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VendorPanel is free to use for all SA councils and subsidiaries

For ease of access, most LGA Procurement contracts are available via VendorPanel – a free to use, online portal that meets probity requirements and provides users with reporting and audit trails.

40-60% of purchasing in most organisations is decentralised and hidden in email and commonly consists of multiple small value purchases.

There is very little transparency, governance or probity. Too often it also delivers poor value, with no real competition and little or no reporting or analytics.

This presents a big risk. 

All South Australian Councils and Subsidiaries are not required to release a public tender when choosing to utilise a LGA Procurement Preferred Supplier arrangement – No matter the value of the purchase! This is because LGA Procurement has already undertaken a rigorous open tender process that satisfies probity requirements (with particular reference to the Local Government and ICAC Acts) and achieves best value for councils.

Suppliers appointed to each panel have been evaluated and have agreed to contractual terms and conditions that meet the idiosyncratic needs of local government (some of which may be outside of industry-standard trading terms).

Avoid the need to deal with contractual concerns, with contracts managed by LGA Procurement.

For ease of access, most LGA Procurement panel arrangements are available via VendorPanel – a free to use, online portal that meets probity requirements and provides Councils and Subsidiaries with sound reporting and audit trails.​

Image text: VendorPanel simplifies procurement, reduces risk, drives savings and helps leverage procurement to make a positive social and economic impact.

VendorPanel puts council’s in control, giving staff a powerful and innovative tool to manage purchases, offering total transparency, reducing risk, and drives value through all LGA Procurement arrangements.

VendorPanel is a probity based toolkit that allows Councils to prepare, issue, receive and evaluate RFQs from LGA Procurement's suite of preferred provider panels.

Using VendorPanel provides you with a complete end to end process incorporating good governance and best practice.  Transparency is provided to all parties when calling quotations, evaluating the responses and notifying suppliers of the outcome in the one portal.

It also provides access to additional information such as Insurance details, web links, and company profiles, all regularly updated by the contractors themselves and verified by LGA Procurement.

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To view the LGA Procurements established contracts for the supply of a wide range of goods and services, please click here.

If you are new to VendorPanel contact us for a login.

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LGA Procurement developed the below user guide to assist councils in navigating the system and also offer complimentary onsite VendorPanel training if required - please contact Vicky Newton by email for further information.

For Councils - VendorPanel User Guide(1094 kb)