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Support Your Local Libraries

There's something magical about libraries. That feeling of being lost among the shelves, surrounded by walls of old tales and fabulous facts. Every visit an adventure, a treasure hunt for the perfect read.

That vivid memory of your first library card – like holding a ticket to a bold new world. You could take books home, smell the pages, savour the words, and lose yourself in the hero’s journey.

To this day, your libraries are still filled with the books, people and stories that make them a sanctuary in a busy world. Let’s keep them that way.

Your local library is at risk.

Local councils invest $86 million each year into these important community places.

But under the current State Government deal, your local libraries are losing $16 million over 5 years. This could mean cuts to books and programs, shorter opening hours, and fewer staff on hand to help you in times of need.

In this State Budget, we’re asking for an urgent funding boost for our libraries.

What your local libraries could lose.

Your local library is not merely a place to borrow books. It’s a place to dream. A place to search. A place to grow. A place to stay safe.

Funding cuts to libraries will leave communities with less.

Your local library works hard to serve your neighbourhood. It offers free access to a huge set of resources and services. And all our libraries across South Australia work together, so you can borrow a book from one library and return it back to another.

Why I Love My Library

“My library has lots of entertainment options with audiobooks, e-books, movie streaming, and more.”
– Kate, local resident, Marion

Three key reasons why libraries are so important.

1.  Knowledge and education

Your local library helps you learn with shelves stacked high with books, industry magazines, and niche newspapers to build your mind.

But it’s not all books. There’s a world of tech like computers, wi-fi, photocopiers and printers, as well as free online courses and digital programs to help you pursue your goals.

These services help our community – particularly those in need of assistance – stay in touch with others. They also unlock opportunities, like jobs, career help, and support services, that would otherwise be out of reach.

2. Community wellbeing

Your local library is a vital community hub. Where people of all ages can gather to learn, connect, and share ideas. Many a firm friendship was first formed over the discussion of a good book!

Libraries are a safe space for those who seek support. For those who feel alone. For those who need a home away from home.

Your library builds connections through important programs and events – from story time for the little ones to book clubs and workshops (like art, poetry, and language learning) for adults

3. Hours of entertainment

Your local library has a lifetime of fun at your fingertips. South Australian libraries give you access to a huge catalogue of digital services far beyond your average paperback.

So dip into some eBooks and audiobooks. Dive into some new sounds with the CD collection. Catch up on some film classics with piles of DVDs. Or even go ahead and stream them to your home.

Your library gives you membership to over 4 million items across 130 libraries using the One Card Network, so there’s plenty to check out.

Why I Love My Library

“Through books, newspapers and the library system I can find any information on any subject. If we ever lose our libraries, we have lost a huge part of our community.”
– Cathy, local resident, Modbury North

Share why you love your library.

South Australians love their local libraries – and we want to prove it loud and clear.

Here’s how you help ensure local libraries keep their funding with only a few minutes of your time.

  1. Spread the word! Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to visit their local library and discover all the amazing resources on offer. You can also support the campaign on social media: Download the artwork to share now.
  2. Attend library events! There are lots of programs in your area. Check your local library website for upcoming activities that interest you.
  3. Share your story! Tell us below: “Why I love my library…” We would love to feature your words and showcase why your library is important to you and how it makes a difference in your life.

Your stories, testimonials and kind words help those making decisions recognise the incredible work that libraries do across South Australia.

With your support, we can help ensure that libraries continue to be a vital community resource generations to come.

Submit your story and make an impact now.

PS: Your local libraries support some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Without the services that libraries offer, an important support system disappears. Your story – whether long or just a few words – helps us fight for our libraries. Submit your story to help now