Emergency Management

Local Government - the quiet achievers in a summer of emergencies

The summer of 2019-20 was a very busy one for local government, with councils playing key roles supporting their communities and the emergency services through fires, storms and other incidents.

Councils are the quiet achievers in emergencies, playing their part in traffic management, tree management, creating control lines for fires, distributing sandbags, sharing information, providing facilities for relief centres, speaking up for their communities and maintaining regular services.

The summer also provided the first major test for the Local Government Functional Support Group (LGFSG), which was created in 2016 under the State Emergency Management Plan to coordinate the local government response in emergencies.

Councils across South Australia and the LGFSG became involved in supporting the emergency response efforts between November 2019 and February 2020. Across all the incidents, there were 39 councils involved, with 218 crew members contributing 6,421 staff hours and deploying 68 units of plant and equipment.

In addition, the LGA provided 17 staff working 792 hours. In many cases, the support provided from local government was extensive and involved allocation of people and resources over many weeks.

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