In the sparsely populated northern parts of South Australia a number of different arrangements have been established for Local Government-type services/governance arrangements.

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The towns of Coober Pedy and Roxby Downs are incorporated under the Local Government Act 1999 and with the variation that Roxby Downs does not yet have an elected Council, function under the same framework as other Local Governments in SA.

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yunkunytjatjata and Maralinga Tjarutja are established respectively under the Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act and the Maralinga Land Rights Act and provide some of the services and functions expected of a Local Government authority.

Nepabunna, Yalata and Gerard are Aboriginal Community Councils operating on Aboriginal Lands Trust land. Gerard is not shown on the outback map but on the regional map, located in the Riverland between Berri Barmera and Loxton Waikerie.

The Outback Communities Authority has jurisdiction for the remainder of the State and provides limited Local Government-type support (i.e. outside of Council areas and the areas of the Aboriginal organisations outlined above).

Each of these bodies and the remaining 66 Councils comprise the 74 bodies in SA which receive grants under the Commonwealth Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act.

Further information about outback communities can be found in the LGA Aboriginal Strategy document "Local Councils Belong to Aboriginal People 2", which can be found with other information on the Aboriginal Affairs page.