Mutual Services (LGASA Mutual)

LGASA Mutual Pty Ltd

LGASA Mutual Pty Ltd is a newly formed company, set up by the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) following the restructure of the LGA’s self-insurance Schemes.  LGASA Mutual Pty Ltd combines the management of the existing LGA Mutual Liability Scheme and the LGA Workers Compensation Scheme into one entity.  Services under the Schemes continue to be provided by LGRS under a Service Agreement.

Our key value proposition is that we provide:

  • Stable contributions - that are not subject to fluctuating insurance market.
  • Extensive cover - unique cover to meet our Members needs with minimal exclusions.
  • Very low excess - on individual claims and we also manage any under excess claims.
  • Risk services - that are tailored to meet the business needs of our Members.

If you require further information, please contact Dr Andrew Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of LGASA Mutual Pty Ltd on (08) 8224 2094 or or you can contact his assistant, Sarah Ryan on (08) 8224 2030 or

The Schemes recent achievements include:

  • Achieving a historic low number of claims in the Workers Compensation Scheme.
  • Delivering a 7% reduction in workers comp premiums and a nil increase in mutual liability premiums for 2018/19.
  • Delivering $5m in special distributions back to members.
  • Maintain the schemes in excellent financial state with healthy accumulated surpluses.
  • Achieving a 5 year extension of the LGA’s self-insurance licence for an unprecedented 5 years from RTWSA.
  • The schemes continued to provide many benefits beyond plain insurance, with the associated risk management, its discretionary nature and wrap around services not being available in the market.
  • The schemes are in a good shape to tackle the challenges that lay before us and also present an opportunity to improve the way they operate.

Our mission is to ‘provide unique cover and risk services that meet our Member needs’.  We have set our priorities for the next three years to include:

  • Maintain 100% membership.
  • Ensuring a high level of Member engagement and satisfaction.
  • Providing strong, transparent and accountable governance.
  • Providing innovative WHS and risk management services to our Members.
  • Understand our Members’ business through a comprehensive Member Engagement Strategy.
  • Cementing in our new governance arrangements.
  • Working with members and our service provider to review and improve our service offerings.
  • Review the Schemes financial framework, including contributions, rebates, reinsurance strategy, dividends and accumulated surplus policies.

The risk profile for local government is diverse and challenging to manage, with emerging risks such as the changing legislative environment, changing community expectations and an ageing workforce.  In addition, with a changing world insurance market, together with a number of new and emerging risks, changes in the civil risk environment, will all provide challenges and opportunities for the Board and the sector over the coming years.

The Board of LGASA Mutual Pty Ltd looks forward to working with our Members to enable us to continue to add value to our Member’s businesses.