SA councils for the walks, parks and barks

Many South Australians enjoy the company, companionship and healthy lifestyle that is part and parcel of being a dog owner.

Councils play an important role in supporting dog owners to be active and social, by maintaining infrastructure such as footpaths, walking trails, parks and gardens, and dedicated dog parks.

Programs and services that councils provide to encourage responsible pet ownership include dog obedience and owner education programs and microchipping services.

Councils fund and support the Dogs and Cats Online system which records the details of all dogs and cats in South Australia, and allows owners to quickly and easily update their information.

Pet registration enables councils to identify lost animals and reunite them with their owners.  Each year SA councils return many thousands of animals to relieved owners and families.

Councils also investigate aggressive or antisocial behaviour by pets, and can take action when needed to keep communities safe.

SA councils, for the runs, parks and barks!

Footpaths & walking trails

Councils are responsible for the construction and maintenance of hundreds of footpaths and many walking trails, and help keep these areas accessible and safe.

Parks & gardens

Councils provide and maintain many parks, gardens, reserves and open spaces in local areas to provide ways for communities to be active and connected.

Dog parks

Many councils also provide dedicated dog parks where owners are permitted to let their dogs off the leash if they are trained and supervised, and safe to be around other animals.

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