The Association's ultimate decision making and policy setting occurs at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM is held annually in October or November and the OGM is held annually in April or May.

At these meetings member councils have votes with a value that reflects the population of that council.

The purpose of the AGM is to consider items of strategic importance to local government and the LGA, as recommended by SAROC, GAROC or the Board of Directors.

Member councils may at any time throughout the year propose an item of business for a General Meeting.  To submit a proposal please complete the LGA General Meeting - Proposed Item of Business form.  Proposals should be accompanied by sufficient supporting information to assist SAROC, GAROC and the Board of Directors to make informed decisions and recommendations.  Councils are encouraged to discuss proposed items of business with the LGA Secretariat prior to being submitted.

It is at the discretion of councils whether to refer an item to their relevant Regional Organisation of Councils (SAROC or GAROC) or the Board of Directors.  Please refer to Guidelines on Considering Proposed Items of Business and Frequently Asked Questions on Items of Business. Further information about LGA General Meetings, Board of Directors, SAROC and GAROC, the LGA Constitution and Ancillary Documents is available on the LGA website.

All proposed items are then considered by either SAROC, GAROC or the Board of Directors and must be approved by them for inclusion in the agenda for the AGM. The AGM agenda will be provided to councils at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

As per Clause 12 of the LGA Constitution the LGA maintains a register of voting delegates and member councils may appoint a new delegate at any time by submitting a Appointment of Council Voting Delegate form.

If a voting delegate is unable to vote at a particular LGA General Meeting (AGM or OGM) the council may appoint a substitute delegate to vote at that one meeting only by submitting a Appointment of a Substitute Council Voting Delegate form.

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