SA Tenders and Contracts

On 8 October 2003 the LGA signed an agreement with the State Government to provide access to SA Tenders & Contracts website for all Councils in SA as part of the LGA's Web Solutions offering. This deal includes an arrangement to streamline placement of a composite advertisement for Council tenders.

Aside from the important savings on advertising costs, participating in the composite advertisement has the advantage of grouping Local Government tenders under one easily identifiable listing.

View an example Composite Tender Advertisement example

Prospective suppliers do not have to scan the pages for Local Government work. Instead they are able to turn immediately to a comprehensive listing of invitations to tender. This approach presents a professional image positioning Councils as modern cost-effective businesses.

How to request Advertising

LGA - Request Tenders SA Advertising

Need Assistance?

Please contact one of the ESP Team if you have a tender you would like to advertise, or would like your Council set up as a tender issuing authority on the SA Tenders & Contracts website. We can provide you access to the system and provide training and support for users. Email us at

Tenders Template

A template is now available to assist staff with gathering the information required to include on the SA Tenders & Contracts website.