Mutual Liability Scheme

members centre login buttonThe Local Government Association Mutual Liability Scheme (LGAMLS) provides Local Government Members with fully integrated risk, claims and legal services for the management of civil liabilities. 100% of South Australian Councils maintain ongoing membership of the LGAMLS.

The LGAMLS offers Members an extensive range of cover which includes:

  • Public and product liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Environmental landfill (pollution legal liability)
  • Councillor and Officer and employment Practice Liability
  • Aviation liability

A summary of the services provided by the LGAMLS are depicted in the diagram below.

LGAMLS diagram

Expanding on the services in the above diagram, the LGWCS provides the following range of service offerings to Members:

  • Claims management - a robust claims management services is provided to ensure claims are administered and determined with in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Aerodrome Risk Management Program - the Aerodrome Risk Management Program is based on minimising liability risk exposures by demonstrating compliance with CASA and best practice standards for certified, registered and aeroplane landing areas.
  • Emergency Management and i-Responda - developing a good governance risk management framework, i-Responda and accompanying risk management programs have been developed for taking measures to protect and keep the wider community safe from natural and other hazards.
  • Regional Disaster Resilience Program - a risk based Regional Disaster Resilience Program implements risk reduction and/or mitigation strategies relevant to the impacts of natural disasters which have the potential to attract civil liability claims.
  • Railway Interface Management Program - the LGAMLS developed a Railway Interface Management Program to assist councils meet their legislative commitments, and to assist with the identification and assessment of risks and Interface coordination responsibilities.
  • Litter, Nuisance, Noise Forum - with the introduction of the Litter Control Act, councils will be empowered to act in a new area of regulatory jurisdiction.  Held by the LGAMLS, with Chris Wellington (Wallmans Lawyers), the forums provide the opportunity for valuable discussions and Q&A sessions for those who attend.
  • Climate Adaptation Program - the program provides councils with a framework to translate climate impacts into identified risks to their business operations, while developing realistic adaptation measures over short and long-term planning horizons.
  • Local Government Planners’ Kit - the Local Government Planners Kit is a comprehensive information guide that clarifies the complexities in the Development Act and Development Regulations.  *NOTE: During the transition from the Development Act 1993 to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 the Planning Kit will be unavailable, to be reinstated once the transition is complete and attaching Regulations are drafted.