change through music, it’s Ziggy Marley. As much as he upholds a family legacy that began with his father, Bob Marley, he’s blazed a trail of his own. His seventh studio album, Rebellion Rises, is a positive and peaceful manifesto for hope and change. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - As The World Tipped

    Wired Aerial Theatre The aerial spectacular As the World Tipped is a politically-charged and environmentally-focused performance for our times, by the renowned English company, Wired Aerial Theatre. To be presented nightly in Frome Park, and towering 13 metres above the audience, As the World Tipped is an exceptionally ambitious and beautifully crafted aerial performance where dance and theatrics entwine with extraordinary projections that illustrate the very real and immediate realities of climate change. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - Jorge Ben Jor

    One of the biggest stars of Brazilian music, Jorge Ben Jor made global ripples in 1963 at the tender age of 21 with the release of his first album and the smash hit Mas Que Nada. In the years since, his exhilarating music has been sampled and covered by hundreds of artists around the world. His smooth and distinctive mix of samba with bossanova, funk, pop and rock has placed him at the forefront of the ‘jovem guarda’ (young guard) and ‘tropicalia’ (tropical-psychedelia) movements and earned him the title ‘the King of Samba Rock’. Still relevant, still lively, he performed with his supremely talented band at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival 2019 to thousands of adoring fans. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • WOMADelaide 2020

    WIN a double pass to WOMADelaide 2020 Enter here WOMADelaide is the iconic open-air festival set in Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park. The explosive blend of performances and workshops by over 500 artists from 30+ countries only skims the surface of the four-day festival. WOMADelaide programs large-scale installation works, The Planet Talks forum, street theatre and many other unexpected experiences and avenues of cultural discovery. Taste The World swaps instruments for cooking utensils, and the Global Village unites 50+ international cuisines amongst a sensational array of arts, crafts and display stalls. A family-friendly event, WOMADelaide's KidZone is a dedicated space with nature-play activities, stories, dancing and educational entertainment. 2020 Lineup Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! "Without doubt one of the most important cultural festivals in Australia." Double J "So exceptionally different to the other events out there that it’s worthy of any money, time off work, or travel necessary to get yourself there." AWOL

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - Laura Marling

    Over the course of six superb albums, each building on but never repeating what came before it, Laura Marling has become a darling of earthy, modern folk. Her songs, often pondering loss, identity and self-reflection, immediately draw you in, and her gorgeous voice and delicate guitar work never fail to captivate. For her WOMADelaide debut, Marling plays a solo, stripped back set. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - Mavis Staples

    Civil rights icon, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy Award-winner Mavis Staples has been a beacon of hope for generations. Hailed by NPR as “one of America’s defining voices of freedom and peace,” Staples is the kind of once-in-a-generation artist whose impact on music and culture would be difficult to overstate. Her stunning 2019 album We Get By, written and produced by Ben Harper, seeks to empower and evoke change in dark times. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • WOMADelaide 2020 - The Blind Boys of Alabama

    Gospel legends and winners of five Grammy Awards, these inspirational vocalists have demolished barriers of race and genre to become one of the most acclaimed and celebrated groups in modern music. Over seven decades they have come to define the sound of the American South through their soul-stirring harmonies and contemporary interpretations of spiritual music. WOMADelaide 2020 Line-up Includes: Aldous Harding As The World Tipped Bill Callahan The Blind Boys of Alabama Briggs The Cat Empire General Levy Gravity and Other Myths Greg Wilson Hiatus Kaiyote Kate Miller-Heidke Jorge Ben Jor Laura Marling Los Amigos Invisibles Ziggy Marley Flor de Toloache Mavis Staples Ngaiire Odette RURA Salif Keita Sleaford Mods Spinifex Gum + many, many more! Check the website for playing dates and further details.

  • Adelaide Fringe: The Real Housewives Choir

    A Fringe-y hysteria by a motley crew of charismatic and empowered women, plus one very talented narrator, delivering the wow of empowerment mixed with a good laugh. This zany choir will take you on a humorous journey of cultural clashes, hot flushes and cross-generational confusion, serving up some favourite melodies, parodies, mash-ups, passionate harmonies and a whole lotta wine. It’s a Musical-Comedy! Uplifting and interactive. Starring a bunch of real housewives who will make you laugh ‘til you cry and prove they can still Rock-the-Stage despite age, adversity and social differences. 5 Shows staged at various venues including; The Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Arkaba, Marion Cultural Centre, Black Box Theatre and Ayres House. Not to be missed! Tickets through Adelaide Fringetix

  • The Great Ampong Band

    The music and story of Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, the kingpin of the trio together with Cee and Showboy. He has been in the music scene since 1996 and has come out with a number of hit songs including "Jordan," "Osofoo Kasa'" and "Hosanna". The new trio is here to spread the music and rhythm and make you want to dance. Uplifting joyous celebration of music and life!

  • Robin Fox

    Melbourne based audio-visual artist Robin Fox was a heavy metal drummer and lover of abrasive noise until a eureka moment, involving an oscilloscope, changed his life. He discovered mechanical synaesthesia: the direct correlation between sound and geometry. Now his unique laser shows have been seen and raved about in 60 cities. The hyper-amplification and the frenetic rhythmic patterns are still there, but all generated by mind boggling visuals and coordinated in 3D space. Robin Fox will present Single Origin, the third work of his influential series for laser and sound. Witness what can only be described as ‘a concerto for a laser beam’.

  • High Performance Packing Tape

    With every project we risk things blowing up in our faces. For Branch Nebula, that’s just the beginning. High Performance Packing Tape is the OH&S nightmare that transforms everyday office consumables into the infrastructure of one person’s physical ruin. Performer Lee Wilson scales collapsing cardboard-box towers, hangs precariously from sticky-tape bridges unable to carry his weight and asks more of cheap materials than they’re ever able to give. In this astounding show, cutting edge contemporary performance company Branch Nebula entrusts the future use of Lee’s neck to the dubious weight-bearing properties of the stationery cupboard and recycling bin. You’ll watch through parted fingers, thrill to his successes, wince at his failures and try hard to contain your uproarious laughter. Collaborating artists Mirabelle Wouters, Mickie Quick, and Phil Downing along with Wilson have forged a performance that dares to ask “Is a life without danger worth living?” It’s messy, terrifying, deeply challenging to accepted notions of comfort and safety, and incredible fun. Bring plenty of teenagers but don’t let them near Officeworks afterwards.

  • Weyes Blood

    Join California-based Weyes Blood – the moniker of Natalie Mering – as she navigates through life’s many mysteries via emotionally raw, captivating vocals and dreamlike song writing. Performing in Adelaide for the first time with her band, now’s your chance to see Weyes Blood perform her unanimously acclaimed fourth album and Sub Pop record debut Titanic Rising and experience the haunting presence of an artist at the height of her powers.

  • Jimeoin - Ramble On!

    An Australian comedic favourite, no stranger to stages down under and an all-round likeable rogue, Jimeoin effortlessly delivers his idiosyncratic observations on everyday suburban life with his trademark devil-may-care style and humorous ramblings in his new show... Ramble On! Guaranteeing entertainment and a celebration of the mundane and human in us all, Jimeoin invites you to join him this Adelaide Fringe Festival in celebrating the hidden treasures of everyday life.

  • Stereolab

    Yes! The wait is over! Cult legends and fan favourites Stereolab are back! Formed in 1990 around the songwriting nucleus of Laetitia Sadier and Timothy Gane, Stereolab created an irresistible blend of lounge-pop, punk, tropicália and political poetry and were the cool outsiders of the Britpop era. The band decided to take a break in 2009 but now return to Adelaide for the first time in almost two decades. Rejoice!

  • Music in the Square

    Music in the Square is back to bring sweet tunes and delicious food truck fare to your lunch break! Grab your friends and head outdoors as Victoria Square fills with the sounds of some of Adelaide's best local live music; Nathan May and Leni with Local Revolution. Bring a packed lunch, grab something on the way or enjoy the delicious offerings of the street-food trucks; Nugg Lyf, Afri-Disiac, Colombo Express & Tiki Taco. Music in the Square is delivered by the City of Adelaide in partnership with Music SA to activate the city with music in their spaces and places and provide opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talents. The City of Adelaide proudly celebrates Adelaide as a UNESCO City of Music.

  • Amyl and The Sniffers

    Currently burning a path through the Australian musical landscape, Amyl and The Sniffers are the glorious, new kids on the punk rock block. Acknowledged as one of the best live bands in the country, they return to Adelaide off the back of a highly praised debut album released earlier this year, and a string of international festival appearances and sell-out gigs.

  • Music in the Square

    Music in the Square is back to bring sweet tunes and delicious food truck fare to your lunch break! Grab your friends and head outdoors as Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga fills with the sounds of some of Adelaide's best local live music; Nathan May and Leni with Local Revolution Bring a packed lunch, grab something on the way or enjoy the delicious offerings of the street-food trucks. Music in the Square is delivered by the City of Adelaide in partnership with Music SA to activate the city with music in their spaces and places and provide opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talents. The City of Adelaide proudly celebrates Adelaide as a UNESCO City of Music.

  • Life happens

    Join Gail Miller where she talks about the emotions that one may experience when going through a grief situation, regardless of the cause. Gail is the author of ‘Unscrambling Grief’ where she shares her story of grief, surviving the emotional roller-coaster ride and emerging ready to take on life again in a meaningful way Gail Ruth Miller is an Adelaide author, speaker and aged care liaison. She wrote her first of four books at the age of 55 after hearing a 99 year old motivational speaker who encouraged her to write. Her books include 5 Easy ways to solve the Aged Care Puzzle, Unscrambling Grief, your story – your way and The Magic of Setting your Intentions. If you are interested in this event, see the other free events in the series: Demystifying the Aged Care Puzzle, February 12, at North Adelaide Community Centre and Come Alive at 55, April 1, at Adelaide City Library. Places are limited so book your seat today.

  • Retail and commercial leasing for small business

    Leasing a new property can be an exciting time for a business owner as they start or continue to develop their business venture. But it’s a major financial commitment!New changes to the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 could affect your future lease agreement. This free information session will guide tenants through their rights and obligations under the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995, including recent amendments, and provide some essential information on the key requirements of a lease agreement. Topics covered include: Lease Agreements - what you should do before you sign anything, how to know if the premises are suitable, what advice you should seekThe Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 - what it is, how it protects tenants and illegal clauses in LeasesCommon rental problems and how to deal with them - repairs and maintenance, renewing your lease, arrears of rent For your convenience you can attend in person or via the online webinar.

  • Pouring Ribbons

    Pouring Ribbons ~ a unique tasting club for women, like no other. At Pouring Ribbons, you will hear from some outstanding women in the beverage industry, as they awaken your palate on a journey of “spirits discovery”. Held on the first Wednesday of every month, you will be guided through a range of delectable spirits, all in the comfort of Hains & Co. Learn the subtle differences between each spirit, understand the nuances and what makes each unique. Presented by women, for women. No egos, no posturing. Just pure Gin, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila and Rum. After all, it’s a fact that women have keener tasting palates than men. No. 2 in the Pouring Ribbons event line up on the 3rd April, with Harriet Messenger from Husk Distillers showcasing their super popular Ink Gin, and a range of their fantastic rums. Joining her is Nicole Durdin, distiller at Seppeltsfield Road Distillers exhibiting her range of delicious gins. It should be a fantastic event. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring likeminded women together in a comfortable and casual environment. We would love you to join Erica Richards our host with the most for our next instalment

  • Table tennis - Wednesdays for women

    Table tennis - Wednesdays for Women allows you to socialise and play table tennis with other women and non-binary individuals. Just bring yourself and a friend. This event is free to attend and tea and coffee is available. All equipment is provided by the Box Factory Community Centre. There are two table tennis tables, nets, bats and balls.. We suggest you play in pairs or play short rounds so everyone gets a turn and get everyone attending involved. Children under the age of twelve (12) years (regardless of gender) can attend if their parent/guardian is participating in the session.

  • Kevin Morby

    With his four acclaimed solo albums and myriad recording collaborations, indie-rock artist Kevin Morby is a true musical auteur. His singular vision, literate lyrics, and aptitude for catchy, dense song writing has placed him firmly among the ranks of modern icons like Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten. With his latest album, Oh My God, Morby’s songs are a pop-art exploration of deep, post-Trump anxiety. Hearing his best work to date live will be a magical night.

  • Grace Notes: Grace O'Malley, Irish rebel, pirate queen

    Be amazed at the story of Grace O'Malley (Grainne Mhaol), a powerful seafaring chieftain in 16th-century Ireland who commanded 200 men at sea, and met with Queen Elizabeth I, yet was written out of history books. Join Irish storyteller, Jennifer Liston, as she brings this extraordinary woman to life through original poems, songs and music. The show was developed from extensive research and the writing of a poetry collection giving a voice to Grainne Mhaol. The poems express fragments of her life, and are interspersed with original and traditional Irish songs. Come along for an entertaining and captivating hour of craic!

  • Dietrich: Natural Duty - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    An intoxicating one (wo)man show revealing the life of a legend. It is 1942: On the battlefields of North Africa in a gold sequin gown, Marlene Dietrich takes the stage to fight the war her way; with an irresistible mix of songs, sequins, sex and sympathy. This breathtaking mixture of theatre, cabaret and drag returns to Adelaide by popular demand after completing a world tour including Soho Playhouse in New York and Wilton's Music Hall in London. Fall in love again with this Hollywood icon and her extraordinary commitment to duty. ★★★★★ "Sublime is not an exaggeration... This is not just virtuoso performance, it is genius." Samela Harris, The Barefoot Review. ★★★★★ "An absolute tour de force... Brilliant" Jan Kershaw, Glam Adelaide. Winner Adelaide Critics Circle Award '19 Presented by: Jimmy Jewell and Hartsone-kitney productions

  • Gobby (UK)

    Gobby: adjective (British slang, said of a person) Inclined to talk loudly, frequently and in a blunt or opinionated way. Bri is not who she used to be, so she's revisiting the five parties that changed her. 'Gobby' is a playlist of awkward encounters, starting over and growing up. A biting and heartfelt dark comedy about what it really means to be loud, this new play is a story of survival, an exploration of self-awareness and a lesson in how to throw a really good party. SOLD OUT shows Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 Pleasance Theatre Best of Edinburgh Season 2019 ★★★★★ "Unforgettable" Broadway Baby ★★★★★ "A raw, triumphant and soaring one-woman odyssey" Stage Whispers ★★★★ "Pure genius" North West End ★★★★ Remote Goat ★★★★ Feminist Fringe Review Written & performed by Jodie Irvine

  • Tahir - Pick of the Comedians. 6 Stars.

    With a broadly appealing and charmingly observational style, Tahir embodies what it is to be an Australian. Of Turkish decent, his comedy celebrates the idiosyncratic quirks of living in a multicultural society, as well as the commonalities that bond us all together. Tahir is an award winning internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian and has a huge collection of credits. He created his own sit-coms (‘Streetsmarts’ and ‘Here Come the Habibs’ and has appeared on countless other live shows and tv credits including ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. Tahir is also a Logie winning actor, having starred in ‘Fat Pizza’, ‘Swift and Shift Couriers’ and ‘Housos’, as well as 3 feature films.

  • Lucid Dreams

    Fight Club: Dalí versus Kafka. A wild 25-minute ride. A modern human confronts the humdrum of his mundane office life. Will imagination alone set him free? Using bleeding-edge magic and illusion, you are taken through an amazing surrealistic journey. Immerse yourself in a performance that is highly visual, physical, experimental and thought-provoking. Several years in the making, Pierre Ulric is delighted to premiere this brand new production for the first time at ADELAIDE FRINGE 2020.

  • International Women's Day

    We’re bringing thousands of women (and men!) together to celebrate one of the most important dates on our calendar – International Women’s Day. Business Chicks hosts the most coveted International Women’s Day events across Australia. With this year’s theme as #EachForEqual, we recognise each one of us has the power to shape a gender equal world. Over breakfast, you’ll hear from three women who have fundamentally changed the world we live in; each one lifting all of us up to live in a more equal society. To celebrate and show your solidarity for such an important day, we’d love you to join us. Bring your best friend, mum or daughter, work wife, team, or a woman who has changed your life.

  • Joel Ozborn - The Madman & Me

    Born from the 2018 Documentary Always Amazing, Australian Joel Ozborn’s new show The Madman & Me is a comedic personal account of his relationship with genre defying and world- renowned comedy magician, The Amazing Johnathan. It is an explosive exploration of an utterly improbable friendship, and some highly outrageous comedy. The Madman & Me promises a marriage of narrative, humour and heart, while compounding a personal recount of Ozborn’s audacious exploits.

  • Multicultural storytime

    Celebrate cultural diversity by joining Zhao Liang, Satomi Ohnishi and David Dai as they delight children with their beautiful singing, playing and rhymes in both English and Mandarin - featuring the beautiful sounds of the guzheng, or Chinese harp. This multicultural storytime is suitable for children aged 0 to 5.This is a free event and no bookings required.

  • Winefulness at Adelaide Fringe

    Join award-winning internationally touring cabaret artist Tash York as she takes you through an hour of acknowledging one's feelings about getting older, practicing yoga hungover, owning cats and drinking wine without judgement. And yes, she can still confirm that : these things take wine! Come and practice your winefulness. Namaste. ★★★★★ "Courageous & charismatic" - Theatre People WINNER of Adelaide Fringe Best Cabaret Weekly Award 2018 FRINGE WORLD Runner Up Best Cabaret 2016 : These Things Take Wine ★★★★★ Voice Mag UK ★★★★★ The Upside News, South Australia ★★★★★ All Over Adelaide ★★★★★ Whats on in Adelaide ★★★★★ Sam About Town ★★★★1/2 OUTinPerth ★★★★ The Advertiser ★★★★ Have a Go News

  • Far Far Away

    'A visual-mental stimulating experiment!" If humans are destined to wander, then what's left in the far far away? We began, 70,000 years ago, left our homeland at the brim of sunlight. Yet however, we come under the last light of the day. In the year of 2442, we will face the failure of the twelve space colonisation, announcing that we have run our course. What makes us now, is our past. We sprout, we expand, we are still in the pot. 'Far Far Away' is a physical-experimental journey, that explores struggles of root and identity of younger generation of Hong Kong in this era, which truth is lost in translation, with movements of acute accent, new approach of writing, and powerful vibration of live music. Searching for answers in this hour? It doesn't exist. All we provide is questions. This event has English Subtitles.

  • IELTS classes at North Adelaide Community Centre

    Are you considering preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam? There is a small group class to support your learning and preparation. Classes use digital and non-digital resources and focus on the reading, comprehension, speaking and writing components. Please note: children are not able to join you in class and classes are only in the school term.

  • Adelaide Fringe: A History

    How did Adelaide Fringe start? What is with the crazy posters? Celebrate 60 years of the festival by taking a step back in time to discover its story. Wander through the city centre as you hear about its growth from kooky festival outsider to the juggernaut it is today, and relive your favourite Fringe memories. Your guide Katina, owner of Flamboyance Tours, is an Adelaide born-and-raised local who has volunteered and worked for Adelaide Fringe and knows that growing up with the Fringe is something not to take for granted. If you're a Fringe lover, this great Adelaide journey is not to be missed!

  • Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert

    Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel: two French musical icons. They sang songs of romance, heartbreak, hope and love, and lived lives of drama and passion. Their music is the soundtrack to millions of lives and loves, around the world. This ‘impossible’ concert, featuring internationally acclaimed vocalist Melanie Gall, relives the adventure and inspiration of their lives and music. With ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Milord’, ‘La Vie en Rose’ and other French classics. 2016-2018 Edinburgh Fringe sell-out awards, Off-Broadway run, 2016. ‘Piaf and Brel’ has been performed in over 30 countries. “A bravura display of amazing colour and dynamic range” Edmonton Journal. “A beautifully rendered and loving homage” CBC. ★★★★ “A born performer, a real star in the making” Broadway Baby. ★★★★★ Southside Advertiser.

  • Karen J White: My Tribute to Kirsty J MacColl

    With its South Australian premiere here at the Adelaide Fringe this show features songs previously sung by (and mostly written by) the late Kirsty MacColl which I will perform as part of my tribute to her musical legacy. For some of the songs I will accompany myself on guitar; for others I will be accompanied by my "band in a stick" -- having recorded a total of 23 Kirsty songs over three CDs, all professionally recorded and produced with professional musicians and backing singers, I am lucky enough to have perfect backing tracks for the songs that need a little more 'oomph!' Some of the songs included were only issued on singles and/or compilation albums and have been chosen to showcase the diversity of Kirsty's talent -- a brilliant singer/songwriter/performer taken from us far too soon.

  • Free Police bicycle engraving

    Bring your bike(s) along to the community centre for SAPOL to engrave free of charge. Engraving your bike(s) decreases the chance of bike theft and increases the chance of finding should it be stolen. This session is open to the whole community. Another session will be held at North Adelaide Community Centre on 21 April (10:00 am to 11:30 am).

  • My Art Journey

    My Art Journey is an exhibition celebrating artist Mei Shackleton’s 25 year adventure with art. Follow her journey as she has experimented with different mediums, styles and concepts which inspired her, including sculpture and textile art. Mei’s love of painting never wavered. Starting with acrylics, then pastels and finally water colour, she'd now found mixed media suits her best. Her mind is constantly searching ways to excel in her art, for meaningful subjects to paint, to problem solve difficulties and to find the perfect composition. The exhibition can be viewed during the community centre open hours, Monday to Friday. Come join us for the launch on Monday 2 March 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Meet the artist and hear her story. Light refreshments provided.

  • Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood

    Judy is an icon, loved as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. But in the 1930s, “Winnipeg’s Sweetheart” Deanna Durbin was a far greater star. A favourite of Roosevelt, Churchill, Anne Frank and even Mussolini, her first kiss made front-page news in the New York Times. Ingenue tells the true forgotten tale of a lifelong friendship — and rivalry — of two great stars of Old Hollywood. From the creator of ‘Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert”, and “We’ll Meet Again: Vera Lynn, the Forces’ Sweetheart.” “Ingenue” won best-of-fest awards in Orlando and Victoria, and was awarded a ‘Best of Fringe’ off-Broadway run at the SoHo Theatre in New York City, 2019. “An Unforgettable Delight,” CBC. “Gall is Astonishing!” DC Metro Arts. ★★★★★ Gigcity.

  • Dreamgun: Film Reads | Adelaide Fringe

    Your favourite movies except an hour long and full of jokes! Dreamgun read a different film script every night, rewritten with jokes and performed by unprepared comedians. Including all your favourites from 'Harry Potter' to 'Silence of the Lambs'. TOP 10: Culture Podcasts 2018, BBC WINNER: Best Ensemble 2018, Dublin Fringe SOLD OUT SHOW: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 & 2019 SOLD OUT SHOW: Dublin Fringe 2018 & 2019 ★★★★★ "Merciless, hilarious. Consistently sharp, rapid-fire funny writing and crackling performances" The Irish Times "I love Dreamgun so blooming much" David O'Doherty - FILM SCHEDULE - Monday 2 March - Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone Tuesday 3 March - Goldeneye 007 Wednesday 4 March – Silence of the Lambs Thursday 5 March – Jaws Friday 6 March – Toy Story Saturday 7 March - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Sunday 8 March – Titanic Monday 9 March – Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone Tuesday 10 March – Die Hard Wednesday 11 March – Shawshank Redemption Thursday 12 March – Jurassic Park Friday 13 March – The Lion King Saturday 14 March - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Sunday 15 March – Spider-Man

  • The Punter's Siren

    The comedy that packed out two Sydney seasons is coming to the Adelaide Fringe in 2020! And we couldn’t be more delighted. So how have people described this show? ‘Pants-wettingly hilarious.’ (Stage Whispers) ‘Fabulously funny…Brilliant.’ (Broadway World) ‘One full hour of fun and uproarious laughter, with that twinge of morality thrown in just for good measure.’ (Lip Magazine) Jacqui Robson reprises her role as the timid Helen who falls for a mysterious woman at her first day at the races. A woman who tempts her with an outrageous proposal. Will she say yes? Should she say no? The Punter’s Siren is a richly satisfying, life-affirming hour on stage. It will be performed in Adelaide as it was originally written – a high-octane one-woman show with a twist.

  • Music on Flinders Summer Series

    Pilgrim Uniting Church's popular Music on Flinders lunchtime performances begin again. This summer, musician Kathy Pike, has organised a stella range of players to delight. The idyllic setting under the trees of the forecourt of the church provides a welcome repose for passers by and visitors alike. The first concert features Will Metzer. Will is a Jazz singer and pianist based in Adelaide and has played piano all over the world. His love of jazz is coupled with an incredible knowledge of all music. Willy manages Jazz It Up, Adelaide’s premier jazz band. Stay tuned to our website

  • Festival Forums

    Join David Marr at The Star Kitchen and Bar as he interviews one fabulous Festival artist each day. With characteristic wit, insight and all the strengths of a good listener, David explores the Festival experience through the eyes of its artists, delving into unmissable behind-the-scenes conversations. The place to be during the Festival lunch hour! This is a free event open to public. A full schedule of guests will be available in late January: sign up to the Adelaide Festival e-news to receive it in your inbox!

  • Adelaide Writers' Week live stream

    Enjoy Adelaide Writers' Week in the cool air conditioned comfort of City Library. Join us as we live stream Adelaide Writers' Week sessions directly to Studio One's big screens. This year, Writers' Week contemplates one of the few things that unites us all: Being Human. Through the words and minds of great thinkers, Writers' Week explores how humans engage with each other, with technology, with the natural world. All sessions from the East Stage, from Monday 2 to Thursday 5 March. Download the program. Everyone is welcome. No bookings are required.

  • Garrick Ohlsson

    A man, a piano, and you. Garrick Ohlsson is a revered American pianist, a master of the intimate art of the solo recital. His commanding presence – very tall, and with one of the largest handspans of any pianist – is at odds with the delicacy and finesse for which he’s famous. Half a tonne of glossy black wood and gleaming metal becomes a time machine, allowing the music of his favourite composers to speak to us with uncluttered immediacy. If you just want to hear good music beautifully performed, this is an ideal opportunity.

  • Beats, Botanicals and Brunch at The Atrium

    Overlooking beautiful River Torrens precinct, The Atrium Lounge is perfectly situated to enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch and live music in the morning. Soak up the garden-bar ambience while you sip your smoothie, fresh juice or infused cocktail – each crafted by their talented bar team. Indulge in an incredible brunch menu featuring all of your favourites with a modern twist.

  • A Doll's House - a conversation with Tatzu Nishi and John Kaldor

    Head to the City Library for an in-conversation event where Gill Minervini will discuss the work of artist Tatzu Nishi, with John Kaldor. Visionary Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has been transforming public spaces in jaw-dropping ways across the world since 2000. To celebrate Adelaide Festival’s 60th Birthday, he presents his life-sized, three-storeyed Doll’s House for your delight and discovery. Ponder as you wander through this amazing installation in the middle of Rundle Mall – from 28 February – then join us for this in-depth discussion of the artist’s work. This free event is sure to be popular so book now. Image: Tatzu Nishi, A Doll's House, 2018 Palais De Tokyo. Courtesy the artist and Adelaide Festival. Photo: Hiroki Taguma

  • Mozart's Requiem

    A poignant and prescient anticipation of his own death, Mozart’s Requiem is perhaps the most moving choral masterpiece of all time, a monument to love and loss, life and death. In 2020, the Adelaide Festival’s centrepiece opera event will be a fresh staging of this musical masterwork by pioneering international stage director, Romeo Castellucci. At the world premiere in in Aix-en-Provence, rapturous audience responses and critical acclaim greeted its premiere performances. Castellucci has utterly transformed the funeral mass and created what Le Figaro described as “quite simply a great moment of poetry”. It is a work of colossal visual power and an unforgettable homage to humanity’s cultural and environmental legacy, a ritual to celebrate life as much as mourn the dead. It is a performance event that honours Mozart’s musical genius like no other. In addition to the Requiem, Raphaël Pichon, Castellucci’s musical collaborator, has introduced rarely heard Mozart gems and Gregorian chant between movements to highlight and magnify the origins of the sublime score. Conductor Rory Macdonald, celebrated worldwide for his Mozart interpretations, will bring it to life in partnership with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and a 36-member chorus alongside a stunning ensemble of soloists.

  • Requiem

    The world’s greatest directors can make classical texts shine like they were new. One goes further. Romeo Castellucci effectively gives birth to them again as contemporary masterworks. The colossal imagination of this pioneering writer/director/designer has astonished audiences the world over. His hallucinatory imagery provokes almost visceral responses, and, like music itself, manages to be revelatory and ineffable. When the house lights return it’s like waking from a powerful dream. Conductor Rory Macdonald brings the production to life with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and a 36-member chorus alongside Adelaide’s own Australian Dance Theatre. This production features the original Aix-en-Provence cast of internationally acclaimed soloists – Sara Mingardo, Martin Mitterrutzner, Luca Tittoto, alongside Australia’s rising star Siobhan Stagg. Together, they create a deeply moving ritual of life and death, extinction and possibility of rebirth. Mozart raced the grim reaper to complete the incomparable Requiem that he knew was to be his own. The music will take your breath away. The searing images you will encounter, some universally recognisable, some utterly unearthly, will reach deep into your unconscious. Profound, primal and never to be forgotten. Featuring: Rory Macdonald -Conductor Romeo Castellucci -Director Siobhan Stagg -Soprano Sara Mingardo -Alto Martin Mitterrutzner -Tenor Luca Tittoto -Bass

  • Paint and Sip Class - Guitars & Roses (Mar 01)

    Ignite your creativity and learn to create an art masterpiece, the easy and fun way. Bring your friends and/or make some new ones, over music and a guided two-hour painting session. Forget your stresses and worries, and create your very own unique artwork (yours to keep). You'll get step by step instructions from our expert artist, to create your own interpretation of the selected painting (see the photo above). Guests must be 18 or older for this event, as our classes are held at licensed bars. If the date pr theme of this class doesn't suit you, we have lots of other classes available running regularly - check them out! "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

  • Poof Doof: Snap Crackle Pop

    Poof Doof presents Snap Crackle Pop! Are you ready to pop the corks, have a throwback ho-down throw-down and channel the cheese? Snap Crackle Pop is the RCC reimagining of your favourite sing-along house party. Snap Crackle Pop is a high-energy cocktail of straight up queer-AF party tunes and live performances – where happiness rules and confetti is king…Or should we say kween! Serving festival fans a healthy dose of their favourite party anthems, 80’s to noughties cheese and R&B jams that will make them say “YASSSSSSS!” when they hear their favourite hits drop!

  • Writers Studio: John Marsden

    This March, join some of the visiting authors of Adelaide Writers’ Week for Writers Studio, a series of masterclasses designed to make you think, make you write, and make you a better storyteller. Presented by Writers SA in partnership with Adelaide Writers’ Week, this is your chance to learn from some of Australia’s finest writers, right here in Adelaide. Join bestselling author John Marsden as he charges recklessly but joyously into the three of the areas of plot, language and characters. You’ll gain insight into his methods and hear advice on how to improve your own writing and storytelling, as he passes on the learning he has gained from his own writing career. John Marsden has written more than 40 books, including Tomorrow When the War Began, So Much to Tell You, and Letters from the Inside. He has sold over five million books worldwide, and has won every major award in Australia for young people's fiction. South of Darkness, written for adults, won the Christina Stead Award for Best Novel of 2015. In August 2019, John’s newest book, The Art of Growing Up, a non-fiction work about education and parenting, was published.

  • Adelaide Fringe: The Real Housewives Choir

    A Fringe-y hysteria by a motley crew of charismatic and empowered women, plus one very talented narrator, delivering the wow of empowerment mixed with a good laugh. This zany choir will take you on a humorous journey of cultural clashes, hot flushes and cross-generational confusion, serving up some favourite melodies, parodies, mash-ups, passionate harmonies and a whole lotta wine. It’s a Musical-Comedy! Uplifting and interactive. Starring a bunch of real housewives who will make you laugh ‘til you cry and prove they can still Rock-the-Stage despite age, adversity and social differences. 5 Shows staged at various venues including; The Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Arkaba, Marion Cultural Centre, Black Box Theatre and Ayres House. Not to be missed! Tickets through Adelaide Fringetix

  • Stamford Belgian Chocolate High Tea in the Crystal Room

    Welcome to an exquisite afternoon of indulgence with our Stamford Belgian Chocolate High Tea in the Crystal Room. After rigorous taste testing, we have found a premium chocolate supplier to take our Chocolate High Tea experience to the next level. Made in Belgium, Veliche Chocolate not only tastes divine, but its cocoa ingredients are all ethically sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. This certification guarantees that no forests are cut down and helps cocoa farmers to preserve natural resources. Veliche also has no palm oil commitment, to ensure the sustainability of Cocoa farms and their communities. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a Hen's event, a baby shower or simply just being a Chocoholic- we invite you to sit back in our charming Crystal Room and savour the delicious (and guilt-free!) flavours of our Belgian Chocolate High Tea.

  • Far Far Away

    'A visual-mental stimulating experiment' If humans are destined to wander, then what's left in the far far away? We began, 70,000 years ago, left our homeland at the brim of sunlight. Yet however, we come under the last light of the day. In the year of 2442, we will face the failure of the twelve space colonisation, announcing that we have run our course. What makes us now, is our past. We sprout, we expand, we are still in the pot. 'Far Far Away' is a physical-experimental journey, that explores struggles of root and identity of younger generation of Hong Kong in this era, which truth is lost in translation, with movements of acute accent, new approach of writing, and powerful vibration of live music. Searching for answers in this hour? It doesn't exist. All we provide is questions. This event has English Subtitles.

  • Opera Mouse

    Tilly Mouse lives under an opera house, and she just loves to sing! Her dream is to perform on stage. But whenever anybody sees her, they scream and run away. With determination, imagination and help from her friends, Tilly proves that even a mouse can be a star! Featuring arias from Gianni Schicchi, Carmen and The Magic Flute. Opera Mouse has been performed in over 20 countries, including Morocco, Cambodia, Scotland and even Sudan. ★★★★★ “Children will love this show. Grown-ups will love this show. Opera Mouse is a simple tale simply told… but told with such warmth, skill and speed that the audience is engaged, amused and thoroughly entertained” The Edinburgh Reporter ★★★★ ★★★★★ “Hidden gem”

  • Flow

    Sometimes we all just need to breathe and look inwards at ourselves, to give in to our own private worlds, to let ourselves think, experience, and ride the flow. Join Iri Roche, an Adelaide based artist, and explore through a fusion of original music, circus, and physical theatre, the inner thoughts and joys of fluid creation. As a graduate of the SA Circus Centre, 'Flow' is Iri's debut solo show, immersing audiences in a world built from introverted thoughts, suppressed emotion, creative risks, and a heaped spoonful of that safe, closed feeling you get when you're in a warm dry place and its raining heavily. What if you could do more with an umbrella than hide from the rain? What if art was just pouring a jug of water, or putting on a suit for a fancy event? Come and experience 'Flow'.

  • The New Pornographers

    Long-shining indie stars The New Pornographers return to Adelaide for the first time in 10 years. The Canadian eight-piece, one of the few bands to employ multiple lead vocalists (a province usually left to obscure outfits like The Beatles), are remarkably intact given the status and commitments of their members and in 2019 released their 8th lauded album In the Morse Code of Brake Lights. While lyrically reflecting the political and climatic unease of the times there’s still those sugar rush choruses, delicious bass lines and sheer upbeat glee. Who could imagine bliss and unease could so easily cohabitate? An unmissable gig by this great pop collective. "Their hooks are some of indie-rock’s most roundly pleasurable." - Stereogum

  • From Paris With Love

    Adelaide chanteuse Louise Blackwell and her all-star band The French Set are set to present their new show "From Paris With Love" for the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. "From Paris With Love" will take the audience into the world of the ‘chanson française’ with beautiful arrangements of songs written or sung by a variety of French artists. The show will also pay homage to Paris as a city that has always loved jazz and welcomed musical styles from the other side of the Atlantic, by including a few jazz and Brazilian numbers to add to the magic! The audience will love the Parisian atmosphere as they hear works from artists such as Edith Piaf, Léo Ferré, Georges Brassens, Barbara, Boris Vian, Juliette Gréco, Jean Constantin and Serge Gainsbourg. They will also include more recent pop artists such as Keren Ann, Thibaud Defever of Presque Oui, jazz great Shirley Horn and Brazilian singer Elis Regina. The French Set is an ensemble of Adelaide's finest musicians featuring Mark Simeon Ferguson on piano, Julian Ferraretto on violin, John Aué on double bass and Joshua Baldwin on drums. "Louise Blackwell is an Adelaide treasure … must-see for anyone who loves good music.” Glam Adelaide

  • Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl - Adelaide Fringe in Gluttony

    Adelaide Fringe 2020: Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? A storyteller who weaves together music and poetry to share stories and shift stigmas. Our Ukulele Dream Girl is armed with a ukulele, some plants, '90s sing-alongs, and a compassion filled heart. She’s ready to take you on a journey to explore the power of your expectations, prepare for the revolution of love, community, and self-empowerment. But who is she? 'Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl?' is the debut solo show from Phi Theodoros of award winning 'Finding Me Cabaret' (2018) and highly acclaimed 'Depression The Musical' (2013 & 2014). This show will explore themes of community, expectations, and self-empowerment through music, poetry, and storytelling. Audiences will be invited to reflect on the things that hold them back and how they can be the best versions of themselves. Join the journey, discover the power of expectations, become part of the community, and take home a plant friend as a momento. ★★★★★ Weekend Notes.
 ★★★★½ All Over Adelaide.★★★★½ Mindshare

  • Australian String Quartet presents PROJECT LUDWIG

    Ludwig van Beethoven was born on 17 December,1770. In 2020, the 250th anniversary of his birth, celebrate the great composer and his monumental opus 18 string quartets with the Australian String Quartet. Come on an interactive journey through Beethoven’s six opus 18 string quartets where you decide the program! Dive headfirst into Beethoven’s sound-world in this special choose-your-own-adventure event, culminating in a new and unique Beethoven quartet experience every time, performed live by the Australian String Quartet. Project Ludwig is a new collaboration between Australian String Quartet and experience design studio, Sandpit, generously supported by SAHMRI.

  • The Garden of Unearthly Delights

    Each year, The Garden of Unearthly Delights creates a unique festival playground including multiple performance venues, bars, carnival rides, an array of world foods, market stalls, and the most unexpected sideshow surprises. The Garden and its exceptional program of arts and entertainment create an electrifying energy throughout the City of Adelaide every summer.

  • Completely Improvised Potter

    Completely Improvised Potter solemnly swear that they are up to no good as they create brand new Harry Potter adventures before your very eyes. Using an audience suggested title, drawn from the Goblet of Fire, Completely Improvised Potter will conjure a new year at Hogwarts like magic! After consecutive sold-out seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Perth Fringe World and Wagga Comedy Festival, Completely Improvised Potter guarantees that you will laugh or you can get your money back! The show is appropriate for all lovers of Potter. It has become a destination for repeat customers who can't get enough of a certain bespectacled wizard. 'As unpredictable and funny as it is unscripted' The Guardian Australia 'What every Potter fan desperately craves' Stage Whispers 'Absolute comedic perfection' Weekend Notes ★★★★★ 'Completely Improvised Potter is Siriusly magical' - Beat Magazine ★★★★★ Funny Tonne

  • CIRCOLOMBIA: Acéléré - Adelaide Fringe Festival

    Circus superstars Circolombia are returning to amaze with their renegade brand of dance, live music and astounding acrobatics. Welcome to the new revolution. Circolombia, a supercharged company of youthful Colombian artists, has been changing the face of contemporary circus now for over a decade. Their latest phenomenon, Acéléré, smashes all preconceptions of circus with a high-risk, adrenalin-fuelled production bursting with Latin fire, urban flavour and heart-stopping energy. Delivered with the rawness and attitude of South American street life, Acéléré turns the spotlight on 14 incredible performers and their endless feats of strength, balance, tumbling and insane pinpoint accuracy. Every gutsy and improbable stunt is staged in the same breath as Circolombia's trademark circus-concert soundscape, a vibrant mixtape of Latin hip-hop, cumbia and drum 'n bass, complete with raps from the fierce female ringmaster performed live and in the spirit of an infectious dance party. Rebellious, dynamic and wildly entertaining, this is no ordinary circus. It's simply extraordinary. "This is the circus performance that shows others how it's done. Go" The Scotsman This activity received grant funding from the Council on Australia Latin America Relations of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  • Rouge @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    Circus for grown ups: a non-stop celebration of the astonishing, surprising, subversive and the supremely sexy - award-winning sensation Rouge is returning with its biggest, extended, and most outrageous show yet! Returning from the UK with a collection of five-star reviews in tow, Rouge is back with acts you've loved plus brand new offerings to shock, delight and tease. ★★★★★ "Rouge redefines what circus is and should be" Wee Review ★★★★★ "One badass sizzler of a show" Daily Mail ★★★★★ "Spectacular and flamboyant" DIVA Magazine ★★★★★ "Brilliant performances covered with rhythm and attitude that embodies the phrase, 'Filthy and Gorgeous'." Weekend Notes ★★★★★ "if you aren't turned on by this you might want to consult a physician, because you're probably clinically dead" Smut Buttons Presented by: Gluttony and Highwire Entertainment

  • Listo Trapeze @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Listo Trapeze Co aims to provide unique, engaging entertainment with the “Big Rig Flying Trapeze”, an exciting and visually-astounding circus arts apparatus. The Flying Trapeze offers varied experiences: from family-oriented fun, to fear-conquering thrills, to jaw-dropping performances, it is a widely popular circus entertainment suitable for first timers, professional aerialists, and all those in-between. Run time: 1.5 hours Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity.

  • Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster

    The runaway smash hit of the 2019 Edinburgh Festival arrives in Adelaide to make its Australian debut! Electrifying gig. Thrilling theatre. Tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics. Mary Shelley’s original is re-imagined with songs, soundscapes and sonic trickery. Experience the power of the human voice breathing life into monsters all around us. Frankenstein will leave you asking: who are the monsters we fear? Who created them? Featuring a cast of mind-bogglingly skilled young beatboxers, this is a show like no other you’ve ever seen. Combining the genre of gig theatre and the artform of beatbox, Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster is extraordinary. All performances of Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster will be Relaxed. This means we’ll take a relaxed attitude to noise and movement in the auditorium. Latecomers will be admitted, and re-admittance will be allowed throughout the show. Ear defenders will be available for those with sensory sensitivities. Selected performances will kick off with a curtain raiser performance created by young people from Adelaide, as part of a collaborative project between Carclew, RCC and Battersea Arts Centre. Curtain raiser performance dates will be announced in 2020.

  • Koto Music Concert "SOU MA TOU"

    "Blissfully hypnotic climaxing with dissonance and musical momentum. Simply close your eyes and journey to the land and people of Japan." (Adelaide Review) A rare moment of peace and tranquility in the midst of the festival. 'SOU NO TOU' is the "Flickering Flames of the Running Horse."

  • No Country For Old Men + Tropical F*ck Storm

    Brace yourselves! Experience the Coen brothers’ Texas-noir thriller No Country for Old Men paired with the riotous, mad, psych-rock sounds of Tropical F*ck Storm as they perform their original score live on stage accompanying the film. The Academy Award-winning film, starring Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Kelly Macdonald and Woody Harrelson as worn individuals living in 1980’s West Texas, follows the merciless killer Anton Chigurh in a violent, poetic and intensely gripping reimagining of Cormac McCarthy’s 2005 novel. It is widely regarded as the Coen brothers’ best film. Following numerous sold-out shows at Melbourne’s Arts Centre, it’s Adelaide’s turn to experience this mind-bending marriage made in culture-clash heaven. Hear My Eyes screenings are audio-visual events that push the conventions of film and sound beyond their familiar forms. Translating the original cinematic experience for the 21st century, the Hear My Eyes team work with musicians to reinterpret a film’s soundtrack and perform it live at the screening.

  • Prehysterical

    This show rocks! A hilarious circus show for children and parents of all ages, following three foolish Neanderthals as they struggle to survive the harsh natural world. Avoiding predators, navigating harsh environments, and learning to work together are all explored with marvellous circus skills and hilarious slapstick comedy. This is all ages fun meets incredible circus skill! Head First Acrobats are a multi-award-winning entertainment company. Based in Melbourne, they are regulars on the international touring circuit, and specialise in acrobatic entertainment for festivals, theatres, corporate and street events. The company's shows have a talent for developing shows that are the talk of the town, filling theatres to the rafters with thrilled audiences.

  • Abandoman - The Road to Coachella | Adelaide Fringe

    Fancy a full music festival in 60 minutes? Abandoman's got your back! Rob Broderick brings his innate ability to craft songs on the spot to the world of Coachella. Combining hip hop, pop, EDM and more, Rob will create a fully improvised music festival in an hour - leaving you high on life and bedazzled by the speed of thought and ferocity of rhymes. "Wildly funny and technically incredible, Broderick is a frenetic genius!" The Age (AU) ★★★★★ "Raucous, expansive and relentlessly hilarious" THE TIMES (UK) ★★★★ "A totally unique and mind-blowing musical comedy experience" BROADWAY BABY (UK) ★★★★★ "An unstoppable force of nature... improv skills bordering on the magical." THE LIST (UK) ★★★★

  • Intersections and Boundaries

    Alice Springs-based ceramic artist Mel Robson presents a new body of ceramic works that explore the idea of place through the lens of mapping and cartography. Using material, form, surface and mark-making, Robson investigates the meaning of both ‘home’, ‘sense of place’ and how we position ourselves in the landscape

  • Blunderland at Adelaide Fringe

    Direct from Brooklyn's most notorious nightclub The House of Yes, Blunderland is an acid trip unlike any other. Dive down the rabbit hole into a world of queer underground excess featuring the best in international circus, cabaret, and burlesque, tinged with an unmistakable glow of arthouse weird, kitsch, glamour, and shock! We are all finale, no filler! Are you ready?

  • VR Comedy: The Best of the Bendigo Comedy Festival

    Become immersed in heritage listed venues and friendly beer gardens while laughing with great new acts on the comedy scene. By using virtual reality technology this show will transport you to the best of the Bendigo Comedy Festival, showcasing unique venues in regional Victoria and special guest acts on these stages. No computer skills are required to watch this new show. Headsets will be supplied and you won't need to navigate any online menu screens. Regardless of your technology confidence, you will be able to arrive, sit back and experience the future of stand-up comedy with this new technology show.

  • Big Bounce Australia

    One Ticket. 3 Hours. 3 Unique Inflatable Experiences. The Big Bounce Australia is the largest touring inflatable event in the entire world! We’ve created an action-packed day out suitable for all ages and featuring some of the most unique and exciting custom-built inflatable attractions ever made. We have the World’s Largest Jumping Castle (Guinness certified!), we have a 300 meter long inflatable obstacle course and we have slides, ball pits, a maze and climbing walls galore! With every bounce there’s a whole new experience to be shared and down every slide a new adventure for you, your friends and your family to be a part of. Shoes off, party on at the awesome, Big Bounce Australia!

  • Amazing Drumming Moneys Show. Adelaide Fringe @ the Garden of Unearthly Delights

    Australia's favourite family puppet show is back at the Fringe with a brand new character, "Kiiko" and her funky little drum kit. The Amazing Drumming Monkeys have been wowing audiences around Australia and overseas for the past 16 years. A clever combination of puppetry, live music, comedy, and heartwarming themes, resulting in a funny and engaging show for the whole family. Cute & funny monkeys for the kids, great drumming for the adults, variety segments for all ages, and a message for the world. Kids and parents will be laughing, dancing and drumming together! It's a fantastic show. "Our Favourite Concert" ★★★★★ Rolling Music, Shanghai China. "Top Banana!" ★★★★1/2 The Advertiser. "The Next Wiggles" NT News. "The Next Bananas" "Banging good fun!" WOMADelaide. Suitability Rated: G

  • UnPlotted Potter - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Have you ever wondered what else was happening in the wizarding world apart from Harry doing his thing? We go off the Marauder's Map and into the forbidden forest of supporting characters to explore the unofficial, untold, completely improvised stories of the Potterverse. You choose the character, we tell you their story. Back for its fourth year after sell-out shows in 2016 - 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festivals and 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival! 500 points to Gryffindor! ★★★★½ "Seamlessly entertaining, absolutely hilarious and thoroughly engaging" Kryztoff RAW ★★★★ "The show glides brilliantly from one scene to the next... A must see for Harry Potter fans" Great Scott ★★★★ "The story was peppered with Potter jokes, improvised montages, and hilarious tangents" Glam Adelaide

  • Beginners scenic photography class (Adelaide)

    Enjoy a hands-on learning experience in some of the most photogenic parts of Adelaide. If you have a DSLR or hybrid camera that allows for manual control of your camera then this is the perfect course for you. You'll learn to control ISO, shutter speed and aperture expertly and creatively to produce beautiful shots. Your teacher will critique your photos so that you get the instant feedback you need to keep improving and expanding your perspectives. You'll become well acquainted with travel photography (street portraits, architecture, landscapes, still life, abstract, nature). Please see booking link for the most updated times available.

  • Traditional Stamford High Tea

    We welcome you to enjoy an exquisite Adelaide High Tea experience at Stamford Plaza Adelaide hotel. Our bespoke selection of sweet and savoury treats and fresh out of the oven scones are all prepared onsite by our talented team of Chefs. Our Adelaide high teas are perfect for leisurely afternoons of indulgence, special occasions, hen's parties or baby showers. Please note we are happy to cater for special diets (e.g. gluten free) - just let us know when you are booking! Our Adelaide High Teas are available: Tuesday - Sunday* 3pm – 5pm | Cascades Lounge Bookings are essential If you would like to make a High Tea booking within the next 24 hours, please contact the hotel directly.

  • Faulty Towers The Dining Experience @ Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020

    This ‘seriously funny’ (★★★★★ The Advertiser) show returns for its biggest Fringe yet. It's the world’s longest running and most successful tribute to the BBC series, and it's returning to Stamford Plaza Hotel for Adelaide Fringe 2020; tickets and gift vouchers are on sale now. Faulty Towers The Dining Experience invites audiences to climb inside their favourite TV show and experience it from the inside out. Sybil rules, Basil’s been duped and Manuel is on the loose – and they're all crazier than ever, serving 3-course meals and two hours of laughs in the 5-star interactive show where anything can happen… and usually does! With over 70% improvised, it’s a show that spells chaos, comedy and action at every turn. This show is an ‘outrageously funny’ immersive experience (★★★★★ BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe). It uses a supreme blend of top-flight improvisation and a completely original theatrical script to create a night that's perfect for absolutely anyone ready to laugh. Brisbane born in April 1997, the show is now an international institution, performed around the world by 12 teams of actors. - ‘Faulty Towers The Dining Experience sets off the laugh-factor at high wattage from the very start’ ★★★★★ GlamAdelaide, Adelaide Fringe

  • Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale's Feelgood Factory

    Real Hypno, Real Fun! The international sellout award nom’d hit finally brings his LOL suggestions to Adelaide to leave you feeling fantastic, onstage or in audience (you choose!). Huge fun for all ages "Seriously LOL, go see it" Urban List ★★★★★ “Side-splittingly funny” Fringefeed ★★★★★ "drooling with laughter" Cream ★★★★★ "Full of laughs" P'Life

  • AJ Holmes: Yeah But Not Right Now

    Following a sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe, actor, writer, and composer AJ Holmes makes his Adelaide Fringe debut with a one-man musical! Best known for 'The Book of Mormon' on Broadway, the West End, and Australia; writing for 'South Park', and co-composing Starkid's 'A Very Potter Musical'. Presented by Stamptown. Directed by Michaella Drummond.

  • 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres edit

    In 2020, the Adelaide Biennial celebrates a 30-year milestone as the nation’s longest-running curated survey of contemporary Australian art. Since 1990, the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art has created career-defining opportunities for more than 350 artists and presented to close to one million visitors . Titled Monster Theatres, the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art invites artists to make visible the monsters of our time. Curator Leigh Robb says ‘Monsters ask us to interrogate our relationships with each other, the environment and technology. They force us to question our empathy towards difference across race, gender, sexuality and spirituality'. The term ‘monster’ comes from Latin monere, to warn, and monstrare, to show or make visible. The exhibition title hints at a double narrative which also resonates through the multiple meanings of ‘theatre’. An operating theatre is a room in which to examine, dissect as well as heal; it is also a theatre of war, a site of conflict where clashes between nations and ideologies play out all too frequently, but a theatre is also an arena – an active social space.

  • Shake It @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    'Shake It' features the best of burlesque at the Adelaide Fringe, combined with foul-mouthed songstress Minnie Andrews (of 'Papillon'). Minnie hosts one of the most outrageous events at Fringe, with special guest acts from across the festival of burlesque, circus and cabaret. This will not be polite, this will not be gentle, we are SHAKING IT UP! Shake It returns after a massive sold out run in 2018 and 2019. Content warning: for ages 18+ only. ★★★★½ "Shake It has it all!" - Upside News. "The show is naughty, sexy, rude, inappropriate, brash and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT." - Markus Hamence. "Minnie Andrews is brilliant. Her MC skills and ability to work a crowd is amazing, but it's her powerhouse voice that makes her a stand out" - Glam Adelaide.

  • Saturday Sessions at QuickSteps

    Want to dance Saturday afternoon? To live music? QuickSteps dance teacher hosts will be on hand to dance with anybody coming through our studio door. A truly unique Adelaide experience!

  • Railed

    From the creators of the smash hit 'Elixir' (winner of Best Circus and Physical Theatre award at Adelaide Fringe 2018). Welcome to 'Railed', a western-themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiselled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the Head First Acrobats. Prepare yourself for when bare chested circus meets bare knuckle bar fights. A racy, heart-stopping display of the finest acrobatics by the most ridiculous storytellers in the circus. Leave your expectations at home, come to the wrong side of the tracks, and let the HFA boys steal your hearts. "to say I want to get nailed by the cast of RAILED would be an understatement" - Out in Perth ★★★★1/2 The Age ★★★★★ GlamAdelaide ★★★★★ Theatrepeople ★★★★1/2 The Advertiser

  • PHAT CAB CLUB - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Fierce, bold and utterly unstoppable, 'PHAT CAB CLUB' is a night out like no other, featuring Australia's most exciting young circus artists bringing a fresh take on cabaret. Combining a striking hip-hop sound track with world class skills, this is the hottest destination for gritty late-night contemporary circus. After winning Best Circus at Perth FRINGE WORLD 2019, 'PHAT CAB CLUB' is making its Adelaide Fringe debut. Bringing the energy of a concert fused with unparalleled technical ability, this boundary pushing passion project is not to be missed! ★★★★½ "Bold, confident, in-your face circus that takes it to the next level" FringeFeed 2019 ★★★★½ "The energy was infectious, the talent was undeniable and the approach youthful bold and exuberant" Theatrepeople 2019 *No Shows Mondays and Wednesdays and Sundays except for Sunday 8th March The Ukiyo at Gluttony

  • Matt Tarrant: EVOLVE @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    The WINNER of the Best Overall Act of the Adelaide Fringe 2019 returns with his BRAND NEW show Matt Tarrant: EVOLVE! SOLD OUT, Award Winning and a stack of ★★★★★ in 2019 - this is the MUST SEE SHOW of 2020! Expect world-class award winning magic, mentalism and laughs from one of Australia's most popular performers! This will SELL OUT. Important information: Language Warning only present as there is multiple segments of crowd participation and the occasional swear of disbelief may occur in these situations.

  • Day & Night Photography Course

    In this fun and creative class, you'll learn to take beautiful photos under a range of lighting conditions, across sunshine and moonlight. You'll learn to master your camera's manual mode, to manage shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings, and to create artistic compositions. You'll practice on some of Brisbane's most photogenic locations, and get individual photo critiques to help you quickly hone your skills. Rain or shine, they'll be fine as they will be undercover or indoors for some locations. Your Adelaide teacher will be one of the following: Chloe Henderson, who specialises in Fashion Photography and styling, but also has experience in a range of forms such as architecture and urban genres. Chloe has been a professional photographer for the last 5+ years. Sam Roberts, who specialises in Studio and Location Advertising Photography & Videography, with a great love for the outdoors and cycling. His in-depth knowledge of Adelaide and beyond brings a unique spark to his teaching style. Sofia Calado, whose art practice uses photography, video, installation, performance and sculpture as a vehicle for exploring the self and society through the body.

  • RCC

    RCC is a major Fringe Hub for the Adelaide Fringe Festival - Australia's leading arts festival - which serves up an exciting program of music and performing arts from across the globe and their own backyard. Whether you are looking for cutting edge music, stellar shows, immersive art or mouthwatering eats, there is something for everyone at this festival within a festival. Featuring some of the world's most prominent arts figures and unearthed hidden talents, both local devotees and international jet setters will explore RCC. Come join us.

  • The Ironing Maidens premiere 'A Soap Opera' at Adelaide Fringe Festival

    The Ironing Maidens Premiere 'A Soap Opera' at Adelaide Fringe Festival. Hot on the heels of last year’s sold out, award-winning run, Australian electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens return to Adelaide Fringe with the world premiere of their brand new show, ‘A Soap Opera’. The Fringe Innovation Award Winners are striking while the iron’s hot, the pair will take audiences on a high energy spin-cycle into a world where irons make music, housewives revolt and daytime drama irons out the wrinkles of the patriarchy, one song at a time. Will Melania’s memory return? Will Patty save her from being lost in a never-ending spin cycle? Tune in for an original show with a live electro house soundtrack that is banging like an unbalanced washing machine. Don’t miss it! *Due to the recent devastating bushfires, all profits from opening night will be donated and matched dollar-for-dollar by CQUniversity to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities..

  • Adelaide Festival's 60th Birthday Concert featuring Tim Minchin

    Last time he played Adelaide, five Thebarton Theatre’s worth of tickets flew out the door within days, leaving thousands of fans disappointed so… As a gift to the city on the occasion of the Adelaide Festival’s 60th anniversary we will welcome to the Elder Park stage the legendary Tim Minchin and his band, absolutely free of charge! Rally your mates, pack a picnic, bring the kids (you know the words, you can choose to cover their ears at judicious moments), stake your patch of Torrens-side grass and enjoy hits from the King of Kohl’s brilliantly acerbic songbook under the remaining visible stars. Tim’s prodigious talent as a songwriter, lyricist and creator of intelligent art with mass appeal can tend to make you forget what dynamite he is live. Without a doubt this will be one of the greatest AF open-air-open-to-all-opening night gigs. We can’t wait. View the concert FAQs here.

  • A Doll's House

    It’s Adelaide Festival’s 60th birthday and, in association with Australia’s public art elder statesman, John Kaldor, we’ve commissioned a very special gift for the city. A perennial on wish-lists for centuries, a really beautiful doll’s house is one of those items too often destined never to eventuate. Well, close your eyes, dream big, and now open them… Visionary Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, who has been transforming public spaces in jaw-dropping ways across the world since 2000, presents his life-sized, three-storeyed Doll’s House for your delight and discovery. It has been created only once before, outside the Palais de Tokyo art museum in Paris. Is it about the elevation of the domestic or the deflation of the grandiose? The role of art in public and private life? Ponder as you wander or just have fun playing with this most amazing of toys. Free of charge in the middle of Rundle Mall from 28 Feb. (All we ask is that you share nicely and promise not to use the bathroom.)

  • Velvet Rewired

    The disco-fuelled cabaret spectacular returns to the Fringe in a brand new, revamped celebration. Director and creator Craig Ilott reworks his magic to transform the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent into a sparkling new vision of dreams, life and fulfilment. Since its world premiere in 2015 at the Fringe this big, bold, beautiful extravaganza has travelled the globe to thunderous applause and sold-out performances. It fuses music, circus, burlesque and a disco inferno, resulting in an insatiably flawless and glamorous show! Join Marcia Hines and a cast of ten, including a dazzling array of acrobats, aerialists, amazing vocals, glitz, glamour and jaw-dropping circus skills, for an exhilarating night of fun, funk and fabulous music. Velvet Rewired – follow the music and expect the unexpected!

  • Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered | Adelaide Fringe 2020

    In a world where Angry Feminism gets a bad rap, why not give Friendly Feminism a go? Fresh from a sold-out debut season, join friendly feminist Millicent Sarre and her all-female band for the Adelaide Fringe return of this cabaret crash-course in modern intersectional feminism. Featuring 10 original songs, relatable anecdotes and a healthy dose of audience participation, this is a show for hard-core feminists and sceptics alike, and is one cabaret "not to be missed" Everything Adelaide. ★★★★★ “This is an eye-opening, timely production. It is a must see” Glam Adelaide. ★★★★★ “Funny, informative, musically outstanding and generally brilliant” Everything Adelaide. ★★★★½ “Sarre’s passion for feminism shines through, and is truly infectious - the audience leave feeling impassioned and informed” This is RAdelaide.

  • Dance Nation

    Clare Barron’s Pulitzer Prize nominated satire of ambition from the perspective of a girls’ dance group – starring Strictly Ballroom’s Tara Morice. Co-presented with Belvoir in association with Adelaide Festival. Synopsis: Somewhere in America, an army of teenage competitive dancers is plotting world domination. One routine at a time. As the national title looms and the dancers fight it out for the lead role, reality and fantasy blur in this award-winning pageant of ferocious girl power. Part-Dance Moms, part-Hunger Games, Dance Nation is a crushingly funny satire of ambition. The New York Times says it “conjures the passionate ambivalence of early adolescence with such being-there sharpness and poignancy that you’re not sure whether to cringe, cry or roar with happiness. Blazingly original and unsettlingly familiar.” Bundle Dance Nation as part of a 4-8 play subscription to save 20% on tickets and receive exclusive benefits.

  • Don't Mess With the Dummies

    Lions and tigers and dummies, oh my! Set up camp and stampede into the jungle for an outlandish, circus filled extravaganza that will leave you chuckling like a monkey and roaring for more. From the unstoppable Dummies Corp comes an all-new extraordinary adventure! They're on an expedition and you're invited along for the ride. Pack your bag, tie your shoes and get ready for circus-filled hilarity as the Dummies monkey around the jungle, swing through treetops and skip past foliage. With a rockin' soundtrack, unbelievable acrobatics and trademark Dummies frivolity, let's get ready to rumble!

  • Gluttony 2020

    Adelaide’s relaxed and quirky arts venue hub, across two East End sites - a pop-up paradise in leafy Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka, plus the stately Masonic Lodge at the eastern end of North Terrace. Our festival-within-a-festival pops up again 14 February – 15 March for the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. We host an eclectic array of 19 venues across two sites, ranging from the large and lively to the intimate and atmospheric. Gluttony’s got something for all tastes, from weekend shows for the whole family to late night laughs, spanning the genres of theatre, cabaret, circus, magic, comedy, dance, burlesque, spoken word, and children’s entertainment. In addition to our 160+ fabulous Fringe acts, you’ll find two dining precincts offering a diverse range of delicious cuisines, bars serving fine wines, local beer and top-shelf spirits, family-friendly activities, and multiple, shaded areas to watch the world go by at our open-air party in the park. Gluttony uses a cashless system for all food and beverage purchases. Gluttony is open from 4.30pm Tuesday-Thursday, 3pm Friday, and 10.30am Saturday and Sunday, until late – plus the public holiday on Monday 9 March. Entry is free.

  • Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity Exhibition

    Showcasing the work of contemporary African artists - from grassroots level to some of the continents leading artists, the Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity exhibition returns to the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in 2020. This year’s exhibition includes artwork from Africa's street artists, prolific visual artists and photographers. This platform aims to promote the power of art and creativity and its capacity to bridge cultural gaps.

  • Anna Nicholson: Get Happy

    WINNER of Best Comedy Weekly Award Adelaide Fringe 2019. Following her critically acclaimed 'Woman of the Year' meet Anna's four characters, old and new, each on a heroic quest to find happiness; an overly competitive vicar, a social media influencer, a mischievous granny and a retreat-running hippy. What do they all have in common? They all want to Get Happy! Brand new sketches and songs from this British rising star. Creative Oversight from BBC's James Cary. Featuring live piano accompaniment. ★★★★★ "Character comedy at its finest" EdFest Mag ★★★★★ "Hilarious" All Over Adelaide ★★★★★ "A stellar comic actor and brilliant writer" One4Review

  • The Choir of Man @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    Direct from the stages of their world tour, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and two hit Sydney Opera House seasons, 'Choir of Man' are back at the Fringe with their good-time powerhouse vocals smashing your favourite pub classics, rock ballads and pop hits. Grab your mates and get ready to press replay on the "ultimate feel good show"!

  • East End Unleashed

    Rundle Street will be like one big street party Thursday to Sunday during the Fringe. With an array of unique eateries and bars, and with longer days and warm nights, it’s the perfect time to choose your own culinary adventure while soaking up all the vibes of the summer festivals! Rundle Street will be closing access to vehicle traffic, so you can safely roam down the festival hub. Plus, outdoor dining will be extended until midnight, so you can eat alfresco-style and get your fill any time hunger strikes. The East End will be buzzing with street performers, the Ebenezer Night Markets and all the action of Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony and The Garden of Unearthly Delights. So, book your shows and your street seats at some of the East End’s best cafes and restaurants.


    Start off your Fringe experience with this dramatical, inspiring and powerful performance by Mexican actors, inspired by Italian film Una Giornata Particolare, actors Ana Graham and Antonio Vega. With a piece of chalk and the power of imagination they create a life changing, bittersweet human drama, about a chance encounter between two neighbours, in Rome, at a time of political unrest. "A truly outstanding show, you're missing the entire Fringe experience if you don't see this" Fringe Review ★★★★★ "A must see for your Fringe diary" Adelaide Sunday Mail "A simple yet powerful story coupled with actors who believe in theatre's potential to change the world: one play at a time" Popspoken, Singapore Presented by: Por Piedad Teatro Based in Mexico City, has established itself as a creatively relevant company by developing meaningful and profound theatre with a specific emphasis on contemporary international plays that are both cutting edge and of high artistic quality. The play company develops and produces adventurous new plays, from the U.S. and abroad, to engage New Yorkers in a dynamic global practice of contemporary theatre and expand the American repertoire.

  • Akmal - Open for Renovations

    Known for his incredible ability to deal with hot topics in a hilarious and slightly offensive way, Akmal promises this year to deliver a show that is punctual and jam-packed with words…some of which he will be using for the first time. One of Australia’s most respected and accomplished comics, Akmal draws on his Arabic heritage, his experiences immigrating to Australia at the age of 11 and his disillusionment with religion and the modern world to deliver a stand-up show that is fresh, honest and ridiculously funny.

  • EURYDICE - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    'EURYDICE' returns to Adelaide to weave a world of day to day power and beauty and goddesses. Leni is 5 years old, holding a Superman costume for her first day at school. Eurydice is 5 years in to the rest of her life, with a bee tattoo on her wrist. A retelling of an ancient myth, always told from Orpheus' point of view. This is Eurydice's story. A story about making changes, taking leaps and being a daily superhero told through a searing mix of spoken word and live electronica. Winner Best Theatre 2019 Adelaide Fringe Winner Best In Music 2019 Sydney Fringe ★★★★ “The language is poetic, the play is expertly crafted, clever and funny.” Kryztoff Raw “As profound as it is entertaining.” Stage Whispers (Trilogy with 'ORPHEUS' & 'THE GODS, THE GODS, THE GODS') Presented by The Flanagan Collective, Gobbledigook Theatre, and Hartstone-Kitney Productions

  • Fringe Walk

    Celebrate Fringe's 60th birthday with a historic skip down memory lane. Throughout the festival, Fringe Walk will adorn North Terrace with 16 large, free standing light boxes, showcasing your favourite posters from Fringe's past. Visit during the day or wait until the sun goes down and witness the striking nostalgia light up the night. Fringe Walk is brought to life thanks to BankSA. Adelaide Fringe is proud to celebrate 15 years of partnership with BankSA in 2020.

  • Adelaide Festival's 60th Birthday Concert featuring Tim Minchin

    Last time he played Adelaide, five Thebarton Theatre’s worth of tickets flew out the door within days, leaving thousands of fans disappointed so… As a gift to the city on the occasion of the Adelaide Festival’s 60th anniversary we will welcome to the Elder Park stage the legendary Tim Minchin and his band, absolutely free of charge! Rally your mates, pack a picnic, bring the kids (you know the words, you can choose to cover their ears at judicious moments), stake your patch of Torrens-side grass and enjoy hits from the King of Kohl’s brilliantly acerbic songbook under the remaining visible stars. Tim’s prodigious talent as a songwriter, lyricist and creator of intelligent art with mass appeal can tend to make you forget what dynamite he is live. Without a doubt this will be one of the greatest AF open-air-open-to-all-opening night gigs. We can’t wait.

  • Adelaide Writers' Week 2020

    Adelaide Writers’ Week is Australia’s largest free literary festival, offering both writers and readers a unique opportunity to spend time sharing ideas and literary explorations in a garden setting in Adelaide’s city centre. Each carefully selected program brings the world's most celebrated established and emerging writers together for a week that delights, surprises and enlightens audiences. Each Adelaide Writers’ Week includes six days of free panel sessions that are presented live in the gardens, and made available online via podcast. The program also features a series of ticketed special events throughout the year, and the popular free Kids’ Weekend, which attracts hundreds of families for fun and engaging literary adventures. The directorship of Jo Dyer, in 2019, kept the traditional appointments but added some new (and very well welcomed) events, including the Middle and Young Adults day and the Twilight Talks. Over the years, Adelaide Writers’ Week has seen some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers in conversation about literature, politics, poetry, current events, biography, the short story and much, much more.

  • Yabarra - Dreaming In Light

    We invite you to journey with us along an immersive dreaming track to experience a story of creation and country at Tandanya. For all 31 days and nights of the 2020 Fringe, audiences are invited to come experience the Dreaming through cutting edge light technologies and state of the art illuminations. A free story for all generations and all communities to share in, Yabarra will be a unique indoor cultural experience which will engage, immerse, and educate all who share the Dreaming In Light. Yabarra - Dreaming In Light, is brought to life by our Partners: Novatech, Epson, City of Adelaide, The University of Adelaide, Yellaka, Monkeystack, Illuminart, MOD., and Tandanya.

  • DON'T SHOOT! I'm a vegan | An all new comedy cabaret crack-up

    "DON'T SHOOT! I'm a vegan" is a highly topical new comedy cabaret premiering at Adelaide Fringe 2020. The one-vegan show - which even cattle farmers find funny - is performed by sub-viral YouTube star Vegan Smythe. Smythe's greatest hit song "Where Do You Get Your Protein?" has had over 300,000 online views. The show is aimed at vegans, non-vegans and closet vegans. "Even if you find vegans tiresome you'll have a whale of time" says Smythe. Groaning. "DON'T SHOOT!" features candid chat and satirical songs about fad diets, the vegan police, Greta Thunberg, mock meat and people who think their dogs are their children. Fans have compared Smythe's style to Tim Minchin and even Cole Porter. A preview performance was described as "veganiciously appetising" by rock music critic Rob Dunstan from BSide Magazine. Vegan Smythe is the alter ego of classically trained entertainer Brenton Edgecombe who has won five Australian Entertainment Industry MO Awards as one half of music-comedy variety double-act, String Fever.

  • Wilbur the Optical Whale

    'Wilbur the Optical Whale’ is a ‘tale’ about friendship, acceptance and celebrating difference. Wilbur & Cecil are BFF’s & are inseparable…or are they? One day while playing hide & seaweed, Wilbur & Cecil are set upon by the Starfish Meanie Gang! How do they get out of this one? Join Wilbur & Cecil and help them in their quest. ‘Wilbur the Optical Whale’ is an immersive, interactive accessible performance for children aged 3+. Set in an exquisitely crafted underwater world, full of fun, stunning circus tricks, digital & visual imagery, music & interactive play, Wilbur is sure to capture the imagination and transport the audience to a world of fun and wonder. All of indelabilityarts’ shows will have integrated Auslan interpreting, and headphones will be available so audience members can engage on their own terms. The set includes a quiet space as part of relaxed performance mode catering to those who may require it. indelabilityarts is an inclusive theatre company that provides professional artistic and training opportunities for artists and community members who identify as having a disability.

  • Love Hurts

    As part of the Adelaide Fringe, Kat Davidson and Emily Kristopher take stories of sex, love and romance gone wrong from the internet, the audience and their own experience and weave them into one naughty hour of comedy. Bring your date, your posse and your mum - she's probably got the best stories anyway. Swipe right on Kat and Emily - you'll be very glad you did.

  • The Black Blues Brothers

    The acrobatic tribute to cult movie 'The Blues Brothers' that has amazed audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe and across Europe is coming to the Adelaide Fringe! The energy of Africa meets rhythm and blues sound. In an elegant American bar, the chairs, table and surroundings become props for new feats of acrobatic daring. Showcasing a vast range of skills and disciplines, watch in awe as 'The Black Blues Brothers' amaze with hilarious dance challenges, fire and somersault routines, human pyramids and much more. Performed in more than 200 cities in 15 countries, over 600 times in 6 years, this show was also presented in front of Pope Francis who acclaimed the artists. You can't miss it! From jaw-dropping human pyramids to toe-tapping dance-offs, THE BLACK BLUES BROTHERS in their five very sharp suits will be delighting Adelaide audiences of all ages with their daring feats. ★★★★★ "Highly recommended" One4review ★★★★ "An excellent mix of acrobatics and comedy" BroadwayBaby "The Dazzling Feats of the Magnificent Five" Corriere della sera

  • Best of Kids Fringe

    A fun fringe "best of" show for kids! Keep them clapping and cheering along with the circus performers, magicians, bubble artists, clowns, sing-a-longs, and puppeteers through out this ever changing silly spectacle like none other. "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Best of Kids' Fringe to children from 4 to 11 years, and their parents." The Clothesline.

  • Bella Green Is Charging For It

    Fresh from a sold-out season at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a nomination for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe 2018, comedian, writer and sex worker Bella Green is bringing her smash hit stand-up comedy show Bella Green Is Charging For It to Adelaide Fringe for the first time. Bella has worked in brothels and strip clubs, peepshows and dungeons, massage parlours and adult shops, but her most degrading job of all was the three months she spent in a call centre for a big four bank. This show will answer all the questions you never thought to ask about sex work. Like why is paying for sex so similar to ordering a salad? What really goes on in a peepshow? And how can you get away with wearing Uggs while being a cold, hard dominatrix? Join Bella for an hour of stand-up in the surprisingly mundane but always hilarious world of sex work, where the heels are high, the carpet is sticky and the customer is probably wrong. Directed by Anna Piper Scott (Golden Gibbo Nominee 2018, Best Comedy Nominee Melbourne Fringe 2019).

  • The Wild Side Jonny Woo

    Jonny Woo (A Night at the Musicals) returns to Adelaide as the legendary Lou Reed with a live punk band in his hit show The Wild Side. Jonny as Lou recreates the heyday of the NYC underground at Max’s Kansas City with the music from Reed’s album Transformer. Perfect Day, Vicious and Walk on the Wild Side are just three of the tracks brought to life in this theatrical punk rock gig with special appearances from Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas.

  • BESSIE * BILLIE * DINAH ~ Empress, Lady & Queen of Blues

    Over Two Incredible Nights Only for Adelaide Fringe's 60th Anniversary. Bonnie Lee Galea’s Jazz in Cheek Quartet bring you songs & stories of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. Join us in celebrating the lives and music of three musical giants of the early 20th century. * One, was the highest paid performer of her era in the world, * One, was awarded four posthumous Grammys, * One, had nine husbands! They all sang from their souls, touched the hearts of millions and died before their 45th birthday. Featuring:- BONNIE LEE GALEA - Voice (Blonde Bombshells of Jazz) QUINTON DUNNE - Double Bass/Voice (The Beggars) RICHARD COATES - Keys (The Huckleberry Swedes) JOSH CHENOWETH - Trumpet (The Hot Sardines) Relive stories and masterpieces of song through interpretations by this South Australian Quartet, in the gorgeous speakeasy themed, fountain courtyard of Treasury 1860. (next to Adelaide Town Hall and Adina Apartments). You'll find a Gin Bar available all night and the restaurant is also open for dinner bookings so you can make it a complete evening experience. “Loved the show, Bonnie & her band’s tribute to these 3 blues legends was brilliant!!” Anne Mitchell, SA, March 2017

  • Jukebox Chorus - The Ultimate Australian Playlist

    Nationally acclaimed singing group Gospo Collective is back at the Adelaide Fringe with its brand-new show, Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist. This must-see Aussie musical feast is from the performers that brought you Jackson Vs Jackson (18/19) – the award-winning hit Fringe show, that had sell out seasons and audiences clapping for more! Headlining at The Cornucopia in Gluttony, expect to hear some of the best Australian hits of our generation. From Kylie to Jimmy Barnes, there will be breathtaking mashups and phenomenal signature sounds synonymous with renowned Australian choral queen, Charmaine Jones. Olivia Newton John, Guy Sebastian, INXS, Tina Arena, John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, Yothu Yindi and The Little River Band are just some of the greats who will be featured. Led by the Gospo Collective, they will be joined by Adelaide’s largest backing choir, and the adorable Jones Juniors. The show will also feature surprise cameo performances throughout the season from well-known greats like Maggie Beer and Chong Lim to name a few. Expect an action-packed show, with lush harmonies and arrangements matched with show stopping choreography and production that will keep you dancing all night long.

  • The Magnets - 90's Rewind

    The Magnets are back and in full force! The 'A Cappella All Stars' return to Adelaide with a brand-new show - The Ultimate 90s Party Night! Get ready for jaw-dropping harmonies and beatboxing like never before. The Magnets are a must-see act on the international music scene with a reputation for outstanding festival and concert appearances from the 02 Arena in London to Glastonbury. They have supported Bryan Adams, Tom Jones, Gregory Porter, Rick Astley, The Black Eyed Peas and The Kaiser Chiefs . This amazing 5-voice sound machine will take you on a journey through the hits of the 90s from Bryan Adams and Backstreet Boys to Robbie Williams, The Spice Girls, Seal, Cher and many more. The 90s is an era that unites generations and this show has something for everyone. Get ready to party, Magnets style! The Magnets are the UKs No 1 cappella super-group featuring the hottest vocal and beatboxing talent on the international a cappella scene and London’s West End. The band revolutionised British a cappella and have gone on to become a must-see act on the international music scene, playing festivals and theatres worldwide. So Spice Up Your Life and let's party!!

  • FEMME - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    From the Paris catwalks, to the office boardroom, performer Erin Fowler brings solo theatrical dance work 'FEMME', 2019 Best Dance Winner, back to the Adelaide Fringe for two shows only following shows in Reykjavik, Edinburgh and Stockholm. Drawing on her experiences as a fashion model and businesswoman, 'FEMME' is one woman's search for self within the cacophony of gender and sexual conditioning that surrounds us. Winner of Best Dance in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, and having toured to the Reykjavik, Edinburgh and Stockholm Fringe Festivals, FEMME explores concepts of femininity and female sexuality, the female body, the gender roles we conform to, or break against, and what it means to be powerful in a largely masculine dominant culture. ★★★★ - Peter Burdon, The Adelaide Advertiser Please note: The 18th February performance has had a venue change from 'Black Box Theatre' to 'Open Air Theatre' since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed. Presented by: Erin Fowler Projects

  • Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare - Hamlet

    “To beer or not to beer? Is that a question?” Award-winning and boundary obliterating comedy show, Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare returns to Adelaide to present an intoxicated interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The play will be a traditional depiction of Hamlet, with one genuinely inebriated cast member, introduced to challenge the other actors to improvise and incorporate their drunken theatrics. With a different drunken actor for each show, required to start drinking four hours beforehand, Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare promises a unique, one-off experience for audiences.

  • Mad Max meets the Shaolin Afronauts

    Max has never been madder than this. Cult movie meets cult jazz as George Miller’s original classic from 1979 (starring a recent NIDA grad named Mel Gibson), is for one night only screened to a live reimagined score by sensational Adelaide collective The Shaolin Afronauts. The formidable afrobeat/soul/funk/ avant-garde jazz 10-piece will give you both barrels as they create a sonic equivalent of the rusty, dusty, petrol-perfumed dystopia of the Road Warrior’s world. The trademark raucous, dirty brass and driving rhythms of their legendary live gigs (homaging Fela’s Africa’70 or Sun Ra Arkestra) will be on display, alongside weirder, wilder textures and hypnotically introspective moments. This is a fascinating example of interactive cinematic structured improvisation: like being a fly on the wall at one of Lalo Schifrin’s Magnum Force or Dirty Harry sessions, recording his big bands straight to picture. Amazing musicianship, iconic film and fantastic fun.

  • HYPNOTISED - Adelaide Fringe 2020 - Isaac Lomman | Hypnotist

    ★★★★1/2 "You'll be equally shocked as you are in stitches from laughter, as Lomman cleverly combines comedy and hypnosis into one uncontrollable laughter/gasp fest." Eventalaide ★★★★ "Jump in and volunteer to be hypnotised if you dare --- you'll enjoy the show even more if you do." The Advertiser Back for his 8th Adelaide Fringe season, Australia's stage hypnotist, Isaac Lomman takes his show to the next level with this must see Fringe show. Delving into this powerful and empowering state of mind, Isaac takes volunteers from the audience into a hilarious journey conjured up in their incredible imaginations. This fun all ages show will change your mind about everything you know of hypnosis and give your sides a work out with giggles in the process. SEE the show or BE the show!

  • Gobsmacked! Adelaide Fringe 2020

    ★★★★ Herald Sun. ★★★★ Theatreguide. ★★★★ Britishtheatre. ★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser. See..lots of people like Nikki Aitken and Jamie Burgess and they like doing shows about musical theatre! "Beyond being outrageously funny, this bubbly, quick-witted show is sincerely observed, artfully assembled, and executed with care and professionalism."CabaretScenes. Presented by Little Larrikins

  • Free movement, drawing and writing workshop - Identity Exhibition

    Join artist Bev Grace in scratching the surface of a complex theme, expressing aspects of 'identity'. In this movement, drawing and writing workshop you will explore the identity well, a worthwhile and often challenging experience. This art workshop is for people 18 years and over.

  • The Doctor

    Robert Icke has been described as “the brightest directing talent British theatre has produced in a generation”. This, his final production for the Almeida Theatre as Associate Director, is a brilliantly skilful update of Arthur Schnitzler’s 1912 Viennese drama Professor Bernhardi, which has just been performed to packed houses and uniformly rave reviews in London. The original play’s male protagonist is now Dr. Ruth Wolff (in a towering performance by British stage and screen legend, Olivier-award winning Juliet Stevenson). On an ordinary day, at a private hospital, a 14-year old fights for her life. A priest arrives to save her soul. Dr. Wolff refuses him entry. In a divisive time, in a divided nation, a society takes sides. Icke’s production, gripping as a thriller, navigates the contemporary minefield of freedom of religion issues, identity politics, medical ethics, gender and class with remarkable eloquence, fairness and humour, constantly upending our perspectives and sympathies. As the debate charts its catastrophic course through, The Doctor reveals itself as a major and urgent contemporary tragedy. Exclusive to the Adelaide Festival, don’t miss the most talked-about theatre event of the year.

  • Adelaide Fringe Giant Sing-A-Long

    This year, Adelaide Fringe is hosting the karaoke to end all karaoke! Belt out our favourite ballads to your heart's content - at Giant Sing Along, you'll be welcomed with open arms (and microphones with judgement-free, built-in autotune). Come along, have a laugh, have some fun, and let loose with the joy of song. Giant Sing-A-Long is brought to life thanks to Lot Fourteen.

  • Gluttony @ Masonic for Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Gluttony @ Masonic is the second site for Gluttony, the Adelaide Fringe venue hub that is also based in Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka. Our festival-within-a-festival pops up again. During Fringe, this 130-year-old stately stone building houses cracking comedy, outstanding music, breathtaking magic and thought-provoking theatre. The three distinct performance spaces are named The Great Hall, The Owl, and The Phoenix. In addition, patrons can order drinks and enjoy the festival vibe at the Green Room, a unique small bar, near the performance spaces on the basement level. (If its elegant interior looks familiar, you may recognise it as the set of feature film, Hotel Mumbai.) Entry will be available from both North Terrace and Synagogue Place. Gluttony uses a cashless system for all food and beverage purchases.

  • Barbaroi

    This is the circus act you don't want to miss!! Commendations - Best Circus and Physical Theatre Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe Inspired by the world of shadows where anything goes, and the gritty underbelly of society, 'Barbaroi' is a blend of high octane circus, cabaret and physical theatre. This show will lead audiences down the rabbit-hole and asking "Who are the Barbaroi?" ★★★★★ "Each act is more mind boggling than the last." Theatrepeople "If you love daring and exhilarating circus acts that defy the ordinary and quite simply blow your mind, then you will LOVE Barbaroi." Theatrepeople "High-octane circus that will have your eyes transfixed on the stage" Theatre press "Majestic, thrilling and fun." "Great night out." Australian Stage

  • Cultural Renegades | Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020

    Fusing spoken word and dance in an immersive atmosphere, Cultural Renegades breaks the mould of a traditional dance show. This Hip Hop and Dancehall performance weaves through the audience defying cultural barriers through movement and poetry. The show also explores the social aspects of freedom, escapism and unity. In this day and age where cultural differences may create animosity and fear, comfort is found in the fact that there's no segregation when it comes to music.

  • Groove Terminator and the Soweto Gospel Choir's History of House

    Following on from four huge sellout shows last season with House 5 Comes Alive, ARIA-nominated DJ Groove Terminator makes a triumphant return to Adelaide Fringe. This time GT teams up with 3x Grammy winners the Soweto Gospel Choir for 'History of House': an exhilarating journey through the history of dance music. From Donna Summer to Daft Punk, GT and the Soweto Gospel Choir deliver a history lesson like you've never experienced before - a sweat-inducing, dancefloor-exploding celebration of dance music through the decades, reimagined and reignited. "This is no ordinary DJ set... It's an inspired concept. Along with some vintage video graphics on the rear screen, the choir, the dancing, the club lighting, the euphoric joyousness - all add up to something really special." - Ian Bell, Hi-Fi Way Adelaide The afternoon performance on the final Saturday is an all ages event, half the volume and suitable for families. Other performances are for ages 18+.

  • Tokyo Jet Daze: A Japanese Punk Weekender

    An RCC Exclusive! A two night and day Matsuri dedicated to the angry gods of Tokyo punk. Headlined on consecutive nights by two of the legends of Tokyo’s underground garage punk scene – bands that defined a movement and two of the best live bands ever from Japan: The Jet Boys (Feb 28) and Guitar Wolf (Feb 29). Full supporting program to be announced. Expect mayhem. Expect history to be made!

  • 2020 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition

    The Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition is a landmark South Australian event, showcasing the top graduating artists (including Masters and PhD candidates) from Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA) / Flinders University, and the University of South Australia. Selected by leaders from the South Australian arts industry, the exhibition features works from 27 emerging artists across a range of creative disciplines. Be inspired by the drive and expression of the next generation of creative talent. Exhibiting artists will be eligible for 18 awards valued at $70,000 to be presented on the opening night of the exhibition. Grigori Wines available to purchase, proceeds will go towards Helpmann’s programs and services. Free parking is available on the Parade Ground for the duration of your visit to the exhibition.

  • Georgie Carroll – Off the Charts!

    Manchester born and proud Australian comic, Nurse Georgie Carroll is set to return to the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2020 for her show, Off the Charts. Drawing humour from her unique role as mother, wife, comedian and nurse, Georgie’s combination of nationalities, home life and hospital has provided a 24/7 training ground that has nurtured her naturally funny bones. Georgie’s bluntness and charm coupled with razor-sharp wit, give her a broad-spectrum appeal that can be put into any room and shine.

  • Massaoke Mixtape Vol. 2

    The Fringe's No.1 late night party is back! For the uninitiated, Massaoke is a spectacular live band smashing out solid gold classics, and everyone in the room sings together, guided by giant video lyrics. Join them in The Box for a glittering, spandex-clad journey through the greatest hairbrush anthems of all time, with mash-ups, megamixes and more. They've got something for everyone, so whether you're a rock god, a disco diva or a pop princess, all you need to do is bring the sing!

  • Simon Taylor Is A Super Funny Boy

    Simon Taylor is bringing his new show Simon Taylor is a Super Funny Boy to the Australian Festival Circuit. Simon Taylor is a Super Funny Boy voices the struggles of his generation, as he tried to work out where he fits in a rapidly changing world. Aren’t we all? Simon has performed over 5,000 gigs across 57 cities in ten countries and has won numerous industry awards. He’s been seen on ABC TV, Network 10 and Netflix and is highly sought after Hollywood writer, having penned jokes for NBC, Disney and Comedy Central. No other Australian comic of his class has experienced more of the globe and seen first hand how culture is evolving with the Internet, technology and new media.

  • Absolutely Bestest Kids Show to Ever Happen... Seriously!

    The Nitwits are back. Matty and his imaginary friend Teddlie have an awesome new show - it's the Absolutely Bestest Kids Show to Ever Happen... SERIOUSLY! Pillow fights, dinosaurs, aliens, magic, pure chaos and plenty of audience interaction. The NitWits will have you rolling off your chairs with laughter. Don't miss out on this celebration of silliness! From the creators of the GAME ON series, Grandma's Gonna Kill Us and Grossed Out Game Show. Winners Best Kids show Perth Fringe World 2017

  • Maho Magic Bar

    Welcome to your own exclusive magic show with the all-stars of Japanese close-up magic. Be transported to a magical, glittering Tokyo night full of wonder, warmth and wicked delights. Cocooned within a riot of neon, and with a delicious drink in hand, four charismatic master magicians perform just for you. These tricksters, direct from Japan, will conjure festival mischief, joy and wonder. Part show, part bar and all magic! Minimum one drink purchase per person. Maho Magic Bar is recommended for audiences aged 12+. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Josephine - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    This critically acclaimed off-Broadway biographical musical combines theatre, cabaret and burlesque to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most extraordinary figures of the 20th century. Starring eight-time 'Best of the Fest' winner Tymisha Harris, who was nominated for a 2018 Vivian Robinson Award for JOSEPHINE's limited off-Broadway run. Created by Tymisha Harris, Michael Marinaccio and Tod Kimbro. ★★★★★ "A tour de force" CBC. ★★★★★ It's a perfect piece of theatre for the time we are currently in" PlaysToSee. ★★★★★ "One night is all it takes to fall in love" BroadwayBaby. ★★★★ "Incredible... Stunning... Exceptional" FestMag. "A star vehicle for Harris, and she delivers" Orlando Sentinel. Presented by Dynamic Lunchbox and Hartstone-Kitney Productions

  • Hugh Sheridan Unplugged @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    Join Hugh Sheridan (of California Crooners Club, TV, film and theatre fame) for a stripped-back solo show. While he now calls the States home, he's back for our unmissable festival season to serve up this late-night treat. Ranging from his own original songs to some classic favourites, this set will ooze with the atmosphere Hugh creates wherever he performs, be it LA clubs, the Sydney Opera House or this summer weekend in Adelaide. Seven shows only.

  • Being Dead (Don Quixote) MKA

    A dangerous quest of literary theft, build-your-own identity and post-anarchy. Don Quixote is the softcore idol you deserve. A moving and sensational experience of queer thinking, failed heroism and triumphant femininity. Queer Femme Kerith Manderson-Galvin rips off the world’s first modern novel, Barbie™, and the original rip-off artist Kathy Acker in a signature work that has alienated and captivated audiences across Australia.

  • AMOS GILL - Live at Rhino Room for Adelaide Fringe Festival!

    The world's on the brink of collapse and it feels like our society, like the great ones before, is about to implode. Where did it all go wrong? Amos knows. Of course he's not going to do anything about it, he'll leave that for the Swedish children to fix. He has no time for the melting glaciers, because he's been writing a new hour of jokes about these strange times. Award-winning comedian Amos Gill has conquered Australia’s comedy scene and cemented his place on the US comedy circuit. The former TV & radio host has played the Sydney Opera House and Madison Square Garden, performed in multiple countries touring with Jim Jefferies, and sells out year after year with a gut-busting new hour. Don’t miss the world-conquering comic - best book early! ★★★★★ 'F*cking hilarious' Weekend Notes

  • Without Consent: Australia's past adoption practices

    This exhibition brings moving experiences of heartbreak and resilience, shared by people affected by Australia’s past adoption practices. It is estimated that at least 150,000 adoptions took place in Australia from the 1950s to the 1970s. A significant number of them were forced adoptions. Many of the women who had their babies taken were unmarried and, because of the stigma attached to unmarried mothers at the time, were often forced to live a lie for decades. For some, it was a secret they took to their graves. This exhibition was developed by the National Archives of Australia following former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s national apology to those affected by forced adoptions. It aims to show the truth – that the babies taken for adoption were dearly loved and wanted by their parents. The exhibition is a tribute to the courage and generosity of those who volunteered to share their experiences and, in doing so, exposed this aspect of Australia’s history. A national touring exhibition developed and presented by the National Archives of Australia. Assisted by the Australian Government through Visions of Australia.

  • ORPHEUS - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Internationally award winning modern retelling of an ancient greek myth. Dave is single and turning 30. He's stood at the bar. Eurydice is a tree nymph. And Bruce Springsteen is on the juke box. A tale of impossible, death-defying love told through hair-raising spoken word and soaring soul music. The Flanagan Collective and Gobbledigook Theatre weave a world of dive bars, side streets and ancient gods. WINNER Best Theatre Weekly 2018 Adelaide Fringe WINNER Best In Music 2019 Sydney Fringe WINNER Best Theatre Weekly 2019 Fringe World WINNER Best in Fringe 2019 Dunedin Fringe WINNER VAULT Festival Summerhall Award ★★★★★ "Exceptional" -The Advertiser. ★★★★★ “I laughed. I cried. I loved it.” -GLAM Adelaide (Trilogy with 'EURYDICE' & 'THE GODS, THE GODS, THE GODS') Presented by The Flanagan Collective, Gobbledigook Theatre, and Hartstone-Kitney Productions

  • Norwood

    South Australian artist Stephen Bowers presents a series of new works inspired by the flora found within his local neighbourhood alongside a collection of existing iconic works.

  • The Kagools - Live at the Adelaide Fringe!

    ***Winner Amused Moose Comedy Award Edinburgh Fringe*** ***Winner Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe*** ***Winner Best Show Laughs of Launnie International Comedy Festival*** Multi-award-winning UK physical comedy duo The Kagools return with a brand-new hour 'brimming with wit and imagination' (★★★★★, TV Bomb). Join these dazzling idiots for (probably) The Greatest Show on Earth. Since their 2014 debut, The Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘must-see’ act of the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2017 and 2018 have quickly gained fans far and wide with their unique trademark brand of anarchic buffoonery. An equally sought-after headline act both at home and abroad, their shows have toured extensively to critical acclaim. The Kagools’ shows are beautifully choreographed, hilariously funny and unashamedly joyful – a live experience not to be missed. It’s a circus but not as you know it, with enchanting, bold, high-energy laughs. The Kagools continue to propel silent comedy into the 21st century - for Cirque Du Kagool they learnt hula-hoop, chin-balancing and even forward rolls. It’s death-defying stuff. See it before one of them gets a blister. ★★★★★ ‘Brimming with wit & imagination… one of the outright funniest pieces of the entire festival’ TV Bomb (UK) ★★★★ ‘Pure genius… side-splittingly hilarious.’ Broadway Baby (UK)

  • Floral Peroxide - presented by Alison Paradoxx and 5000AD

    Earning multiple ★★★★★ reviews, and selling out their debut season! * Awarded The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Award, 2019! * Don't miss SA Poetry Slam Champion, 2016, Alison Paradoxx and Sound Designer, 5000AD, in a dynamic live display of spoken word, electronic soundscapes, movement, and visual art . 'Floral Peroxide' is an empowering exploration of the paradoxes of disability, and the societal desire to 'fix' the broken self. ★★★★★ “What I have just witnessed is by far the best show I have seen at the 2019 Fringe yet” Tulpa magazine Open Captions (for Deaf/hearing-impaired Tactile Tours available (for Blind/vision-impaired) - Bookings essential CW: Contains themes - disability, congenital disease, surgery, anorexia

  • Night photography class (Adelaide)

    Enjoy a fun hands-on learning experience in some of the most photogenic areas of Adelaide. If you have a DSLR or hybrid camera that allows for manual control of your camera then this is the perfect course for you. You'll learn to control ISO, shutter speed and aperture expertly and creatively to produce beautiful low-light shots. They will critique your photos so that you get the instant feedback you need to keep improving and expanding your perspectives. You'll become well acquainted with travel photography (street portraits, architecture, landscapes, still life, abstract, nature). You'll be guided by an expert photographer with many years of experience. See the booking link for reviews and the most updated class schedule. Hope to see you there!

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse beckons young people and their adults to explore its nooks and crannies. This unique interactive promenade performance is part installation, part scientific quest, part rave. A series of interconnected rooms await, each full of hands-on experiences exploring a different property of that elusive yet fundamental force of nature: light. Patch Artistic Director Geoff Cobham continues the celebration of big ideas - ideas that explore some of the world’s inexplicable questions from a child’s point of view. Taking light out of traditional theatre spaces and moving it into more explorative terrain, The Lighthouse puts children and their families at the centre of an exploration of light. Let The Lighthouse illuminate you. Presented by Adelaide Festival

  • Mengele

    1979, a beach in Brazil, a drowning man meets the mysterious woman that he assumes has saved him. Flattered and entranced by this enigmatic presence, he attempts to justify the unjustifiable, ultimately only succeeding in damning himself. Created in support of Holocaust charities, 'Mengele' offers a warning from the past of what happens when the world buys into hatred and bigotry. Returning to Adelaide after sell-out award winning seasons at Adelaide Fringe '18 & Edinburgh Fringe '18 & '19. ★★★★★ "Important, and it is brilliant" The Advertiser ★★★★★ "Astonishing" Daily Business ★★★★★ "Riveting... an exposé of a sociopathic narcissist" ★★★★★ "Stellar performances" Culturefix "A must-see masterpiece, a message more relevant than ever" Kryztoff

  • Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

    A silly circus adventure for ages 3-7! ★★★★★ "Wonderful Silliness" GlamAdelaide. Straight from a sell-out season at Edinburgh Fringe, Big Tops returns to Adelaide with this Early-education focused show made just for little ones. After 50mins of endless giggling, kids will be somersaulting out the door with excitement, ready to set off on their very own circus adventure! "I laughed so much my wobbly tooth came out" Lily, Age 5 With hula hoops, unicycle, plate-spinning and plenty of help from the audience, Luth takes kids on a madcap circus adventure set to inspire! ★★★★ "Interactive, engaging and educational" The Advertiser.

  • Fort Nite Battle Royal Live

    We provide the Nerf guns. You choose your weapon & get ready to run. Thirty players take to the field. Warm up games give you an opportunity to size-up the opposition and earn bonus weapons for the final round. The last game is the Battle Royal itself. Once the game begins there are no teams, no alliances, no squads. Every player stands on their own against the rest. The umpires word is final and the last player standing takes home the medal. All winners are invited back for a Champion of Champion's battle on the final Sunday of the Fringe. We will also provide safety eye wear & competitor vests. We recommend wearing comfortable close-toed shoes. This is an outdoor event and may be subject to weather. This event is an 8 years and older event - Children younger than 8 will not be admitted.

  • Appassionata

    Dance of passion based on TS Eliot's "4 Quartets" danced to Beethoven's Appassionata Piano Sonata #23 know to be his bleakest work. The finale was said to be the "devils laughter in the face of ultimate damnation." Shakti's dance shows the passion the soul's journey from birth, to life and to death. Music played live by pianist Riccardo Barone.

  • Morris & Co.

    AGSA’s Morris & Co. display has been reimagined with a new presentation of the iconic works, including furniture, ceramics and textiles and the addition of recent acquisitions. Co-founded by William Morris, one of the most prolific and well-known designers of the nineteenth century, Morris & Co. is a furnishings and decorative arts manufacturer and retailer famous for its focus on handmade craftsmanship. The display, which showcases the largest Morris & Co. collection outside Britain, features many works linked to Adelaide’s prominent Barr-Smith family, who were major clients. It includes a number of designs by May Morris, daughter of William Morris, who was one of the leading female contributors to the Arts and Crafts Movement. She was an innovative designer of embroidery, wallpaper and jewellery, and ran the embroidery department of Morris & Co. as well as co-founding the Women’s Guild of Arts in 1907.

  • Puppetry Of The Penis - The Best Bits Tour Live!

    After conquering over 35 countries in two dickades, Australia’s greatest theatrical export brings you a collection of all of their ‘Best Bits’! Conceived initially in male sporting change rooms, the show has since found favour with both men and women alike. Having graced 35 countries with theatrical and absurdist humour, the Best Bits tour promises to regale audiences with iconic acts such as the Eiffel Tower, the Lochness Monster, the Pelican and the Hamburger - along with several new installations. Guaranteeing both entertainment and liberation, Puppetry of the Penis invites Australian audiences to laugh out loud, and celebrate a truly odd piece of human anatomy. WARNING: This show contains traces of nuts!

  • Cold War: MKA + Dopplegangster

    Two losers eat snow cones in a cheap motel room. They watch you via a drone. The only flavour is tasteless. Part punk gig, contemporary theatre and political intervention; renowned international climate activist-artists, Doppelgangster, deliver a thrilling, hypnotic, phantasmagoric spectacle that blasts a light on the horrors of ecological disaster. Post-dramatic chaos featuring two extraordinary performers and a violent and anarchic jazz-punk score.

  • Luminarium: Daedalum

    Transport yourself into a world of radiant colour, labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes. Experience the surprising luminosity, calming hues and unexpected beauty likened to travelling through a stained glass window, a futuristic space station, or a living breathing sculpture of air and light. For all ages, no two visits are alike as the Luminarium’s atmosphere changes according to the weather and light outside. Presented by Insite Arts. Supported by the University of Adelaide Luminarium: Daedalum is open daily from 5pm–10pm (closed Mondays). Advanced booking is available for 30min sessions from 5.30pm–9.30pm via the Adelaide Fringe website.

  • ‘Women’s Work’ The Exhibition

    Sparkke, Adelaide’s first female founded and led beer and wine company, are celebrating the passionate leadership of South Australian Aboriginal Women through a photographic portrait exhibition launching on Australia Day (aka Survival Day or Invasion Day). ‘Women’s Work’, the exhibition’s working title, will be housed in The Queens Room at the company’s multi-award-winning venue, Sparkke at the Whitmore. The exhibition is a collaboration between multi-award winning Australian Aboriginal photographer Professor Wayne Quilliam and Rebecca Richards of the South Australian Museum. It aims to recognise, celebrate and elevate the passionate leadership of Aboriginal women working on the front lines of the battle to preserve their culture and achieve social equality for their communities. The exhibition will open to the public from 4pm on Sunday 26 January. All original portraits and a limited edition print run will be available for purchase with all funds raised also going to the South Australian Museum and GO Foundation.

  • Dom Chambers - Fake Wizard

    Winner of best magic show at Adelaide Fringe in 2019, semi-finalist in America's Got Talent, and star of the sell-out Broadway hit show 'The Illusionists', Dom Chambers returns in 2020 with his biggest show yet! Known for his hilarious take on magic, viral videos, and beer sorcery -- Dom puts on a show like no other magician. See for yourself in this wild mash-up of his best and most-loved viral hits, alongside brand-new, never before seen fake wizardry. This show WILL sell out - so get your tickets FAST. "The Steve Jobs of magic!" Howie Mandel "GENIUS" Simon Cowell America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Dom Chambers, is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos, and artistic live performances. His critically acclaimed one-man show 'RanDom' was awarded the prestigious award for "Best Magic Show", at the Adelaide Fringe in 2019. Charming and approachable, Dom puts on a show like none other.

  • 'Tales of an Urban Indian' by Darrell Dennis - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    He is Simon Douglas, a contemporary Indigenous man, who grows up on both a reserve in British Columbia and in Vancouver. You are a passenger on a moving bus, bearing witness to Simon’s journey and ultimately his healing. Directed by Herbie Barnes. “This is a defiant in-your-face theatre experience that will make you laugh and cry!" - Stage Whispers Presented by Talk Is Free Theatre in association with Hartstone-Kitney Productions

  • Ukulele Dream Girl Does Amanda Palmer - Adelaide Fringe in Gluttony

    Adelaide Fringe 2020: Ukulele Dream Girl Does Amanda Palmer Amanda Palmer is a cultural icon: whether you love her music, her TED Talk, her book, or her community of creatives. While she tours 'There Will Be No Intermission', join the Ukulele Dream Girl & her Coin-Operated Band to reflect on all the music, mayhem and madness that has made AFP and inspired generations of art makers to come. The Ukulele Dream Girl, Adelaide cabaret darling Phi Theodoros, will be joined on stage by a band of the best musicians the Adelaide musical theatre scene has to offer: The Coin-Operated Band, led by the 'unflappable' Musical Director Patrick Maher. Featuring the music you love by local artists who love to share it, coupled with stories and singalongs, this limited season is not to be missed. There will be no intermission, but there will be a Map of Tasmania! ★★★★★ Weekend Notes. ★★★★½ All Over Adelaide. ★★★★½ Mindshare “excellent Musical Director Jesse Budel for this. His ten-piece band is largely tidy...unflappable Patrick Maher’s on-stage guitar sequence” - Pat H. Wilson, Glam Adelaide

  • HYPNOTISED by Isaac Lomman

    Back for his 8th Adelaide Fringe season, Australia's stage hypnotist, Isaac Lomman takes his show to the next level with this must see Fringe show!! Delving into this powerful and empowering state of mind, Isaac takes volunteers from the audience into a hilarious journey conjured up in their incredible imaginations. This fun all ages show will change your mind about everything you know of hypnosis and give your sides a work out with giggles in the process. SEE the show or BE the show! Isaac Lomman is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, a unique entertainer who fuses the power of hypnosis with hilarious routines to create stars out of members of the audience. The whole family will enjoy this as Isaac creates this hilarity from volunteers only that join him on stage to experience this powerful mental state of focus and imagination. Please check Fringe site for exact dates, times and venues!

  • Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

    Red-hot rhythms, dynamic energy, dramatic choreography & musical synchronisation: Mugenkyo's distinctive style fuses traditional spirit with modern theatricality. The UK's original taiko pioneers have just celebrated their landmark 25th year as Europe's longest-established group. With 1000s of performances worldwide, including extensive theatre tours, cross-genre collaborations, TV, film & recording projects, Mugenkyo present their long-awaited Australian debut. ★★★★★ "Just when you think it could not get any more powerful, it doubles in intensity. This show is not one to be missed" Edinburgh Evening News. "Mugenkyo showcases its musical presentation in totally modern style, making the esoteric thoroughly pop... sustaining its appeal right to the climax, winning thunderous applause" The Stage.

  • Rebel @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    Rebel is a live circus rock tribute to the original rebel, David Bowie. Stage dive into the mosh pit for a night of live music, glittering glam rock, phenomenal acrobatics, breathtaking aerials and spectacular heart stopping sideshow. Live music combined with circus and comedy brings to life an incredible body of work that spanned over 50 years, and an aesthetic that broke ground and inspired generations. Rebel has been inspired by the words of Bowie; "I want to tart rock up. I don't want to climb out of my fantasies in order to go up on stage - I want to take them on stage with me." Rebel is your Bowie fantasies realised - a live band, breathtaking circus, spectacular rock and roll sideshow. ★★★★½ "A pervasive feeling of pure joy, and a Bowie-esque celebration of the weird and glamorous" Collage Adelaide "Glam rock and roll cabaret with heart stopping physical feats, a costume selection to die for and enough talent to make you sick... Our only complaint -- we wanted more!" We Know Melbourne 2019 "A fully rounded, packed show for all ages" Stage Whispers 2019 Presented by: Gluttony and Highwire Entertainment

  • Monthly coffee mornings with Adult Brain Cancer Support Association Inc. (ABCSA)

    Adult Brain Cancer Support Association Inc. is focused on giving support, encouragement, help and guidance to all adults diagnosed with brain cancer, their friends, families and carers. The free monthly coffee morning catch up and chat is an informal gathering in a welcoming and supportive environment. Feel free to call in, phone or email for more information

  • YUCK Circus | Adelaide Fringe 2020

    Sugar, spice, and apparently “nice”? With our bloody good sense of humour, we're going to rip into the uncomfortable using high-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions and groovy dancing. WINNERS of Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe 2019, and the FRINGEWORLD top-tier Martin Sims Award, get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face.

  • Bharata Natyam & Beethoven

    "When Fate comes knocking at the door." India Link, "When the genius of dance is touched by the hands of God." Vaucluse, Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Fate choreographed and danced in Classical Indian Dance (Bharata Natyam) style. It is the first time in history. Beethoven's complex music and rhythm has had most ballet and western dance companies shun the piece but the rhythm is perfectly suited to the South Indian music and Shakti's powerful dance. "The performance was an absolute pleasure. Perfection in executing a Bharatanatyam piece is very important. And this performance was nearly flawless" (India Link / Vinaya Raj)

  • Idris Stanton: Wham Glam Circus Man @ Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe

    Magic, music, comedy and circus - all set to a banging rock and roll soundtrack! ★★★★ "Bring the family and rock on!" The Advertiser, 2019. ★★★★★ "Our Favorite Fringe show" 100% Rock Magazine, 2019. ★★★★ "A Rock and Roll finale worthy of KISS" Broadway Baby, 2018. 2019 Weekly Award Winner Circus (Perth) Winner of Best Circus (Melbourne) 2 x Weekly Award winner of Best Circus (Adelaide) Winner of People's Choice award (Kingston, CANADA) This is a feel-good rock and roll comedy for all to enjoy. If you like death-defying circus stunts and side-splitting comedy, then don't miss this rock and roll extravaganza!

  • L.I.A.R - Life Is A Rehearsal

    High-flying circus collides with outrageous comedy, serious skill and a little whimsy in this brilliant new work from Berlin-native Remi Martin. Martin (star of LIMBO, Blanc de Blanc Encore) evolves before your eyes through childhood, adolescence and into the daily grind -- but it's not a serious show. It's pretty silly in parts. But such is life -- and so are rehearsals. With extraordinary props, special effects and physically staged scenes with a blistering live soundtrack, this company of three create an odyssey of self-discovery and fantastic imagery to transport you into a dream like no other. "an evening full of adventures, comedy, beautiful visuals and an excellent soundtrack...refreshingly unique" ArtConnect " Dazzling, funny, moving. See it! " Tom Tykwer (film director)

  • Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical

    Australia's festival-favourite is finally in Adelaide! Each night, the audience suggests the title of a musical that doesn't exist, and moments later the curtain opens on a brand new, completely improvised and totally hilarious show. Now a weekly podcast, Impromptunes has performed sell-out shows in festivals throughout Australia and in Edinburgh Fringe. Don't miss out on your chance to see Australia's funniest musical improvisers in action. With over 300 brand-new musicals to their name, you're in good (jazz) hands! ★★★★★ Theatre People ★★★★★ Dircksey ★★★★1/2 The West Australian ★★★★1/2 Gutter Culture ★★★★ Herald Sun ★★★★ Time Out ★★★★ Broadway Baby ★★★★ Beat Magazine ★★★★ Fringefeed ★★★★ The Fourth Wall Formed in 2013, Impromptunes is Australia's premier improvised musical comedy troupe. They have performed their flagship show 'The Completely Improvised Musical' over 300 times, selling out shows in Perth Fringe World, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Bondi Feast and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The hugely talented cast comes from a variety of backgrounds, including WAAPA, VCA, Impro Melbourne and Spontaneous Broadway. The team keeps the fun going all year round, presenting a mini-musical each week on Impromptunes: The Podcast.

  • Haus of Hans: Disco Spektakulär

    This is Hans' biggest show ever! Dripping in glitter and diamonds and inspired by the opulent New York City club scene of the early '80s and '90s. Be transported into a world where rules are thrown out the window. Come, enjoy an evening of disco, dance and drama inside Hans' magical music box and his new home at Moa, Gluttony. He is really up himself now.

  • Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

    Hot on the heels of sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Festival, Sydney Opera House and London’s South Bank, Australia’s prehistoric sensation returns to Adelaide for the first time in five years. Get up close and personal with the rock stars of the Stone Age – meet the dinosaurs that ruled the earth. The coolest family show in (pre) history.

  • Passengers - The University of Adelaide

    Max wants to tell you a story. He’s not entirely sure why or even who he is. Is he savage, peacekeeper or critic… or all of these? He’s hoping you’ll be able to help. Passengers is a semi-autobiographical dark comedy about the epic battles and alliances within the psyche and the power of the mind to protect itself from pain. Using their trademark blend of comedy, tragedy, playfulness and heart, Vacuum Theatre show us that by understanding that we all have multiple, complex personalities, we can have more compassion and understanding for ourselves and each other.

  • A Thousand Cranes

    *****Winners of the 2019 ATG Award for Best Youth Theatre***** The atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima changed everything, especially for 12-year-old Sadako Sasaki. In a concord of live theatre, contemporary dance, music and aerial silks her true story, captured in a play by Kathryn Schultz Miller, lives on. The Gemini Collective pay homage to the girl who sparked a movement of peace. Join us outside the stunning Himeji Gardens with Japanese food trucks, Bubble Tea and more for a glorious family day out. "Without exception they all give terrific performances, bringing to life this deeply moving tale about death and hope. It is without doubt, for me, the strongest and most consistent and uniformly most powerful ensemble of community actors that I have recently seen in Adelaide." Tony Knight, Stage Whispers

  • The Kagools: Cirque du Kagool

    The multi-award winning physical comedy duo bring a brand new hour of pure joy and anarchic buffoonery 'brimming with wit and imagination' ★★★★★ (The Wee Review). Join these dazzling idiots for (probably) The Greatest Show on Earth. The Kagools are a wildly popular double act from the UK. A sought-after headline act both at home and overseas, their critically acclaimed shows have toured extensively, with recent international appearances including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Europe, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea. 'See The Kagools now, before they make it big on TV' (The Advertiser) 'Ingenious... life-affirming' ★★★★½ (Rip It Up) 'Comedy Gold' ★★★★ (Broadway Baby)

  • Spitfire Solo - Adelaide Fringe 2020

    June 2000 - for eighty-year old Peter Walker, ex-Battle of Britain pilot, an unexpected new challenge is about to begin. As he re-lives past glories, losses, wartime experiences, family memories and the heady days of blue skies and battles, he searches for the answer to the biggest question so far! Personal, charming, funny and inventive, 'Spitfire Solo' blends theatre, music and film. UK award-winning Fringe favourite Nicholas Collett ("Your Bard", "Oysters", director 2018 Best Theatre "That Daring Australian Girl") plays a multitude of characters and recreates the Battle of Britain - onstage! Written by Nicholas Collett Directed by Gavin Robertson ★★★★★ "Hugely entertaining" Adelaide Theatre Guide ★★★★ "Touching" The Advertiser "A masterpiece" Broadway World "Superb" Glam Adelaide Presented by Nicholas Collett

  • Rosie Waterland - Kid Chameleon at Adelaide Fringe!

    Rosie spent her childhood shapeshifting and course-correcting based on the scenario. Mum’s a sex worker? Adjust. In foster care? Shape-shift. Dad collapses drunk? Course correct, figure it out. When your world keeps changing, you kind of have no choice but to keep changing with it. A household name since her hilarious Bachelor recaps became essential pop culture reading, award-winning podcaster, author & comedian Rosie has sold out theatres and enraptured audiences across the country with her trademark frank, funny honesty on topics from awkward sex to body image and mental health. Don’t miss one of Australia’s most prolific, honest, endearingly funny talents. 'A deft and comedic touch… quirky, sarcastic and fun' The Creative Issue 'Constant laughter, squirming and a rush of emotion as she takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster.' City Hub 'Utterly poignant and touching...Rosie is undoubtedly a great storyteller' Scenestr 'Jokes, a solid message, a well written performance... telling stories the way she does best – with jokes, attitude and sarcasm – all while sitting back, sipping champagne.' City Hub

  • Adelaide Festival 2020

    For 60 years Adelaide Festival audiences have delighted in an outstanding mix of internationally acclaimed theatre productions, an eclectic array of world-class musicians, breathtaking dance pieces, renowned writers and striking visual arts displays. Enjoyed amid warm March days and starry nights, Adelaide Festival’s celebration of creative excellence makes for an event of truly epic proportions. 2020 marks the fourth Adelaide Festival presented by Co-Artistic Directors Neil Armfield AO and Rachel Healy. All of their programs, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, saw Adelaide Festival previous box office records broken and were a resounding success. Neil and Rachel will direct Adelaide Festival until 2023.

  • English conversation classes in North Adelaide

    Practice English conversation in a friendly, informal environment. Classes are small and open to all English levels. Through participating in the classes you will meet other locals and find out what's happening at your community centre. No bookings are required. For your conveniences classes are held at various times during the week; Monday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Tuesday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Thursday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Thursday evening 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Please note – children are not permitted in classes and classes are not held during school holidays.

  • Heart Foundation walking group

    Walking is a fun, free and easy way to feel happy and healthy. Join our regular walking group to meet new friends and boost your health. All walks depart from the front of the Library. A different route is taken each week so there is sure to be a walk to suit all tastes and fitness levels. Please note: no walking group happens if the weather is 37 degrees or over.

  • Discover robotics

    Are you interested in discovering how code can bring a robot to life? Want to discover how they work? Explore the exciting world of robotics with Ollie, Meccanoid or Mindstorm. Using the latest iPad apps, drive and race Ollie through a maze you’ve made, or perform a crazy trick combo! See how you can code Lego® to solve a Rubicks Cube or meet our friendly and interactive Meccanoid robot. Join our volunteers for an introduction to Robotics. Book now

  • Australian friends of the Camino

    Public talks about the Camino de Santiago and pilgrim gatherings. Thinking of completing the pilgrimage? Have questions you want answered, by someone that has actually been there and done that? Come along to the public meetings and get to know fellow pilgrims. These meetings are held on various dates throughout the year. The first meeting will occur on the 22 February 2020. For more information please call.

  • Brad Lay - Central Bio District exhibition

    As part of the Central Bio District (CBD) Project, artist Brad Lay has been documenting the wild plant and animal communities of Adelaide. This exhibition, a result of his ART WORKS residency, seeks to direct a focus towards the non-human inhabitants of the city and extend the notion of community beyond the human. This exhibition is available to view in the Hutt Street Library spaces until the end of May. ART WORKS is delivered by Guildhouse and City of Adelaide.

  • Club 8 Sports

    Girls and Guys if you like to play sport and meet new people Club 8 Sports has a new program for you to join. Club 8 Sports is a mixed social sports club running a series of fun sports with 8 teams over 8 weeks. We play a range of sports ranging from: Volleyball Soccer Dodgeball Ultimate frisbee Cricket Kickball Touch Rugby Footy We have a couple of free trials in January if you want to come and try: Wednesday 15th at 7:00 Wednesday 29th at 7:00 The season proper kicks off on February 12th running for 8 weeks. Whether you are looking at staying or getting fit we encourage all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Our mantra is to have fun in a safe welcoming environment. Ages: 18+

  • Learn English through board games

    Do you enjoy playing board games? This English conversation class is an informal, effective and fun way to practise English for migrants. All equipment is supplied. No bookings are required, just turn up and join in. Please note: children cannot be accommodated and classes are held in the school term only.

  • Novelist’s circle II

    Novelist’s circle II is a writers’ support group.If you live in Adelaide and would like to join a critiquing group that meets monthly, this is the group for you. Be prepared to share your work, receive critical feedback, and invest time in critiquing the work of other members.

  • Justice of the peace service

    A Justice of the Peace is an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. This is a free service and available on the following days/times:Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00 am to 12:00 pmTuesdays, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pmThursdays, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pmFridays by appointment.

  • ICC Women's T20 World Cup

    The ICC T20 World Cup is the flagship international Twenty20 tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council. Two T20 World Cups will be played in Australia in 2020, starting with the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, comprising 10 teams playing 23 matches from 21 February to 8 March 2020, followed by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, involving 16 teams playing 45 matches from 18 October to 15 November 2020. For the first time, T20 cricket’s global showpiece women’s and men’s competitions will be played as standalone events in the same host country and in the same year. Eight host cities and 13 venues throughout Australia will host matches, with both competitions having broad national footprints, meaning as many Australians as possible will have the chance to see the world’s best players in their backyard. Six teams will play warm-up matches at Karen Rolton Oval in Adelaide between 16 February – 19 February 2020 including matches between Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka. This presents a wonderful opportunity for Adelaide to play host to a festival of women’s cricket, featuring some of the best teams and players in the world.

  • LEGO® Club

    Looking for something to keep little hands busy? Come along to the Adelaide City Libraries' Lego® Club and let imaginations run wild. Held at City Library every Sunday 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and Hutt Street Library every Wednesday 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. No bookings are required for the larger city venue but are encouraged for Hutt Street. Lego ® Club is suitable for ages four and over. Please note children 10 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. Image credit:

  • Board game bash

    Join our pro board-gaming staff for an afternoon of fun and (board) games! Bring a friendly sense of competition and get ready to rock and roll (the dice) with our fantastic range of exciting new games as well as old favourites. Every third Saturday of the Month, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the City Library. No bookings required. All welcome.

  • Adelaide Fringe

    The Adelaide Fringe is Australia's largest Arts Festival and the second biggest Fringe Festival in the world! We completely take over Adelaide and its’ surrounds for 31 magical days and nights each year, and if you ask anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to experience the Fringe, they’ll tell you that it’s the best time of year to be in Adelaide. Our atmosphere is indescribable, but here are some words that almost do the job; mythical, magical, fantabulous, fantasmagorical, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You get the idea – we’re one in a million. Venues big and small, pop-up and permanent, house thousands of artists from all over Adelaide, Australia and the world. Around most of Adelaide’s corners, whether in an alleyway, a tent, a pub; a laundromat, or an abandoned hospital, you’ll be bound to find Fringe goodness in some shape or form. With free events, ground breaking work, new talent, innovative thinking and original voices, we’re here to unleash the fun. Want to join in? Visit our website to find out what's on!

  • The Dolly Parton Story

    After a sell out run at Brighton Fringe, 'The Dolly Parton Story' premiers at Adelaide Fringe to take you on Dolly’s incredible journey from the Smoky Mountains to her arrival as the Queen of Country. Featuring passionate renditions of Jolene, 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream, I Will Always Love You, Here You Come Again and many more. Dolly's impressive back catalogue is brought to life with authenticity by Hannah Richards and Alex Beharrell. “Dolly’s music comes alive” BBC Radio. 'The Dolly Parton Story' will bring a tear to your eye in one breath and in the next have you up and dancing in the aisles. No doubt you will be left wanting more Dolly in your life! ★★★★ “An incredible journey” ScotsGay “Best Of Edinburgh Fringe List” Sunday Times Presented by: Night Owl Shows presents ground-breaking and informative productions depicting the lives of some of the most influential singer songwriters of the 20th Century.

  • Poet in Residence - Deb Stewart

    Join Poet in Residence Deb Stewart to explore your connections to the city of Adelaide through poetry. Capture your memories and reflections, with an emphasis on human interaction with city buildings, spaces and landmarks. Together we will create collaborative and individual poems that map the ‘human city’ and discover what Adelaide means to us. Join her for a special spoken word performance Friday 20 March. Workshop 1 - For the Love of Adelaide Friday 14 February 5:30 pm In this workshop you'll engage in some writing exercises and reflections. Write a love letter to a city street, space or landmark and work on personification as you create and develop your poetry. Workshop 2 - Collaboration and the Editing ProcessSaturday 22 February 2:30 pmIn this workshop you'll engage in writing exercises and collaboration. Write together with workshop attendees to develop a magical poetry piece, and work on editing your work. Workshop 3 - Leap into Media and MusicSaturday 29 February 1:30 pmIn this workshop you'll work from photos and news clippings as prompts for creative writing, and learn more about Creative Commons music resources to pair with your spoken word pieces. Performance - Poetry in the LibraryFriday 20 March 6:30 pm Hear words and stories captured during recent poetry workshops 'Adelaide - mapping the human city' performed by Deb and the community. Come along and explore connections made with the buildings, spaces, and landmarks of the city of Adelaide.Places are limited so books are required for all workshops. Reserve your place now.

  • Get crafty

    Love making crafty things? Swap secrets, trade talents or develop your new interest. at our Get Crafty sessions. Whether your passion is embroidery, felting, knitting, cross stitch, patchwork or even tapestry, we welcome you to join us. Bring along your current craft project to our fortnightly get-together and enjoy a cup of tea in the company of like-minded others. $2 per session. No bookings needed. Get Crafty is on the second and fourth Friday of the month 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

  • Meditation

    This three to four week free meditation course is facilitated by Sri Chinmoy. The first block starts on 11 February and runs from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. February course dates: 11, 18, 25 March course dates: 10, 17, 24, 31 May course dates: 12,19, 26 June course dates: 9, 16, 23, 30 Please visit the website and complete the ‘Contact Us’ form to register. Continuation classes will be offered at the end of each course.

  • Adelaide men's group

    The Adelaide Men's Group has been meeting on a monthly basis for more than 10 years.The purpose of the Adelaide Men’s Group is to build meaningful community and authentic connections with other men. By participating in the meetings you are able to:• increase connection• be listened to and genuinely heard• feel safe sharing feelings and perspectives• speak honestly, openly and confidentially without judgement• develop authentic friendships that are not based on your job, the car you drive or the sporting team you follow.Contributions to cover the cost of the Men’s group meeting facilities, supper, website etc, consistent with the sense of value you received from the meeting, are greatly appreciated and can be provided at the end of the ‘Talking Circle’ or at other times.

  • Novelist’s circle I

    Novelist’s circle I is a writers’ support group, meeting on the second Monday of the month at the Box Factory Community CentreIf you live in Adelaide and would like to join a critiquing group that meets monthly, this is the group for you. Be prepared to share your work, receive critical feedback, and invest time in critiquing the work of other members.

  • Saturday crochet in North Adelaide

    Join the North Adelaide crocheters for a relaxed morning of craft, coffee and camaraderie. All skills levels are welcome. There will be someone to show you the basics or to help get you past a crochet pattern block. Bring your own hook and wool unless you're just starting and we will dig some up. Saturday crochet is on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Enter through the community centre out of hours entrance.

  • Linux support group

    Meet other Linux users, talk and work through issues together in this Linux support group. Share your knowledge and learn new skills at weekly sessions. Monthly sessions are for those wishing to exchange knowledge and experience, and enjoy occasional guest speakers.

  • Bingo

    You are welcome to join members of Filipino Aged Care of SA every Thursday to enjoy playing game of bingo together. You don't need to be a member to join in the fun. Entry is free. You are playing just for fun and socialising.

  • Esperanto

    Esperanto is a language created to be used internationally, a means by which all people, no matter what their origins, might communicate freely. It is reportedly easy to learn and was invented to allow communication for everybody on a basis of mutual respect and understandingJoin the monthly group to talk, laugh and learn. Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from February to November. Everyone is welcome. No bookings are required.

  • Spanish conversation classes

    Join our volunteers who are native Spanish speakers, for relaxed and informal Spanish conversation classes. Classes are held on Wednesdays each week during school terms only. Class 1: Low level beginners: 10:30 am to 11:30 amClass 2: Beginners/intermediate: 11:30 am to 12:30 pmClass 3: Intermediate/advanced: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm Cost is $2.00 per person. Registrations through the Box Factory Community Centre are essential.

  • Writers SA Think Tank

    Join Writers SA's new writing circle, the Think Tank. Sessions are held at 5:30 pm at Adelaide City Library on the first Wednesday of every month Get together with writers every month to pitch concepts, test plot lines, workshop a synopsis, brainstorm and get feedback on your work in this fast-paced hour of creative construction.Book now

  • Adelaide Fringe 60th Anniversary exhibition

    The Adelaide City Library celebrates six decades of festival fun and eye-catching design with an exhibition of iconic Adelaide Fringe posters and memorabilia. This will be alongside contemporary artworks by Adelaide visual artist Donovan Christie whose painting 'Cornerstone of the Community' was chosen for the cover of the Adelaide Fringe 60th Anniversary Book. The exhibition will be on display from Tuesday 4 February to Sunday 29 March 2020. Image: Donovan Christie, Cornerstone of the Community. Read an article about Donovan Christie and the Adelaide Fringe City Library exhibition

  • 1.5 Degrees Live!

    The most important climate report, ever. 1.5 Degrees Live! Sunday and Monday at Frome Park, near Planet Talks. 100 readers. 5 days. 3 venues. 20 minutes that will change your life. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on 1.5 Degrees of Global Warming contains submissions from thousands of scientists to provide the world with an objective, scientific view of climate change. You don’t have to grapple with it alone – come and hear the findings among like-minded people. 1.5 Degrees Live! features the reading, in full, of the IPCC Special Report by guest speakers, business and industry leaders, artists, scientists, activists and members of the public. Hear about the future of the planet, live! Learn how we can all play our part in taking climate action.Find out about Carbon Neutral Adelaide This reading event will start at Flinders University, before heading to the city in the Garden of Unearthly Delights and WOMADelaide. Be part of the world’s big conversation. 5 March – Flinders University, Student Plaza, 9 am to 5 pm6 and 7 March – Garden of Unearthly Delights, Spiegel Zelt, 10 am to 4 pm8 and 9 March – WOMADelaide, 11 am to 6 pmNO BOOKINGS REQUIRED Presented by Flinders University. Supported by City of Adelaide, Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights and WOMADelaide.

  • Crohn's and Colitis support group

    The Crohn's and Colitis support group meetings provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals impacted by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can express themselves openly and receive support and understanding from others with similar experiences. All members, including the facilitator, are impacted by Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis in some way. So whether you have a diagnosis yourself, have a sibling, partner or loved one with IBD, our groups are also there to support you.IBD is hard to talk about, so a lot of sufferers go through their symptoms in silence. Come along, you might just learn something that will make you feel a bit better.

  • Friendly street poets

    Bring along your poems to read at Friendly street poets or just come and listen to a diverse range of poetry. Held on the first Monday of the month, sign-in is from 6:00 pm for a start around 6:20 pm. A second session starts around 7:30 pm. Remember: there is a maximum of three minutes maximum microphone time per reader to make sure everyone gets a go and has an audience.If you want your poem to be considered for this year’s anthology, you must be a member of FSP. Bring along two printed copies of your poem with all your contact details on them for submission. You can join up for 2020 Membership via the link below or you pay-up on the night.

  • Identity exhibition

    In the art exhibition Identity the artists scratch the surface of a complex theme, expressing aspects of ‘identity’ that are both general and personal. Reaching into the identity well is certainly worthwhile and often challenging. The exhibition can be viewed at Box Factory Community Centre Monday to Friday during opening hours of 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, from 3 February to 27 March. You can also join Bev for a free movement, drawing and writing workshop on Saturday 29 February from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Box Factory Community Centre. To book email Bev direct.

  • English Conversation (ESL) at Hutt Street Library

    Join our friendly English tutor volunteers for this weekly class to improve your English skills. Classes are held Mondays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, during school terms only. Cost is $2 per person. No bookings required

  • Mindfulness meditation

    Beginners are welcome to join Oasis Mindfulness facilitator, Anne and learn this style of meditation which will help you:- Develop presence with your-self to work with greater clarity, joy and effectiveness- Learn how to access the inner oasis of calm and move through your life with ease, even in the most challenging circumstances- Learn to make skilful decisions and actions from a centred place within your own oasis- Allow your inner resources of wisdom, intuition and creativity to surface- Open up or dip into your inner oasis resource, instead of relying solely on the active mind to automatically analyse, solve or fix any problems.Each session includes a meditation or two and discussion around themes relating to the mind, body and breath. Chairs are provided.

  • Ebenezer Night Markets

    The Ebenezer Night Markets are conducted in Ebenezer Place, Adelaide on selected dates during the summer. The market has a wide selection of food, jewellery, fashion, artwork and crafts. Dates for the 2019/2020 season are; Saturday 14 December 2019 Saturday 21 December 2019 Saturday 1 February 2020 Saturday 8 February 2020 Friday 14 February 2020 Saturday 15 February 2020 Friday 21 February 2020 Saturday 22 February 2020 Saturday 29 February 2020 Saturday 7 March 2019 Each event will begin at 5:30pm and finish at 10:30pm.

  • Monthly mind, body, wellness workshop

    Learn how to eliminate stress and improve your health physically, mentally and emotionally through our monthly mind, body and wellness workshops. These free workshops are held on the first Saturday of the month. They include guided meditation, breathing techniques and simple yet powerful yoga. Join the group from The Art of Living to learn all the tips and tricks. Please contact Raghu for further information.

  • Illuminations

    To celebrate the Royal visits of 1901, 1920, 1927 and 1954, the City of Adelaide decorated the city with bunting and illuminations, warmly welcoming members of the Royal Family. Illuminations presents a range of photographs from the Historic Photographic and the Lantern Slide Collections; as well as Archival material from the City of Adelaide Archives. Illuminations is on display at the City Library’s History Hub from 31 January to 26 April 2020. Book now for the Curator talk with Oliva Kubiak on Wednesday 11 March, 1:15 pm.

  • Family storytime at City Library

    Come and explore an interactive world of story, song, music and movement for children aged 0 to 5 and their families.Family storytime sessions are every Thursday at the City Library from 10:30 am.Please note that sessions run weekly during the school term. No bookings are required.

  • Beginner Spanish class

    Join us for a beginners Spanish language class. This class is suitable for those with no prior learning or those that want to go back and cover the basics of the Spanish language. No bookings are required, just come along and give it a go. First class will be on the 29 January 2020.

  • Family storytime at North Adelaide Library

    Come and explore an interactive world of story, song, music and movement for children aged 0 to 5 and their families.Family storytime sessions are held every Wednesday at the North Adelaide Library from 10:30 am.Please note that sessions run weekly during the school term. No bookings are required.

  • Family storytime at Hutt Street Library

    Come and explore an interactive world of story, song, music and movement for children aged 0 to 5 and their families.Family storytime sessions are held every Tuesday and Saturday at the Hutt Street Library from 10:30 am.Please note that sessions run weekly during the school term. No bookings are required.

  • Fleshing out the Fringe

    Fleshing out the Fringe is an exhibition of drawings and paintings by local artist Kathleen Patitsas glorying in the many and varied forms of the human body in a sensitive and respectful manner. It is an acceptance of the beauty of the body in a positive and unashamed way, in the tradition of life drawing and painting over thousands of years. The exhibition also represents the vulnerability of humans in the face of so many global threats. Join the artist for an exhibition launch on Saturday 1 February at 6:00 pm.

  • Popeye High Tea

    Join us for a one and a half hour cruise along The Torrens River with an authentic High Tea experience. On the menu is a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, petit fours and a complimentary glass of South Australian champagne, beer, cider or soft drink on arrival and of course a bottomless cup of tea or coffee. Departing The Elder Park Landing, you will be served your refreshments and given time to catch up with friends and loved ones amidst a scenic tour of the Adelaide Riverbank on our very own Adelaide icon Popeye. Pre order a bottle of something special to be waiting for you on arrival or purchase more drinks on board with cash or card. A perfect present for anyone being celebrated.

  • Euro games with the Adelaide Board Games Group (ABGG)

    The Adelaide Board Games Group (ABGG) is an informal group of gamers who gather regularly at various Adelaide locations to play board games and some card games. They play Euro games such as Agricola, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Goa, Dominion and Ticket to Ride as well as games such as Railroad Tycoon, Arkham Horror and Pandemic. There is no membership fees so encourage anyone - member or not - to come try out games. All these events are open to non-members. $2.00 per person cover charge is required for the use of all venues. Also, be sure to join our Facebook group to see lots of game photos and discussion about what people are playing or want to play.

  • Life drawing art group

    The life drawing art group is a regular art class held at the Adelaide South West Community Centre. There is no teacher, but peer feedback is available. The model will do a range of short and long poses, giving you plenty of opportunities to hone your skills. Please note that you will need to bring your own art materials (some easels are available for use). No bookings are required to join this group, you are welcome to just come along

  • Cooking workshops at Box Factory

    The workshops cover a wide range of different cuisines with a focus on cooking nutritious meals on a budget. Guest facilitators have included local chef restaurateurs, Slow Food SA and local residents who would love to share their skills and cooking talents with the community. Most workshops run on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Contact the Centre to be added to the mailing list so you can be the first to know the dates for these great workshops.

  • SCALA workshops

    SCALA is a global songwriting organisation dedicated to encouraging, supporting and nurturing songwriters, composers, and lyric writers of any style and genre. Everyone is welcome.Songwriter workshops are led by presenters who give a talk or lead participants through a hands-on song writing exercise. ​It is also a great place to meet with other songwriters, or find a musical collaborator.​Each workshop is different so check the SCALA website regularly for updates.

  • Comics with friends and strangers

    Get together with friends and strangers to draw, practice, express yourself and share knowledge. Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month, from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. A gold coin donation is welcomed.

  • Learn Spanish - intermediate level

    Spanish conversation for those with a knowledge and understanding of the language. Learn to speak and read Spanish in an inclusive and shared learning environment. Classes are held weekly on a Monday for one hour and refreshments are available. You are welcome to bring along a note pad if you wish to make notes at the sessions and handouts will be provided. This class is for those at an intermediate level, beginners classes are also available

  • Community cooking: delicious cooking on a budget

    We have partnered with Hutt Street Centre to bring you this cooking class where everyone cooks together, guided and supported by staff. You will learn to cook delicious, healthy and budget-conscious recipes then sit down and share a meal and enjoy conversation with others. All ingredients are provided This event is open to everyone however registrations are essential. Email or call 8203 7801 to register.

  • Arabic conversation

    Practice Arabic conversation in a friendly learning environment. Open to all abilities, everyone is welcome. Bring a notepad if you wish to make notes, anything else required will be provided

  • Chair based exercises for all

    This weekly group exercise class is a mix of chair based and movement exercises to improve aerobic levels, strength, balance and flexibility. It is open to all levels of fitness ability with a focus on people with limited mobility.Please discuss your access requirements and orientation with centre coordinator prior to attending class. Registrations are essential - contact the Centre directly.

  • South East City Residents Association (SECRA)

    Join us for monthly meetings for residents of the Adelaide City South East precinct. The South East City Residents Association (SECRA) is an organisation committed to provide the residents of the south east precinct of the City of Adelaide with a voice to achieve the following objectives: to promote the interests of the residents of the south east precinct of the City of Adelaide and adjoining preserve and enhance the inherent character and heritage of the neighbourhood including the adjacent area of the Park Lands, and in particular, Victoria support the provision of local retail and service facilities whilst retaining the “village atmosphere” of Hutt determine the policy of the Association in relation to matters affecting the South East Precinct.

  • Learn Chinese Mandarin - intermediate level

    Come and enjoy learning Chinese Mandarin in a shared learning environment. Includes any handouts and materials required These sessions are suitable those with an intermediate conversation skill level.

  • Adelaide dramatic society

    Adelaide dramatic society is a acting group that meets every third Wednesday evening for games, improv and script work. It encourages friendship, confidence and a safe place to start or continue acting. All levels are welcome to the group. The free sessions will run for two hours, come join us and see what you can do. To register your interest email Turea.

  • Multicultural shared meal

    Everyone is welcome to come along and bring a plate of food or ingredients to cook at the Community Centre and share with others. These informal gatherings are open to anyone whether local or visiting and we especially encourage newcomers to Adelaide. Come and make new friends while enjoying fun and conversation, and of course, taste great food. Held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.

  • Chinese Mandarin conversation for experienced learners

    Interested in expanding your Mandarin speaking skills? This is a small, informal conversation class for those with intermediate to experienced Mandarin skill levels. Our facilitator will assist you in maintaining and improving your conversation skills. Classes are held every Monday. No bookings are needed, just come along and join in.

  • Yarn over yarning

    Come along to Yarn over yarning and meet great people for a chat, a cuppa. Don't forget to bring your latest knitting or crochet project to work on too. Beginners are also welcome to bring their needles/hook and learn. Everyone is welcome and tea/coffee is provided

  • Craftynoons

    Get crafty and get to know others with similar interests. Bring along a project to work on, all abilities are welcome. Sewing machines, iron and ironing board are available to use. Craftynoons are held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Cost is $2.00 per session, payable on the day.

  • Story sharing and inclusive practices for all

    Join us for a monthly meeting where you can hear and share stories of ways other have attempted to create a more inclusive and friendly society. Held on the second Sunday of every month, the meetings are open to all members of the community.The meetings are hosted by the Australian Centre for Inclusive and Convivial Backyard Civilisation (ACI&CBC). Entry is via a gold coin donation.

  • Stop motion animation and film editing

    Explore your creative side by learning how to make your very own animated masterpiece. Choose from an array of materials including clay, Lego®, paper or even pipe cleaners. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a YouTube star? Or maybe you’d like to put together a video interview for prospective employers for that unique and personal touch? You can learn to make your video edits stand out from the crowd with tips and tricks learned from our Film Editing sessions. Book now Please book your session in advance in order to avoid disappointment. If you wish to take home your recorded video, please bring a USB drive or hard drive, with at least 2 gigabytes of storage space. Users 12 years and under require parent/guardian supervision, and users under the age of 18 who wish to access Media Lab computers must have parental/guardian consent to use the internet.

  • Table tennis - social evenings

    Want to play table tennis? Come along by yourself or with some friends to play a game or two. The Centre has two table tennis tables and plenty of bats and balls. Play singles, doubles or play shorter rounds so everyone gets a turn. All equipment is provided. Tea and coffee are available. There's even a special pizza night on the last Tuesday of the month ($3.00 cost applies)

  • English conversation meet-up

    Join volunteer Thor from the Adelaide English as a Second Language Group, and others to practice holding longer conversations.This group is aims to encourage English as a Second Language (ESL) people to practice their English in a friendly atmosphere, to learn about others' languages and cultures, and to make new friends. Sessions are held fortnightly on Fridays.

  • Digital photo editing

    Do you have some older family photos that have seen better days? Or want to share your favourite vacation memories but Grandpa is blinking in the photo again? During this 90-minute one-on-one session our friendly volunteer will work with you to answer all your digital photo editing questions and show you how to use the latest Macintosh technology to navigate Adobe Photoshop. Book now Please use the Notes field to indicate what you would like to learn during your session. Event is subject to volunteer availability.

  • Making music and sound production

    Are you interested in discovering more about sound effects and sound editing? How about learning to record your very own digital music with Protools or Garageband? Join our friendly Media Lab volunteer for a free session and get started. When booking please use the notes field to indicate what you would like to learn during your session, including any instruments you wish to bring. Book now Event subject to volunteer availability.

  • Art and craft session

    Everyone who enjoys being creative is welcome to our arts and craft gathering where you can bring your chosen medium to work on. We provide space for people to gather, work on individual projects, enjoy a cuppa and meet like minded people. There is no facilitator or tutor.

  • Explore 3D Printing

    Did you know that the City Library has four different 3D Printers? Come and join our friendly volunteers in the Innovation lab to explore the evolution of this great technology, from the user friendly Me2 3D Printer to the state-of-the-art Da Vinci RGB colour 3D printer. 3D Printing Maker Session Maker sessions are available for a hands on experience facilitated by an Innovation Lab volunteer, for yourself and up to four of your friends/colleagues/family. The sessions are designed for those who are wanting an introduction to 3D printing and/or 3D scanning, or are already familiar with the 3D design, scanning and printing process and want to use the equipment with the help of a facilitator. In this 1.5 hour session, you can: bring your own (small) .STL file to printdesign and print your own designcreate a work of art with a 3D pen, orbring a small object to scan and print.Please note that restrictions apply, and it is recommended to discuss the specifications of the model you wish to print with a volunteer prior to booking a Maker session in order to avoid disappointment. 3D Printing Drop-in Session Drop-in sessions are available to see the printers in action and to ask the volunteers any questions that you may have about the process. Discover the real-world applications for this wonderful technology and explore the creative aspects that will capture your imagination. View our current schedule Please note that sessions are subject to volunteer availability and wait times for drop-in sessions may apply.

  • Learn English as a second language

    This class is for everyone who has English as a second language and wants to practice conversation and reading skills. Join our facilitator in a friendly, informal learning environment and note that conversation level is intermediate to advanced. Everything is provided and tea and coffee is available. No creche services are available for young children

  • Heroes of the skies: the Smith brothers exhibition

    Discover the amazing story of the England to Australia air race of 1919, won by two of South Australia’s favourite sons, Captain Ross and Lieutenant Keith Smith. Together with their mechanics, Sergeants Wally Shiers and Jim Bennett, they were the first Australian airmen to fly from England to Australia in 28 days in a modified Vickers Vimy bomber. The exhibition follows the lives of the Smith family from their early days at Mutooroo Station in the far north of South Australia to service in World War One and the public response to the tragic death of Sir Ross in an air crash in 1922. Highlights relating to the race on display include the log-book and intercom book of the Vickers Vimy, notebooks kept by Ross and Keith, a pocket compass, a magneto from the engine, a piece of Vimy aircraft fabric and a Sidcot flying suit of the day. Also on display are the rarely seen knighthood medals awarded to Keith and the ‘flying wings’ won by Ross and Keith, which were taken into space with astronaut Dr Andy Thomas in 1996. This exhibition is drawn from the State Library collections, as well as loaned items.

  • Pilates for beginners

    Join us each Wednesday for Pilates for Beginners classes. This is a basic class aimed at older people and beginners. The session includes a short relaxation and meditation component. Please bring a mat and towel (some mats are available to borrow at the community centre upon request).

  • Women's Recreational Running Network - West Terrace Run

    Join the fun with the Women's Recreational Running Network (WRRN) as they host a free group run every Monday night. Held on the Western side of Adelaide's central business district, the run departs from the Western District Athletic Club Rooms, on West Terrace (behind Adelaide High School) and will take participants along running paths that weave through the Western Park Lands. The course for the launch will be approximately five kilometres and will be lead by a run leader who is experienced in leading runners and walkers of all paces and abilities. This is a great way for women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to run in a safe and enjoyable environment. Bring your running shoes, a drink and your enthusiasm and have fun! Register your interest today.

  • Creative writing

    Led by a local writer, this informal class about creative writing brings out the hidden writer in us all. Everyone is welcome from absolute beginners to those with experience or even published. Each week share short stories, works or poems on a chosen topic and receive constructive feedback from the group. Cost of class includes refreshments and any printing required. There is also an opportunity to have the groups work displayed in the Community Centre.

  • Central market shopping bus

    The central market shopping bus is a weekly door to door bus service for residents of the Adelaide and North Adelaide who are over the age of 65. The weekly service picks up residents at their door from 10.45am and transports them to the Central Market, returning home around 2pm. A trailer is attached to the bus which allows for the storage of shopping trolleys and walking frames and the driver assists with loading and unloading. A City of Adelaide volunteer accompanies the bus to assist passengers with boarding and alighting at each pick up and drop off as well as being the support person if required. The service is a Commonwealth Funded Social Programme which is provided through the City of Adelaide. A My Aged Care referral is requested for people who would like to come on the bus but people are welcome to come and try first. Enquiries to our Healthy Ageing team are welcome.

  • The conservancy - panel discussion

    At The conservancy panel discussion Elders are invited to outline their nations’ most critical issues. A general discussion will follow, fielded by a guest panel. Poets and musicians have been invited to share their compositions. If you are able, please bring a little food to share. A small donation also would be appreciated to help cover costs. Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, excluding December.

  • Exhibition of NAIDOC posters since 1972

    NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Each year, the National NAIDOC Committee select a national NAIDOC theme to reflect significant and relevant topics to raise awareness and promote opportunities for education and celebration of the world’s oldest living culture. This is a collection of NAIDOC Week posters from 1972 to the present. For this exhibition there is also a community panel discussion on July 11. Join panel faciliatator Haydyn Bromley and panellists explore the history, purpose and how the NAIDOC Week posters support NAIDOC themes.

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