Planning and Development

Local government plays an important role in land use planning and development approvals.

While constitutionally planning is the responsibility of the State Government, councils are responsible for the local implementation of the State’s Planning Strategy in line with legislation contained in the Development Act 1993.

Each council has a development plan which aligns with the State’s Planning Strategy as well as supporting the council’s own strategic plan for the development of physical and community infrastructure.

Planning & Development

Development plans guide the type of development that can occur in different zones within a council’s boundaries. Council planners use policies contained within their respective development plans to assess development applications. Depending on the type of development being proposed, the assessment process can vary.

Councils also assess building applications against the Building Rules including the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Minister’s specifications.

The role of the LGA in relation to Planning and Development is to support councils in their preparation of local policies and plans, and to represent and advocate on behalf of the sector to the Minister and various State Government bodies involved in the planning system.

Most recently this included extensive consultation, research and advocacy in relation to planning reforms proposed by the South Australian Government in September 2015.

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