Mobile garbage bins and industrial containers

This contract has been developed in conjunction with the National Procurement Network to provide access to a panel of endorsed local and national suppliers of mobile garbage bins, industrial containers and bins, static compactors, associated products and services.

Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs), Other Bins and Receptacles

Mandatory Sizes
- 120 Lt
- 140 Lt
- 240 Lt
- 360 Lt (Injection moulded & Roto moulded)
Non-Mandatory sizes - 660 Lt
- 1100 Lt
- 1500 Lt
- 3000 Lt
Other Bins - 4 Wheel bins
- MGB, marrel or other types of bins all sizes
- Crane lift, hook lift, frontlift, rearlift, tipper, vacuum bins
- Static or mobile bins
Receptacles designed for waste containment 
- Kitchen Caddy Bins for Food Waste
- Dog waste bins
- Organics containers and compostable bags

Industrial Containers, Static Compactors (including Balers) and Lifters

Including but not limited to:  
- Containers: 2 or 4 wheel, mobile, static, all sizes
- Static Compactors: ground access, secured indoor chute, walk-on
- Balers: rectangular, round, square and wire
- Lifters: cradle, crane, front and hooklife types

Spare Parts and Accessories

Including but not limited to:  
- Bodies
- Lids
- Wheels
- Axles
- Hinges
- Pins
- Brakes, castors
- Lid apertures, lid locks, lid opening devices
- Handles, hitches and inserts
- Markings
- Noise reduction devices
- Stands, motion sensors and pedals
- Compostable Bags

RFID Technology and Accessories for Waste Collection operations

Including but not limited to:  
- Hardware
- Software
- Identification Chips
- Tracking Devices
- Spare Parts
- Accessories
- Other related products for the Waste Collection operations

Industrial services (Static Compactors, lifters and Balers)

- Electrical testing and tagging:
- Hydraulic and electrical repairs
- Emergency repairs and servicing
- On-site scheduled maintenance and repairs
- Field maintenance and repairs

Other Services Related to MGBs, Industrial Containers and Bins

- Assembly and distribution
- On-site scheduled maintenance and repairs
- Field maintenance and repairs
- Recycling or Buy-back program for damaged or used goods or goods at the end of useful life
- Hot stamping and embossing
- Permanent full colour labelling
- Laser Identification

Supply of Hot Stamping, Laser Identification and Embossing Services

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Key contract information

Contract numberNPN 1.11-3
Contract start date1 September 2018
Contract expiry date31 August 2021
Extension optionsTwo x one year
Procurement methodRequest for quotation via VendorPanel
Category matrix

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