Bitumen and minor civil works

The provision of Bitumen and Minor Civil Works sees the culmination of work between the LGA Procurement team, councils, suppliers and peak associations.

The primary focus on engaging and accommodating suppliers from the largest to the smallest both at metropolitan and regional levels was to achieve better value and reduce risk.

This work has resulted with a ‘fence to fence’ panel arrangement covering categories listed in detail below.


  • Cold Mix Asphalt
  • Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing
  • Ex Bin Asphalt
  • Recycled Products
  • Traffic Management
    & other innovative services!

Traffic Management 

  • Event Traffic Management

Kerbing Watertable

  • Kerb and/or Channel (gutter) - various
  • Median Kerbs and edging strips
  • Kerb Ramps, crossovers and concrete driveways
  • Retaining Systems

Local Road Maintenance 

  • General patching, Spraying and/or Repair
  • Removal of existing pavement material including Asphalt
  • Construction of Earthworks as base preparation
  • Concrete traffic island construction
  • Stabilisation
  • Reinstatement of Sealed Road Shoulder and Footpath
  • Saw Cutting Concrete / bitumen / asphalt (incl wet-vac)
  • Crack Sealing
  • Crash Barriers - various

Pits & Drainage Structures

  • Junction pits with Gatic cover frame
  • Pipework for Drainage Systems
  • Provision of Galvanised Steel Box Drains
  • Provision of pre-cast Box Culverts including construction of Base Slabs
  • Drainage & Water Course Structures incl Pipes, Culverts, Headwalls, Wing Walls, Gully Pits, Gross Pollutant Structures, Tide Gates and Outlet Structures
  • Removal & disposal of existing stormwater drainage systems
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • CCTV Inspection & Reporting
  • Miscellaneous Concrete Works required for Open Drains and Drainage Pits
  • Lining and Gully Pits: cast in-situ or sprayed concrete
  • Concrete Footpaths Sections
  • Construction of Stormwater Retention Dams

Footpath – Construction, Repairs and/or Maintenance

  • Supply and Installation of Segmental Paving
  • Construction of Sub-base and Base Pavement
  • Construction of Asphaltic Concrete Pavements concrete, rubble pavements and footpaths
  • Access Ramps / Pram Ramps / Tactile Ramps
  • Brick Paved Footpath Sections
  • Paved Commercial Crossovers
  • Residential and Industrial Vehicular Crossings
  • Infill Concrete Pavement for Residential and Commercial Applications

Line Marking

  • Lane Marking of New / Repaired Roads, bike paths etc
  • Traffic Control Markings
  • Tactile Lane Markers
  • Application of Raised Lane Markers
  • Parking Delineation
  • Removal of Road Markings

Quarry Supplies

  • Sourcing of materials from council owned and privately owned quarries
  • Extraction and crushing of quarry materials to meet specific job / required standards
  • Transport and staging of quarry materials
  • Environmental Management of council owned quarries and borrow pits

Tree Services

  • Removal
  • Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Arborist Services (inc. unsafe tree reports/ recommendations)
  • Mulching
  • Revegetation
  • Nursery services

Mowing & Maintenance of Verges, Reserves, Ovals, Parks and Roadsides

  • Turf Supply
  • Maintenance (Mowing etc)
  • Coring, Aerating & Dethatching
  • Rejuvenation
  • Pest Management (Bees etc)

Recycle products and Services

Provision of various options for use of recycled products for consideration by individual councils.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Irrigation Supply, Install & Repair
  • Irrigation Services (Audit & Design Consultancy etc)
  • Planting

Weed Management

  • Vegetation Poisoning
  • Roadside Shoulder Spraying

Services Location & Identification

Potholing, Hydro Excavation, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Service Wanding

Cemetery Works

  • Excavation of new grave plots for burials incl hand excavation
  • Re-opening of existing burial plots to cater for multiple burials in one plot
  • Backfilling of burial plots following burials
  • Weekend digging and backfilling as required
  • Removal of turf prior to excavation
  • Excavation of oversized coffins as required
  • Breaking of concrete slab on existing graves
  • Removal of granite slabs / headstones
  • Install concrete plinths and memory plaques for cremated ashed
  • Inter cremated ashed into grave sites / memory gardens / nich walls
  • Relocation of excavated soil from new grave to storage area for use in backfill

Innovative Services and/or Materials

Tree Services

Arborist Services including unsafe tree reports / recommendations


Environmental management of council owned quarries and borrow pits

Local Road Maintenance

Traffic Management

Please review the Categories and Individual Sub-Categories across the spreadsheet below to ascertain who can provide the goods/services that you require.

19044 - Suppliers by Categories & Subcategories

Councils may make use of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Sample Pricing templates available below.

RFQ template has been developed to as a guide to enable Councils to ensure they include enough detail to enable Contractors to respond in a manner that provides the Council with the ability to evaluate responses and to compare “apples for apples” - 19044 - RFQ Template - Bitumen & Minor Civil

Asphalt &/or spray seal - for use in longer term delivery when potentially all details are not known or for longer term contract requirements - 19044 - RFQ Template- Sample Pricing - If Longer term(17 kb)

Asphalt &/or spray seal – where specifics are known19044 - RFQ template - Sample Pricing - If Specifics Known(13 kb)

For all other Categories/subcategories, councils are able to use the template available in the RFQ template (see page 6), or to include their own price schedule.

This contract can be accessed via VendorPanel.

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Follow the simple steps below to lodge your RFQ with the prequalified companies

  1. Review the supplier category and subcategory matrix
  2. Complete the RFQ template for the works needed
  3. Lodge your request in VendorPanel, including the completed RFQ template and appropriate pricing template (see above)

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Key contract information

Contract numberLGAP 19044
Contract start date1 July 2019
Contract expiry date30 June 2024
Extension options3 x 12 month extension options available
Procurement methodRequest for quotation via VendorPanel
RFQ Template 

RFQ Template - Bitumen & Minor Civil

Pricing Response Template

YES - please click links below

If specifics are known or If longer term


Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4E - Recycled Products