Workers Compensation Scheme

members centre login buttonThe Local Government Association Workers Compensation Scheme (LGAWCS) provides a full range of risk, work health safety and injury management services including claims management and vocational return to work services in respect of actual and potential liabilities for any workers compensation claims lodged against Members.

In 2017, the LGA was granted a renewal of registration as a self-insured employer for a 5 year period. As Local Government is one of the single largest employers in the state this represents an outstanding achievement for the sector. The LGAWCS provides
advice and support to Members in the investigation of claims, appropriate legal representation, relevant training programs, and better means of risk management of potential and actual liabilities. The provision of advice and support in the establishment and maintenance of appropriate workplace health and safety systems, practices and procedures aims to control the incidence of claims and their costs which in turn helps drive rebate outcomes.

The LGAWCS provides a range of risk management services which is considered essential by our membership in providing sector wide support and understanding of the unique Local Government Risk environment. Members receive this support from WHS, Strategic Risk and Regional Risk Consultants.

A summary of the services provided by the LGAWCS are depicted in the diagram below.

LGA Workers Comp Scheme Diagram

Expanding on the services in the above diagram, the LGWCS provides the following range of service offerings to Members:

  • Claims Management - a robust claims management services is provided to ensure claims are administered and determined with legislative timeframes.
  • Return to Work Services - an extensive range of rehabilitation and other services are provided in order to get injured works back to work as soon as practically possible to assist in recovery from their injury.
  • Regional Risk Coordinators - a number of Regional Risk coordinators are placed around the state and allocated to specific council to assist them to prepare, implement and monitor the council’s annual risk plan.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program - the Healthy Lifestyle Program aims to improve the health awareness and health outcomes of local government employees and assist to reduce injury incidence and improve injury outcomes. Empowering employees to reduce health risks, we encourage more council employees to actively participate in this Scheme funded program.
  • Interactive Court Simulations - LGAWCS Interactive Court Simulations are developed together with Safework SA and experienced WHS Partner from Sparke Helmore Lawyers, Luke Holland.  This Scheme funded program delivers interactive court simulation scenarios providing council staff an insight into the aftermath of a serious workplace incident.
  • Certified First Aid Training - this initiative is aimed to assist Members in meeting their first aid obligations to provide a safer workplace. Funding is available to all councils and local government entities through the LGAWCS for onsite First Aid Training delivered by St John.
  • Skytrust - this cloud based system offers a holistic risk based approach to Members’ Work Health Safety Management System needs. Skytrust’s integrated functionality allows Members to identify and target trends within their organisation and across the industry.
  • Tailored Implementation Programs (TIPS) - TIPS deliver fully funded WHS consulting activities to Council employees. This ensures you have the right tools and processes to implement and integrate all crucial safety system elements.
  • Chemalert (Chemical Management Database) - the LGAWCS provides access to Chem Alert, a Chemical management database, which can be used to assist in effectively managing hazardous chemicals.
  • Plan And Program Reviews - the Plan and Program Review (PPR) is designed to facilitate the developments of both a Work Health and Safety Plan and an Injury Management Plan for your Council.  The unique methodology has been developed to ensure your Council is not interrupted unnecessarily.
  • Ageing and Work Health Pilot Program - the LGAWCS has funded a pilot program that takes a proactive measure to address the challenge of an Ageing Workforce in the local government sector.  In collaboration with Organisational Health Services (Aust) this initiative is designed to support a positive age culture that promotes and values the experience and skills of older outdoor employees to create a safe and effective workplace.