Your Library

Council libraries support connections and learning in every South Australian community.

Regardless of age, interest or background, everyone can find something new to discover at their local library.

Many people will have fond memories of visiting their local library as a child.

They may have been captivated by a Storytime session or exhilarated by the chance to take home a borrowed toy.

They have probably never thought about how critical these experiences were for their early growth and development.

They definitely would not have noticed the wealth of advice being shared amongst the new mums...

While libraries still provide valuable services to children and parents, the range of offerings and activities available through local libraries has changed and expanded significantly.

Through the OneCard membership network, you can access resources from anywhere in the State including by borrowing a book at one library and returning it to another, so your choice of resources is infinite!

You can also read or listen to more than 50,000 eBook and Audiobook titles, or download magazines free through your iPad or smartphone. Find out more about the OneCard Digital offering.

If ‘working from home’ is challenging, libraries are a fantastic alternative. Anyone can access the free WiFi to get some work done while enjoying the peace and quiet.

Or members can use the available technology for studying, job hunting or to brush up on a hobby.

Others may like to make some new friends and connections by attending a regular activity, such as a book club, author talk, craft session or digital literacy program…

If you haven’t visited a library lately, you will find that whatever your age, interest or background, there is something new to discover and share at your local library.

Download the Library App (available or IOs and Android)

To find out more about your local council library visit their website. You can find your local councils website by clicking here.