The object of the LGA is to promote and advance the interests of local government by advocating to achieve greater influence for local government in matters affecting councils and communities.

The LGA is at the forefront of policy development and reform in the local government sector.  We achieve influence for local government in matters affecting South Australian councils and their communities.  We do this by listening to and representing our 68 member councils in matters of importance to local government.

Speaking with one voice through the LGA gives the local government sector and SA councils a “seat at the table” with decision makers.  This means that our communities can enjoy the benefits of governments working in partnership towards common objectives.

Councils that are adequately resourced and supported by an enabling and contemporary state legislative framework are a strong partner in government and can make a great contribution to the economic and social progress of South Australia.

Local government has a broad range of roles, responsibilities and interests.  The LGA prioritises issues that have an immediate impact on local government such as changes to the responsibilities, funding and compliance obligations of councils.

Throughout 2020, the LGA will dedicate most of its advocacy focus and resources towards the following priority issues:

  • Working with the South Australian Parliament on sensible, evidence-based local government reform
  • Seeking to secure the future funding of South Australian libraries
  • Influencing a stronger role for councils and communities as planning reforms are implemented
  • Responding to waste and recycling issues including maximizing the value returned to communities from escalating State Government funds collected through the Solid Waste Levy
  • Working with ALGA on a campaign to increase Financial Assistance Grants and secure long-term certainty of supplementary road funding for South Australia.