Mobile garbage bins and industrial containers

This contract has been developed in conjunction with the National Procurement Network to provide access to a panel of endorsed local and national suppliers of mobile garbage bins, industrial containers and bins, static compactors, associated products and services.

Key contract information

Contract numberNPN 1.11-3
Contract start date1 September 2018
Contract expiry date31 August 2021
Extension optionsTwo x one year
Procurement methodRequest for quotation via VendorPanel

This panel caters for a diverse range of goods and services, including:

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Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs), Other Bins and Receptacles

Mandatory Sizes
- 120 Lt
- 140 Lt
- 240 Lt
- 360 Lt (Injection moulded & Roto moulded)
Non-Mandatory sizes - 660 Lt
- 1100 Lt
- 1500 Lt
- 3000 Lt
Other Bins - 4 Wheel bins
- MGB, marrel or other types of bins all sizes
- Crane lift, hook lift, frontlift, rearlift, tipper, vacuum bins
- Static or mobile bins
Receptacles designed for waste containment 
- Kitchen Caddy Bins for Food Waste
- Dog waste bins
- Organics containers and bags

Supply of Industrial Containers, Static Compactors (including Balers) and Lifters

Including but not limited to:  
- Containers: 2 or 4 wheel, mobile, static, all sizes
- Static Compactors: ground access, secured indoor chute, walk-on
- Balers: rectangular, round, square and wire
- Lifters: cradle, crane, front and hooklife types

Spare Parts and Accessories

Including but not limited to:  
- Bodies
- Lids
- Wheels
- Axles
- Hinges
- Pins
- Brakes, castors
- Lid apertures, lid locks, lid opening devices
- Handles, hitches and inserts
- Markings
- Noise reduction devices
- Stands, motion sensors and pedals
- Compostable Bags 
- Biodegradable Plastics

RFID Technology and Accessories for Waste Collection operations

Including but not limited to:  
- Hardware
- Software
- Identification Chips
- Tracking Devices
- Spare Parts
- Accessories
- Other related products for the Waste Collection operations

Services (including Industrial and other)

Industrial Services (Static Compactors, Lifters and Balers)
- Electrical testing and tagging:
- Hydraulic and electrical repairs
- Emergency repairs and servicing
- On-site scheduled maintenance and repairs
- Field maintenance and repairs
Other Services Related to MGBs, Industrial Containers and Bins
- Assembly and distribution
- On-site scheduled maintenance and repairs
- Field maintenance and repairs
- Recycling or Buy-back program for damaged or used goods or goods at the end of useful life
- Hot stamping and embossing
- Permanent full colour labelling
- Laser Identification
Supply of Hot Stamping, Laser Identification and Embossing Services

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