SA councils for the runs, walks and rides

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Our way of life in Australia is so often about getting outside and enjoying all that our mild climate and diverse natural environment has to offer!

We have a fantastic sporting culture and generous facilities that enable participation by all community members.  From school students through to seniors, there are activities to reflect all interests.

Many of us stay active by running, walking, hiking or cycling and these options are favoured by families and community groups alike as a way of both keeping healthy and spending quality time together.

Our social activities, gatherings and celebrations of special events often occur around barbeques in parks or gardens, or other open spaces like beaches, riverbanks and coastal areas.

Have you ever considered how many of these activities are supported by the work of local councils?

South Australian councils maintain thousands of roads, footpaths, bike paths and cycling trails.  They maintain parks, gardens and playgrounds and provide other infrastructure to support their use such us public toilets, seating, tables and drinking fountains.

Councils invest heavily in sporting facilities such as recreation centres, ovals, courts and swimming pools and associated lighting, grandstands, clubrooms and changerooms.

For businesses seeking to attract visitors, councils maintain retail and hospitality hubs like main streets, city squares and other open spaces.  In regional areas councils are heavily involved in providing tourism infrastructure such as visitor information centres, bridges, jetties and boat ramps.

It's hard to imagine spending your day in a way that doesn’t make use of council infrastructure!  And it's especially hard to imagine life without it…

SA councils, for the runs, walks and rides!

Roads & footpaths

Councils are responsible for the construction and maintenance of hundreds of local roads and footpaths, and help keep communities accessible and safe.

Bike paths & cycling trails

Many councils provide dedicated bike paths and cycling trails both as an alternative means of transport and for recreational purposes.

Parks & gardens

Councils provide and maintain many parks, gardens, reserves and open spaces in local areas to provide ways for communities to be active and connected.


Play equipment is also available in many council parks and gardens to provide spaces for children to be active and socialize with others in their community.

Sporting facilities

Councils invest heavily in sports and recreation centres and provide other facilities for community use such as ovals, courts and swimming pools.


Many of the facilities councils provide are made more comfortable by a range of other amenities such as barbeques, public toilets, seating and drinking fountains.

Skate parks and BMX tracks

Keeping young people engaged and connected is also a priority for councils and many provide facilities such as skate parks and BMX tracks for this purpose.

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