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The South Australian Public Health Act 2011 was passed by Parliament in June 2011 and came into full operation on 16 June 2013.  The Act replaces the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 and provides a modernised flexible legislative framework to respond to new and traditional public health challenges. The Act has a number of new elements but maintains and improves on many of the provisions under the previous legislation. It is intended to:

  • promote and provide for the protection of the health of the public of South Australia;
  • reduce the incidence of preventable illness, injury and disability;
  • improve co-ordination between health officials across State and Local Government;
  • manage public health issues; and
  • enable public health officials to engage more effectively with all sectors of the community to advance public health

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Environmental Health

Council’s Environmental Health Officers undertake a variety of routine and complaint based inspections to reduce the spread of communicable diseases and to ensure a high level of public health is maintained within their area to ensure a safe and healthy community. For further information regarding:

  • food safety
  • public swimming pools and spas
  • legionella control
  • safe drinking water
  • immunisation
  • hairdressers, beauty and tattoo premises
  • hoarding and squalor
  • onsite wastewater systems
  • and other public health concerns, please contact your local council.