SA councils for the swings, rides and slides

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South Australians are lucky to have a mild climate and lots of open space to enjoy.

Children grow strong and learn basic life skills from playing in local parks and local playgrounds, and exploring walking trails.

Given our many coastal and riverside communities, it’s especially important that children learn to be safe around water, and swimming lessons at the local pool are almost a rite of passage.

As they grow up they often swap swings and slides for goals and hoops, spending their spare time down at the local oval, cricket nets, basketball or netball courts.

The more adventurous ones might take to mountain bike trails, BMX tracks or skate parks, and many young people experience their first taste of freedom when they are allowed to walk or ride their bike to friends’ houses.

Have you ever considered how many of these activities are supported by the work of local councils?

South Australian councils maintain thousands of roads, footpaths, bike paths and cycling trails.  They establish parks, gardens and playgrounds and provide other infrastructure to support their use such as public toilets, seating, tables and drinking fountains.

Councils invest heavily in sporting facilities such as recreation centres, ovals, courts and swimming pools and associated lighting, grandstands, clubrooms and changerooms.

For families who want to get out and about, it’s hard to imagine spending a day in a way that doesn’t make use of council infrastructure.

SA councils, for the swings, rides and slides!

Parks and gardens

Councils provide and maintain many parks, gardens, reserves and open spaces in local areas to provide ways for communities to be active and connected.


Play equipment is also available in many council parks and gardens to provide spaces for children to be active and socialize with others in their community.

Sporting facilities

Councils invest heavily in sports and recreation centres and provide other facilities for community use such as ovals, courts and swimming pools.

Bike paths and cycling trails

Many councils provide dedicated bike paths and cycling trails both as an alternative means of transport and for recreational purposes.

Skate parks and BMX tracks

Keeping young people engaged and connected is also a priority for councils and many provide facilities such as skate parks and BMX tracks for this purpose.


Many of the facilities councils provide are made more comfortable by amenities such as barbeques, public toilets, seating and drinking fountains.

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