Temporary Staff Services

Comensura Pty Ltd is LGA Procurement's vendor neutral, sole supplier of temporary labour hire staff and temporary placement staff services, catering for diverse range of occupations in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

Key contract information

Contract numberLGA 15-003
Contract start date30 October 2015
Contract expiry date31 October 2019
Extension options2 x 2 years
Procurement methodContact LGA Procurement


  • Temporary labour hire staff
  • Temporary placement staff

Categories of contingent labour covered include:

  • Labourers
  • Machinery operators and drivers
  • Technical and trade workers
  • Clerical and administrative workers
  • Community and personal service workers
  • Professional

Additional benefits:

  • Centralised and consolidated sourcing of all temporary labour
  • Access to a range of recruitment providers engaged directly by Comensura (offering flexibility and choice)
  • Full compliance management (qualifications, licences, registrations, screening, police checks, etc.)
  • Full data capture and access (candidate appointment durations, labour hire category types, appointment rationales/reasons, expenditure, decision making, compliances
  • Performance management
  • Expenditure control and management
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Driving cost savings through aggregated purchasing and improved spend visibility across recruitment spend.

Additional Reading 

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Preferred supplier


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How to obtain a quote

To find out more about the services from Comensura, please contact LGA Procurement.
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To access this contract, local government entities will need to enter into a Customer Contract Memorandum with Comensura. The Memorandum forms part of the Heads of Agreement between LGA Procurement and Comensura for the provision of temporary staff services.

Benefits of purchasing through this contract

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